The Blood Of The Lion

Day 04 - A Mystery From The Sea

The group greets Micah early in the morning. He announces that he has stayed up all night finishing the work on their equipment, and gives it back to them. Falx asks about the potential for an upcoming war, and whether Merideth has done anything else publicly other than her recent announcement to prevent it. Micah describes the previous months, and how it was always up in the air whether war was inevitable, but nothing was really being done other than assuring the citizens of Warren Tower that they would do their best not to be involved in any war between the brothers.

Falx asks about potential business connections needing the anti-rust serum, and whether Micah has looked more into it. Micah describes that the acolytes of the different guilds, particularly the Adventurer’s Guild, are handed down the same equipment over the years and he is in talks with them to provide the serum. Jansen asks Micah if he will buy the extra equipment brought back from the rust monster, and Micah offers to pay 107 gold pieces. Jansen agrees and Micah produces a small bag with the gold for him. Jansen then asks about selling the ring he found as well, and Micah asks to see it.

Jansen goes to take the ring off of his finger but realizes quickly that it is stuck on. He asks Micah to grease up his finger but it’s no use. Lelouche recognizes that it appears to be stuck on him through some sort of enchantment, and notes that although it is not always the case, generally this is the sign of a cursed item. He adds that he is wearing an item that can’t be removed and doesn’t have a curse, so it isn’t always the case and Jansen shouldn’t worry. Jansen, though, does worry quite a bit and begins to have a panic attack over it. Lelouche attempts to assure him he’ll be alright, and suggests they head to the guild district and ask the Magician’s Guild to look at it.

Before the group leaves, Micah promises to put Willow on the task of figuring out the ingot, saying she had left early the night before and was out late doing “whatever it is she does” and isn’t in yet. The group goes to the guild district and finds the Magician’s Guild. Orik wanders off and enters the Adventurer’s Guild without a word. The rest of the group enters the Magician’s Guild, again being welcomed at the front door by a young acolyte. Jansen heads directly to the front desk and frantically asks for immediate help.

The man behind the desk asks what he can do to help. Jansen describes the ring being stuck on his finger, and the man calls over an older man, a gray-haired wizard. The wizard asks to see the ring, and Jansen puts his hand out. The old man asks them to follow him into a back room, worrying Jansen. In the back room, the man asks Jansen to sit down and produces a gem-encrusted gauntlet, sitting down across from him and requesting his hand. The man holds Jansen’s hand with the gauntlet resting on top, and there is a moment of silence while he concentrates. The man then speaks up, “I’ve got good news and and bad news. The good news, is that your ring isn’t cursed. The bad news, is that I have no real idea what it does.” The man goes on to describe that someone or something is linked to the ring in addition to whatever other effects it has, and as such they might be being watched while wearing it.

Jansen appears worried that whatever is watching them could be dangerous and come after them. Lelouche offers the idea of chopping off Jansen’s finger and using a Make Whole ritual to repair it, but they aren’t sure exactly how much that would cost in ritual component, as the price of a finger is ambiguous. The old man asks about the context of the ring, seeking to know why they are so worried about it being dangerous. They describe finding it in the desert near a monster, where other adventurers had fallen. Lelouche and Jansen speak privately among themselves about the rust monster before asking the man if there is any way to trace back the origin of the ring. The old man offers an alternative, a simple enchantment that will warn the wearer if the tracing object or party is close by. Jansen agrees and the man enchants the object free of charge as a general service of the guild.

Orik walks into the Adventurer’s Guild and takes a look around, hoping to find something interesting. He sees a training area for swordsmen and a small archery field in the back area. Upstairs, he hears what he assumes to be sparring. Asking a local representative what they do there, he is informed that the Adventurer’s Guild is a general purpose guild for non-magic fighting. They’ve taken up the helm of training the locals in combat since a lot of people are worried about being conscripted. In addition, they provide protection services but not for any real profit, making them the only indirect competitor to the Sentinel Guild. Orik heads out, unimpressed.

Jansen’s ring enchantment finishes and the old man describes that it will heat up if the tracking party is nearby. He adds that the distance needed to set it off depends on the success of the ritual, which is unclear since he completed it with a young acolyte, but it should be plenty of time to be ready if any danger is coming their way. Jansen expresses his thanks and heads out, much more confident about the situation. Lelouche suggests they use a Seek Rumor ritual to find out more information about Whisper. They find an empty alleyway far back behind the guild buildings to get away from any passersby. Orik heads to The Rusted Clam for a drink.

Lelouche sets down the ritual components into a circle and begins to meditate in the center. Among a sea of conversations flowing on the wind, he overhears one sailor describing to another that he went to bring his ship into the repair bay at Port Giles but was turned away. Apparently the entire dry dock had been covered in tarps and all other boats had been cleared out, save for one large boat that was being worked on. The guards offered no explanation to why it’s closed off.

Lelouche extends this information to Falx and Jansen, and suggests they head to Port Giles to investigate and find the connection to Whisper. The group heads to The Rusted Clam to meet up with Orik. Falx and Jansen wait outside while Lelouche heads in to get him. Orik is found building a tower of mugs, having finished off 8 of them. Orik orders 2 more to complete the pyramid, beginning to drink as Lelouche approaches him. Lelouche tells him that something fishy is going on in Port Giles and they need to find out how it could lead to Whisper. Orik finishes his drinks and attempts to top the pyramid with the last of the mugs but fumbles in a drunken stupor and topples the entire tower over. The whole bar looks in his direction. In anger, he smashes his bar stool with his hammer before sauntering out. Lelouche fey steps outside after the barkeep yells to Orik that he’ll have to pay for the chair, which Orik promptly laughs off as he exits the building.

Lelouche suggests they head out of town immediately. The group heads to the stables just past the north exit, going through the security checkpoint once again, this time without incident. The man at the stable offers a horse rental service for 2 gold per person and a 40 gold deposit, noting that the horses are trained to know their destination and return point, and will give them quite a bit of trouble if they aren’t returned within a reasonable time period. They won’t do anything but head in the direction they’ve been ordered to, which is Port Giles.

The group heads out on the horses after packing them up with gear. They head out and the horses head directly toward Port Giles without much prodding. Heading passed the area in the valley where they were jumped on the way to Warren Tower, they see shadows moving far up the cliff-side. The shadows don’t react much to them heading by, and the group assumes they are bandits waiting on a slower, more vulnerable group to rob. The group heads passed and arrives at the southern end of Port Giles, tying the horses up at the stable and asking where to find the dry dock. The man describes the path to take and assures them they can’t miss it, and the group sets off.

They head through the market, passed the stalls and taverns to the docks, heading east. In the distance, a large structure covered in tarps signals they’ve found the dry dock, and they approach with caution. Falx notes that it is heavily surrounded by guards. Lelouche leads the group up and asks about the tarps. A guard steps up and informs them that a private fleet needed a personal matter attended to, and rented the dry dock for an undisclosed amount of time.

Jansen asks the guard about where he’s from, and the guard opens up a bit about his past. He mentions coming from Maraketh, having moved to Eros after his family disagreed with the separation of the army after Maraketh’s independence. Jansen asks about the guards unique eye and hair color, which seemed to signal a mixed racial feature that was quite rare in these parts. The guard compliments him on noticing the subtle effect, and describes that he has Eledrin on his father’s side. The guard explains that he is helping his family gain a foothold in Eros since the people of Maraketh are unsure of what will happen to them if Eros goes into civil war, particularly due to Eros being their greatest customer as a trade kingdom.

The guard introduces himself as Joshua, and Jansen attempts to ask him about the ship, pretending to just be curious as a newcomer around these parts. Joshua describes that an unmarked ship came in that wasn’t on any records, and they were ordered to eject all other ships as soon as possible, then cover the whole area. He goes on to describe that the Eros Alliance was called in to aid the Western Bank army members in guarding the area, but only the Western Bank soldiers are allowed inside the ship. In addition, he has noticed that a large number of objects in the ship were destroyed via a method that appeared to be explosives of some sort, though no damage was done to the ship itself, and the Western Bank guards were investigating what could have done that. Joshua adds that he wishes he could tell them more, but it seems to all be a big secret and that he hasn’t been given any reason why as of yet.

Jansen thanks him for the information, and reassures Joshua that he won’t tell anyone about the information he just disclosed. Jansen starts to head away, but then turns back and asks in a curious tone if Joshua might know anything about Whisper. Joshua notes that he knows about Whisper from local legend and the recent upgrade to him being a wanted criminal, but if they knew anything about his whereabouts, they would be following it up themselves. Jansen thanks him and again reassures him, “your secret is safe with us,” winking before he turns away. Joshua waves goodbye to the group.

Jansen extends what he’s learned to the group, and Falx offers a theory. He thinks that perhaps the ship was salvaging parts from a wreck that was caused by Whisper, and they were looking for evidence on what Whisper damaged and why. The group discusses the possibility of tracking where the objects removed from the boat are going, so that they can get more information on Whisper’s intentions or what the guards are covering up. Jansen asks if Joshua could house the group while they are in the city, but Joshua seems very uncomfortable with the question and turns them down. The group decides to hide out and watch for people leaving the area during the night.

Finding a local food vendor selling fish on a stick, Lelouche orders two sticks for 4 silver pieces and begins to eat. Orik and Falx also order their food there, while Jansen eats a ration. Orik runs into a tavern and gets himself 2 mugs of ale, drinking them down quickly as he devours his meal. Lelouche leads the group around the row of buildings by the dock, finding a scaffolding the leads up to a nearby rooftop. The group sits and begins to watch the building. Throughout most of the night, nothing of note happens, and it doesn’t seem that the parts are being moved from the area. Lelouche suggests that he enter the area while invisible, and the others agree, having no other plan.

Lelouche climbs down and casts Invisibility, walking toward the guards out front cautiously. He tip-toes passed the guards, slipping into the building during a conversation between two guards, and manages to get in unnoticed. Looking around, he sees a large boat taking up most of the dock’s space, with a large collection of crates off along the east side of the dock near it. A small office in the corner seems generally abandoned while guards adorned with the Western Bank insignia walk around completing their assorted tasks. One appears to be taking inventory of the boxes while speaking with another, and Lelouche gets close to listen in on the conversation.

The first guard asks about the inventory, and asks how many cannons from the ship are salvageable. The guard taking inventory informs him that none could be salvaged, and the same can be said of most of the other equipment. Lelouche notices that the ship is entirely undamaged on the outside, which brings to mind the question of why it was brought into the dry dock. He sneaks toward the boat, but thinks better of attempting to get on to it when he sees that the docking bridge is lifted. He heads instead to the office and finds another guard quietly writing a letter of some sort. The man is highly decorated, and doesn’t seem to notice the sound of Lelouche entering. Sneaking close enough to read the letter (but just far enough away to avoid detection), he begins reading the paper. From what he can gather, it is a letter to a higher ranked member of the army, describing the contents of the boat and attempting to come up with possible methods that could be created the damage to the cannons and other objects without causing damage to the ship. The man finishes the letter with a suggestion that it would have to have been a bending of the arcane itself to do such a thing, and none of the men on the ship were capable of such an act. As such, they were suggested to be exempt from punishment and he accepted full responsibility. He also adds that none of his crew were present when the damage occurred, and none were injured in any way, causing more confusion.

Lelouche sneaks back out of the office and heads again to the ship, silently checking it for any signs of arcane alteration that the man wrote about. He found no sign of any major arcane power and decides he needs to head out before his luck runs out and he gets discovered. He heads back to the outside of the dry dock, again sneaking passed the guards and meeting up with the group. Attempting to sneak up on them, he is noticed by both before he reaches the room. He begins to tell the tale of what he found out, or the lack thereof.

0 EXP from battle + 300 EXP from role-play = 300 EXP total (14200 EXP total)




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