The Blood Of The Lion

Day 07 - A Town Possessed

Gathering together again at a general store, the group considers the recent events. Falx ponders on whether he considers Whisper a good or bad man, but he can’t recall any moment during their interaction that he detected an ulterior motive, and can’t think of anything that Whisper would likely gain from breaking the group out. While he does this, Jansen and Lelouche discuss whether they want to go to Falqueth or not, and they decide against it until they can get more information about Whisper’s whereabouts. Orik heads to The Rusted Clam for a drink.

Lelouche again implies he is interested in a heist for the signet stone held by the church, so that they can use Magic Map to find Whisper. Falx and Jansen insist they will have nothing to do with a theft from the church. Falx, Lelouche, and Jansen throw on their hoods to better be disguised and they head to the church to speak to Magdalen about possibly borrowing the stone. Lelouche waits outside as Jansen and Falx enter to speak with Magdalen. Looking around, Jansen doesn’t see her, but asks a nearby Bishop where she might be. He goes and gets her for him, and she recognizes him, saying hello. She asks if there is anything she can do for him, and he implies that he wants more information about Whisper.

Magdalen assures him that she told him everything she knows, and he tells her that he thinks he can track Whisper down if he can have, temporarily, the signet stone that was left with the donation. She says that she isn’t even sure it’s in their store room since having data on that could lead to potential theft of religious symbols. She goes to check, but comes back with the Bishop, who asks to know what exactly they will do with the stone. Jansen explains that they are trying to track Whisper, and the Bishop notes that the church does not advocate any direct involvement in investigations of that sort. Jansen assures him that they are just trying to thank him and ask information about why Whisper helped them. The Bishop cites that after the large donation was made, a lot of men came saying similar things, but they turned out to be members of the guard thinking that the clergy would know Whisper’s whereabouts.

Jansen implores him to let them just see the stone for a second, convincing him with Magdalen’s help that they are not members of the guard. She assures the Bishop that they couldn’t be a member of the guard, based on Lelouche and Orik’s actions. The Bishop seems to accept this and leaves, coming back with a small ornate box that he sets on a table and opens, revealing a small stone with a wind symbol on it sitting in a red velvet cushion.

Lelouche is pulled into the room and Falx heads to the general store to get a more detailed map of Warren Tower, picking one up for five silver pieces and heading back to the church. Falx asks what time of day the large donation was dropped off, and Magdalen cites that it was very late at night, around this time. Falx implies that this probably means Whisper works at night, and it would be best to try to use Magic Map during the daytime, when Whisper likely sleeps. The three of them ask to rest in the church, and the Bishop offers them a place on the pews so long as they stay civil (looking at Lelouche).

The three of them rest until morning, waken before noon by another Bishop. They are brought into the back room again, and a large table has been brought in. Falx lays out the map on the table. Lelouche asks the Bishop his name, and he introduces himself as Frederick. Lelouche then asks about the other Bishops name from the night before, and Frederick says his name was Ulric. Frederick holds out the box with the signet stone to Lelouche. Lelouche holds the stone and casts the ritual, but nothing happens and the scroll remains. Lelouche realizes this must mean Whisper is not within Warren Tower. Falx tells them that he will head to the general store and come back with more maps.

Falx asks the general store clerk, who says he has maps of Castle Valoris, Tulley Keep, Morrow, and Port Giles. He offers all four for two gold pieces, and Falx agrees. He heads back with the maps. They check all four maps, but the scroll retains over all four, signalling that Whisper is not within any of them. In desperation, they decide to use the kingdom map. Lelouche signals the ritual and the scroll burns away, centering over a spot on the map near one of the markers that the men from the Sentinel Guild drew on their map. Over the course of the spell, the point doesn’t move, indicating that Whisper was not on the move in any way. They are unsure of whether that means Whisper would still be in the area when they get there, but they decide it would be best to get there as soon as possible.

Falx convinces the group that their best course of action would be to find Orik at his favorite tavern and then settle their debt to the horse stable and attempt to rent horses from another stable to the east of town. They head to The Rusted Clam to look for him. They find him being held down by a number of men, who back off when they see his friends arrive. He throws the two remaining men off of him and shouts “FINE, I DON’T NEED THIS PLACE” and heads toward the door while laughing. He attempts to tell the group about finding transportation, but Falx assures them the plan has changed and so he yells to the woman “FORGET IT, PLANS OFF” and the woman looks defeated as he exits the bar.

They rush to the stable, and Falx attempts to explain the situation. He explains that they forgot about their horses when they were “escorted back”. The man says that they have a service for that and although there is a fee, if the horses return they can get most of their deposit back. Falx asks about a competitor to use since the man tells him they can’t rent the group more horses until their horses return. The man implies that he has no desire to help his competition, so they could go to any other stable in town. They head through town to the southeast section, passing by Micah at the craft sector, and arrive at the stables just near the southeast gate. They rent more horses and ride off to the small town marked on their map.

They arrive at the small town around dusk, heading slowly into a town marked as Myrefall. A man approaches them and introduces himself as Reynard, the sheriff of the hamlet, and he welcomes them. They ask about a place to stay and he describes an inn near the center of the village. Falx asks whether they would have any place for rough and tumble types, and the man suggests the tavern, saying they would hear the place before the saw it. Falx asks where he could look up the history of the town, and the sheriff gets strangely serious, leaning in and saying “We wouldn’t have anything like that around here.” before going back to his normal self. Falx assumes this means it is some sort of place for criminals to hide out, and they tend to keep private. The group says goodbye to Reynard, who tells them to ask for him if they need him, as it’s a small town.

They head to the inn at the center of the village, tying up their horses and heading inside the tavern, marked The Legend. Falx looks around and sees a large amount of people, happily drinking. He and Lelouche order an ale and and sit down at a nearby table, discussing in no specific words what they should do next.

Falx approaches some men playing a darts-like game with daggers. He asks how it’s played and they make a joke about how they’re just throwing daggers and drinking with no real care for any type of score. Falx manages to befriend them through a few games of daggers, as he throws them compliments. They rag on him a bit but seem to like him after a number of games, making jokes about each other and him.

Lelouche entertains a young woman named Edith by pulling a silver piece from behind her ear. She seems entertained as he tosses it to her, and she orders an ale with it from the barkeep after thanking him. Lelouche introduces himself and the girl seems half-jokingly impressed by his claimed status as a wizard. He flamboyantly, yet with a masculine flair, puts out a number of nearby candles, then relights then with his Prestidigitation. Edith seems impressed as more and more people in the tavern notice and begin watching him. Lelouche asks if anyone has a warm drink that went cold, and an old man raises his glass, joking that he has a cold drink that went warm. Lelouche points to it and the old man drinks from it, saying “I’ll be damned.” after drinking it.

People cheer and a girl approaches Edith, asking who her friend is. Edith introduces Lelouche and the girl says that she should “take him to Elder”. At this, everyone in the tavern raises their glasses and says “TO ELDER” in a serious tone before returning to their drinks.. Falx walks over, having seen the people all speak out, and seeing that Lelouche
is the center of attention at the bar. Lelouche excuses himself to speak with Falx and Jansen, reciting what just occurred and implying they needed to find out about Elder. Lelouche introduces them to Edith, who says that Lelouche is quite the charmer. She says that they should all come to meet Elder, and asks about Orik being their friend. Falx jokes that unfortunately, he is their companion. Lelouche says that Orik is a master of drinking competitions, to which Edith asks if he’s competing against himself, and Lelouche says he is training.

Lelouche checks Edith’s hand and doesn’t see a wedding ring of any sort, but does notice a bracelet. He compliments her, saying that it’s strange that a woman of her caliber is not married. She cites that the village respects freedom and as such doesn’t have as many “arrangements” as you might expect in the cities. Lelouche says that he appreciates that, flirting with her. He asks where she’s from, and she says that she was born here and the farthest she’s ever been away from the town is out on the farms. Lelouche asks why she’s never been to Morrow, and she states that she has a duty to her village and has had no reason to leave. Lelouche tells her that he came from Meridian and she seems impressed by his adventures. Lelouche orders her and himself another ale and she gratefully accepts.

Edith mentions again her duty to her village, and mentions a duty to Elder as well. Lelouche asks her what she does, and she mentions picking vegetables on the farms and occasionally helping out in other areas. She very proudly states that one time she delivered food to Elder. Lelouche begins to wonder whether something is off about the woman, since she seems to strangely devoted to this “Elder”, as do the other villagers. Jansen signals to Falx to get Lelouche away from Edith. Lelouche heads off to play daggers with Falx as Jansen approaches. Jansen asks her if she’s having a good night, and she expresses happiness with having met adventurers.

Jansen asks her if she would like to get tea sometime. She says that they wouldn’t have any of that in the tavern. He flirts with her, asking if she would have any at her home. She seems offended at first, but changes her mind and seems flattered after a moment. She agrees to head out, and Jansen gives the barkeep a gold coin as a tip before heading out with her. They head to a cottage down a few roads and Edith leads Jansen in, shooing her little brother away to his room and going into her kitchen with her. She lights a few lanterns and a candle nearby and begins making tea. Jansen asks her about her life here, and she repeats that she’s never left. She says that they live in peace and in “the light of Elder” and they have no reason to leave. Jansen approaches her and places his hand on her shoulder. She jumps a bit, but seems comforted by his touch. He attempts to caress her but she backs away, saying that he probably meets a lot of women on his travels. He tells her that he doesn’t meet any women as beautiful as her, and she falls into his arms.

After an exciting 7 minutes, Jansen is laying in bed with her and asks her about Elder, and she says that if he returns with his group in the morning, she’d love to walk them over to meet Elder. Jansen and her continue their romp and then afterward, Jansen agrees to come back in the morning to meet with her, after returning to his group and informing them of the plans. She seems pleased and says goodbye to him.

Back at the tavern, Lelouche and Falx play a game of daggers as they speak covertly about the strange happenings in the town. Falx implies that Lelouche should attempt to detect any arcane presence. Lelouche finds that there is a large amount of arcane force flowing through the room, but he detects it is coming from an outside force somewhere in the city. Leaving Orik at the bar, Falx and Lelouche head outside, finding Jansen returning. Lelouche immediately recognizes what must have happened, and makes half-angry jokes about it to Jansen. Jansen cites that he has a way for them to meet Elder in the morning if they are interested. Heading toward the center of town. they see a large, ornate home surrounded by metal gates. The sheriff, walking around the town center, says hello to them and asks them where their friend (Orik) has gotten off to. They tell him that he’s at the bar still and they’re getting some air. Lelouche asks how his night is going, and he says that it’s a wonderful night, as always.

Falx asks about the building, saying that someone seems to be doing well for himself. Reynard says that they treat “him” as well as they can. Falx asks who it belongs to, and Reynard says it’s Elder’s home. Lelouche asks about Elder, and the possibility of visiting him. Reynard says that Elder doesn’t take many visitors and that he’s quite the busy man. Lelouche mentions everyone raised their glasses, and asked if Elder was some sort of protector of the town. The sheriff uncomfortably responds “Yes, you could say that I suppose.” Lelouche seems to let it go, seeing his discomfort. They say their goodbyes and head back to the square with the inn and tavern.

Lelouche grabs Orik from the tavern and they head to an unmarked inn. At the front desk, a woman asks if they’re travelers looking for a hero’s rest. They say that they are, and she says that they specialize in that here. Orik and Jansen get a room, while Lelouche shares one with Falx. As the door to their room closes, Orik can be heard jokingly telling Jansen that he looks like he just got laid. The group heads to sleep.

0 EXP from battle + 300 EXP from role-play = 300 EXP total (15200 EXP total)



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