The Blood Of The Lion

Day 01 - A Warm Welcome

The group finds themselves in the market bizarre of Port Giles, having just acquired a map. Intending to head to Warren Tower, they decide that it’s getting a bit late, and the it might not be the best idea to head through the unknown country-side during the night-time. They agree to head to the tavern instead for a meal and a drink before finding an inn.

Back at the docks, they enter the tavern and find a connected inn through the back. Lelouche and Orik decide to once again have a drinking contest, while Jansen and Falx get some food and drink. Lelouche notices, between mugs of ale, some interesting characters in the corner that don’t appear to be sailors or regular townsfolk. He continues drinking, planning to speak with them later, but manages to lose the contest and finds himself a drunken mess. Stuttering through his words, Lelouche manages to explain to Falx that he’d like to get information about the kingdom from them. Falx seems to understand Lelouche’s rambling, and looks over to try to get a feel for how friendly and inviting the strangers might be.

He can tell that they aren’t sailors, and that they seem friendly enough, so he approaches with Jansen to strike up a conversation. The three strangers introduce themselves as members of the Sentinel Guild, an incorporated group that sells their services to anyone needing protection or escort in the kingdom. Falx is welcomes to sit down with them, and asks them about the current state of the kingdom, and what the turmoil is all about.

The strangers (now introduced as Traven, Corra, and Matthew) explain that almost a year ago, the previous king had stepped down, becoming Overseer Leonne. He split his kingdom into three parts: The Northern Heights, the Southern Valley, and the Western Bank. Each of his children were given control of one third of the kingdom: King Oreth, Lord Leonne, and Lord Merideth, respectively. The splitting of the kingdom, as well as the fact that the youngest son was made king instead of the eldest, has caused the two sons to be on bitter terms. The middle child, Merideth, was considered to be peaceful and as such, the overseer lived with her in Warren Tower. Traven went on to explain that because of the rumors of an upcoming war between the brothers, the Sentinel Guild was pulling double-duty all over the kingdom, as local barbarians, thieves, and other morally-bankrupt, opportunistic parties were taking advantage of the situation.

Matthew implies that there is good money to be made as a member of the guild if they’re interested. Falx explains that he appreciates the offer, but he has to get his bearings in the kingdom before making a decision of that nature. Traven asks to see his map, and has a good laugh at it before updating it with much more relevant information regarding common paths between towns and landmarks. Jansen asks about finding a blacksmith, and Matthew recommends a very specific blacksmith named Micah inside Warren Tower. He implies it should be easy to find him, since he’s one of the only blacksmiths left in town. Traven makes a quip about Micah having a cute assistant, and shares a laugh with his two friends. He also describes Warren Tower as the nicest city in the kingdom, and assures Falx and Jansen that they should have no major trouble moving around in the city. They tell them to look for the Sentinel Guild in any major city if they need any assistance or are looking for work.

Lelouche, attempting to recover from his drunken stupor, orders a seafood medley and eats quietly by himself. Orik disappears into the inn to get some rest. Eventually the entire group retires for the night to sleep, Falx flipping a silver piece to his new friends for their help before heading out. Waking in the morning, Lelouche manages to avoid a heavy hangover. Next door, Orik is snoring so loudly that the entire inn can hear him, but no one is brave enough to wake him. Jansen expresses concern regarding Lelouche’s drinking, saying that he fears it might endanger the group if it continues.

Jansen spends ten minutes in prayer after getting ready to head out. Orik eventually wakes up, heading back down into the tavern to order more food and drink. Jansen asks about where to acquire some baked goods to serve as rations, and the barkeep directs him down to the southern section of the market. Lelouche, Jansen, and Orik head out to find rations, while Falx tells them to meet him at the south end of the town in two hours. He shows them the map, prompting Lelouche to ask about the three individuals from last night. Falx recites what the strangers told him, and Jansen apologizes for not asking about King Leonne The Fifth’s motivation for stepping down from the throne. Jansen buys five days worth of rations, being warned not to let them get wet.

Orik and Jansen ask about the dangers inherent on the road, and a friendly baker tells them about the reports of thieves and violence on the roads. People are taking advantage of the fact that the royal guard is preparing for possible war, and as such are stretched too thin to deal with small-time thugs. The group asks about the possibility of bringing in these thieves for a monetary reward, and the baker implies that if they could find a wanted man and bring him in, they would be rewarded, but many thieves aren’t wanted men. Bringing in a man without a record would put them in the difficult situation of proving they hadn’t just roughed someone up on the road and brought them in to claim they were a thief. The group ponders on that predicament and decides to head out.

Falx finds rations at another shop while he’s wandering, picking up ten days worth of rations for 50 silver pieces. Walking to the south area, he asks around for anyone that might need an escort to Warren Tower, but gives up after a number of groups say they are going to different areas. He gets the feeling that pushing in on the Sentinel Guild’s business would be difficult (due to not having any indication he can be trusted) and probably ill-advised since they held a monopoly on protection services in the kingdom.

The group gets back together at the south side of town, and heads out. Eventually, the different groups of people wandering with them have all separated to their own paths, and they find themselves approaching a small valley. They encounter a group of travelers gathered around a broken cart, and they are asked to help fix the axle. While checking the cart, Jansen notices that the cart is empty and there are no horses to be seen. Falx asks about it, and the strangers look hesitantly at each other before revealing their intentions, and telling the group to drop their belongings if they want to live.

The group manages to fight off the strangers, with one escaping on foot. They drag the bodies onto the cart to be burned after looting 320 gold pieces off the ringleader of the ruffians. Lelouche notices that there are a number of coins from different countries in the bag, but dismisses his curiosity since he knows that gold pieces from other kingdoms tend to be accepted in most places due to being the same general size and material. Jansen prays as the bodies burn, and asks the group to help keep him more detached from future combat, as he feels morally obligated to avoid violence.

200 EXP from battle + 100 EXP from role-play = 300 EXP total (13300 EXP total)




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