The Blood Of The Lion

Day 06 - The Breakout

The group awakens in the morning, within the holding cell of Port Giles. They are informed that they will be taken to a prison within Warren Tower for sentencing and one night of imprisonment before their trial. Their personal items have already been shipped out, and they will be transported in a few hours. After a bit of waiting, the guards come in to take them out of their cells. Falx, Jansen, and Lelouche willingly put on their shackles but Orik gave the guards attitude and refused to put his hands out for shackling. The guards gave him a few warnings but after repeated attempts and no cooperation from him, they beat him with metal rods until he was exhausted, at which point they entered his cell, shackled him, and then walked him to the cart with the others.

The cart takes them without incident to Warren Tower and they are brought through the front gates of the castle. On the way in, they notice two statues in the main square in front of the castle: One of a warrior named Keigar The Invincible and the other of Prince Leonne The Fifth (before he was the current Overseer). Under Leonne’s statue is a subtitle referring to him as Conqueror of Corinth the Stone-Hearted.

They are brought up a number of flights of stairs to the prison level. They are placed all within the same cell and told by the guard captain that if they know anything about the whereabouts of Whisper, they should give up the information now before the Lord’s Hand of the Guard takes over the case. He implies that the Lord’s Hand won’t be as kind to them, and he can help them if they just tell him what they know. They retain that they know nothing about Whisper, and the guard captain leaves.

After a bit of time, a man announced as Walfred, Lord’s Hand of the Guard enters and gives them a similar speech. He tells them that they will be tried and if they are found guilty, they will be tortured for information, then hanged. Receiving no information from them, he informs a nearby guard to keep two men in the room, and two men patrolling at all times. In addition, he tells them that he will be nearby and to call for him and sound the alarm should the prisoners try anything. He finishes by saying that if they escape their cell, to immediately kill them. He tells them to keep an eye out “in case our unwanted guest makes an appearance”, then heads out of the room. Falx believes that he must mean Whisper, and communicates this quietly to the group

In the middle of the night, as the group hears an unfamiliar voice. A man whispers to them to wait, and be patient. The guards don’t seem to hear it. Falx asks the guards about what Walfred meant when he mentioned an “unwanted guest”. The guards assure Falx that if that guest did arrive, the guard would protect them. Falx implies that he worries more about the fate of the guards, but the guard responds saying that if this guest arrives, he’ll be coming to kill the group.

A short while later, the only sound is the occasional footsteps of guards, and the burning of the torches in the hall. Walfred walks through the room and begins an inspection, looking at the prisoners in each cell. Reaching the end of the hall, he asks the attending guard for the list of prisoners in this section, and the guard provides the cell manifest to him. After reading it, he tells the guard that there are seven people on the manifest. When the guard confirms this is correct, Walfred asks why there are eight people incarcerated in this room. The guard expresses confusion, and a moment later the sound of a cell door opening is heard through the room. Down the hall, footsteps announce that a man is calmly and slowly walking out of his cell.

Walfred draws his sword from his side, aiming it down the hall at the cloaked figure, and shouts to him, announcing him as Whisper. The torches at the far end of the hall begin to flicker out and Walfred shouts to sound the alarm. Whisper walks slowly toward Walfred, as three more guards enter. In the distance, a loud bell is being rung, signaling an alarm in the tower. Whisper walks passed the group’s cell, pushing a ritual scroll through the bars into Falx‘s hand. As Whisper continues on, Falx unrolls it to read "Leomund’s Secret Chest". He casts the scroll and is burns to ash, revealing an ornate chest with a locket built into it’s frame. Investigating the locket, Falx feels he has seen the insignia before, but doesn’t recall where he has seen it.

Opening the chest, the group finds their items within. They suit up, finding another ritual scroll at the bottom. Falx again grabs the scroll, closing the empty chest, which disappears immediately. The remaining scroll reads “Knock”, and Falx utilizes it on the cell door, which pops open as the scroll burns away. As they step out of the cell, the voice from earlier speaks to them again, saying to stay behind him and begin moving back. Walfred strikes out at Whisper, who manages to push him back into his men. The tight space allows the bandit to corral the men to one side, but they are pushing forward down the hallway. The torches in the hall are all snuffed out, and the only light comes from behind the last remaining torch behind the guards.

Walfred announces to the group that it isn’t too late to redeem themselves. If they are truly not allied with the bandit, they should turn on him now and help take him down. If they do, they will be granted pardon. Whisper lashes back that Walfred is lying, and that they’ll all be killed if they don’t escape. Jansen and Falx contemplate, not knowing whether they should trust the bandit or not, and not knowing whether they would survive if they helped to turn him in. Whisper adds, in a voice they now recognize is only within their heads, that none of the guards are to be killed. Jansen calls Whisper a thief, but Whisper retorts that he’s not a murderer. Jansen argues that no fight is necessary, and they should attempt to run. Whisper responds saying that if he has a plan to avoid this battle, now would be the time to enact it. Jansen casts Cause Fear on Walfred, causing him to push passed his men and run from the room. His men, never having seen the Lord’s Hand of the Guard turn and run, appear horrified, and they begin to back away. Lelouche casts a Phantasmal Chasm on the floor in front of the remaining guard, and they are struck with terror, trapped against a wall as the floor appears to fade away in front of them.

Whisper orders the group back to his cell. They funnel in to find a circle drawn on the floor. Whisper orders them to stand on one side of the circle while he stands on the other, which they do without question. As the last remaining guard snaps out of the illusion and begins to take chase, the group warps through a Linked Portal in the cell, disappearing in front of the guard’s eyes. The group finds themselves in a dark room. As their eyes adjust to the light, they realize it is a shop that seems to be abandoned. They look around, realizing quickly that though they were looking at Whisper when they went through the portal, they appeared here and were looking at a metal door between them and where Whisper had stood.

A sliding piece of the door opens, revealing the cloaked man’s eyes. Whisper tells them that he feels partially responsible for getting them involved in all of this, though if they want to stay out of trouble, their best course of action would be to stop looking for him. He adds that although things went well in the tower, his time with them was over. Jansen asks why the guards are so interested in him suddenly, and Whisper replies that he took something they don’t want anyone to know about, and he has no plans to give it back. Through the hole in the door, the group watches as Whisper waves goodbye and begins walking toward a door in the back. Lelouche fey steps through the door to stand behind whisper, but watches as the man strolls out the back. Lelouche turns to unlock the metal door and Falx rushes through, after Whisper. Arriving on the street, he sees a number of possible escape paths, and heads to a center square assuming Whisper may have attempted to find a large group to sneak into, but he has no luck spotting him.

The group gets back together into the building and, realizing they may be recognized by the Lord’s Hand or other guards form the prison, decide to head out of town to lay low. Checking their map, they decide that a nearby town to the east named Falqueth is the best option at the moment. They head to a local general store to buy supplies. Orik picks up ten days of rations and a metal canteen, asking where the nearest tavern is. The general store clerk points him in the direction of Golden Flask, a high-end tavern nearby, and Orik leaves the rest of the group. Jansen buys ten days of rations as well, placing them within his waterproof sack.

Orik arrives at Golden Flask, finding it a bit two stuffy for his liking. He orders two ales, carefully pouring one into his canteen before downing the other. He shouts around the bar, asking for anyone that has horses or a carriage and might be looking to make a quick coin. An older woman and a younger man approach him, asking if he’s looking to buy horses or just looking for transport.

They introduce themselves as traders. He asks whether they would be heading to Falqueth, but they tell him that they usually only head to the smaller towns when they are on their way back from Castle Valoris and have something particular to trade that would bring in good money in a smaller area. He asks about traveling through the forest, but they say it’s too dangerous to warrant a trip to Falqueth with the bandits on the roads, and they aren’t even too sure how smooth the path is within the forest since most people don’t travel through it even in peaceful times. Orik asks if they would consider traveling through the forest if he and his three companions traveled with them to keep them safe. He adds that he wouldn’t charge them for protection, he only wanted transportation. The older woman seems interested, but the young man expresses distrust. Orik assures them both that once they meet his friends, they’ll know they can trust them, since “they’re a bunch of goodie-two-shoes”.

Lelouche, Falx, and Jansen discuss their next course of action. Considering going after Whisper brings them to question possible ways to track them down. Falx suggests another run at the Seek Rumor ritual, while Lelouche brings up the possibility of casting Magic Map. He cites that to do so, they would need a personal item of Whisper’s, and Jansen brings up the signet stone that was given to the church with the donation they received from Whisper. Lelouche implies that they should steal it, but both Falx and Jansen are vehemently opposed to the idea. Lelouche says they’d only technically be borrowing it and could bring it back, but Falx and Jansen still disagree with the idea. They decide to meet up with Orik and decide their next course of action, so they start heading to Golden Flask.

100 EXP from battle + 300 EXP from role-play = 400 EXP total (14900 EXP total)




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