The Blood Of The Lion

Day 08 - A Hero's Rest

The group wakes up in the morning, except for Orik who remains snoring (quietly) in his bed. The others meet up in the lobby. Falx asks the man behind the counter where they can get some food, and he recommends a bistro named Journey’s End down the street, so they head that way. Arriving at the bistro, they order some food, except for Jansen who eats from his rations. Orik wakes up, and heads to the tavern after the man tells him that his friends headed to the bistro. Jansen suggests to Lelouche and Falx that they head to Edith’s home to ask about going to see Elder. Jansen says that they should go and get Orik, who he postulates is probably already at the tavern across from the inn.

The group heads to the tavern and finds Orik drinking and eating. They all head to Edith’s house. Edith sees them coming and waves to them from a window in her home, then rushes out and opens the door for them. Jansen tells her it is a pleasure to see her again. She asks if they’re ready to go and see Elder. Jansen tells her that he’s here to see her more than Elder. She seems pleased, and they head out.

They find Reynard at the front gate. Edith tells him that they’re here to see Elder, and Reynard lets them in. He calls over 6 guards and they escort the group to the main entryway. A woman rushes out and introduces herself as Adaline, the handler for their interaction with Elder. She tells them the rules, specifying that they are not to ask Elder about any person details pertaining to his time before coming to the city, and that any question found to be inappropriate would be guided away by her as to avoid any unpleasant moment for Elder. Orik asks her if he could talk to Elder about his dick. She says to stay away from that subject. Lelouche asks if there is anything else he should specifically shy away from, and Adaline says she’ll let them know.

Edith is separated from the group to her disappointment. They ask about Edith being separated and Adaline mentions that there was already another visitor this week, a young woman, and they don’t want to hassle Elder with two many visitors. As such, Edith (who has already met Elder) should come into the conversation later and not while you’re having introductions. The group is brought into a main hall, seeing an old man they recognize must be Elder sitting by a small table. Elder is not directing people but they are all shuflfing around clearing plates and such. Lelouche does an Arcana check and detects the same Arcane power from the tavern and it’s filling the room, and most certainly coming from Elder.

After a moment, Elder finishes his meal and Adaline introduces the group as adventurers from far away. He introduces himself as Elder and asks their names. The group introduces themselves and he welcomes them all to his home. He asks of their adventures. Jansen describes his adventures and adds that he found love recently. Falx then tells the story of the rust monster. On the mention of the rust monster, Elder turns to Adaline and asks about it, but she tells him it’s nothing and he shakes off the thought. Orik asks about the question and Adaline explains that he sometimes gets a sense of deja vu and it’s a symptom of his old age. Lelouche tells him about fighting an angel. Elder begins to say “Back in my day I …” but he trails off. After a moment of silence, he looks to Adaline, who repeats “It’s nothing, Elder”. The group begin to suspect Adaline is controlling Elder in some way.

Elder looks back and apologizes, asking what they were talking about. They remind him they were talking about Lelouche fighting an angel. Elder seems interested again and asks about their other adventures. The group changes the subject, asking about the town revering him. Elder mentions how they come to him for advice and rulings in the town. Jansen asks about how he came to the town and he begins to speak but trails off mid-word again, and Adaline tells him yet again “It’s nothing, Elder”. Lelouche does an Arcana check on Adaline but no magic power is coming from her. Falx asks how Elder got to the town, and Adaline cuts him off, saying that “we would prefer to change the subject.” Lelouche asks who “we” is, and Elder confirms that he would like them to change subject, further confusing them.

Falx asks if anyone visited him recently. Elder begins saying “Yes I was visited this week by my…” and trails off. Elder then asks Adaline “I know her, right?” and Adaline replies, “Yes, she visited you this week Elder. You know her.” Seeing that Elder is getting confused, Adaline suggests they end the meeting and Elder agrees, saying that he thinks he needs to rest. She implies they should stand up and head out, and the group stands, saying goodbye to Elder.

Falx mentions that Elder’s age seems to be affecting him, and Adaline agrees that although he is a great leader and mentor, his age is taking a toll. Falx asks about his stories, and Adaline mentions that although a lot of stories of him exist, they don’t get a lot out of him these days. Orik jokes that their highest ranking official is a senile old man, and Adaline is offended at the disrespect for Elder, saying that he is “a treasure” and their “light in the darkness”. Lelouche attempts to cut him off, but he continues, saying that Elder shouldn’t be respected, as he wasn’t even able to give them any useful information. Adaline dismisses Orik, saying that he wouldn’t understand as he’s “just an outsider” and he couldn’t understand. Lelouche expresses his respect for Elder, saying that he seems distinguished. He asks also about the other visitor mentioned during their talks with Elder, but Adaline tells him that she isn’t at liberty to discuss Elder’s private visitors.

Lelouche, growing upset with the lack of results, casts Instant Friends on her, making himself a trusted friend for an hour. He asks her to wait while he discusses his actions with the group. He then asks her to talk with them at the inn, and she excitedly agrees. The five of them go to the inn, where they check into a room and sit Adaline down to get information out of her. She seems excited at the chance to tell them all about Elder and the true nature of the town.

Lelouche asks again about the mysterious visitor from the day before. Adaline tells them that a woman comes to visit him regularly, about once a month, though no one knows who the woman is. Even Elder doesn’t seem to recognize her, which seems to upset the woman. Lelouche asks about the meetings, but Adaline explains that the meetings are held in private. During the woman’s first visit, Elder seemed to recognize her and demanded privacy, so now every meeting begins with the woman being left alone with Elder. They talk for a bit, then the woman leaves town immediately.

Falx asks about Elder, and Adaline explains how the entire city was built around him. Falx asks for clarification, and she explains that there wasn’t anything here when he arrived. She explains that his true identity is that of Keigar The Invincible, and he is over three-hundred years old at this point. Around three centuries ago, Keigar had defeated a lich named Myre and he made an outpost here while heading back to the kingdom. In their last battle, Myre had risen an army of undead children to fight Keigar, who was forced to slaughter them before smiting Myre to a true death. Myre cursed Keigar to near immortality, forced to remember the children he slayed. Keigar made the outpost while he dealt with the demons that haunted his mind, unable to return to the kingdom due to his shame. He ended up leaving the outpost after a few weeks and heading to the top of the northern mountains. After begging the deity Ioun for three straight days to erase the memories of the children, he was offered a compromise. He could have those memories locked away, but they would take with them all of his memories of the time before Myre fell. He agreed, happy to be released of the burden. He shambled back to the outpost while his memories drained away from him. By the time he returned, he couldn’t recognize his wife’s face.

The outpost remained, Keigar’s men promising to stay with him and provide a comfortable life until he recovered. When they realized that he wasn’t going to recover his memories, and that any reminder would cause him great physical pain, they formed the outpost into a permanent living place. Through generations, the outpost became a village, then a town, and each generation is raised to keep Keigar’s secret safe. The kingdom believes that Keigar died in his battle with Myre, and the townsfolk hope that his existence will stay hidden until he can finally end his life. Unfortunately, the curse remains to this day, and the townsfolk honestly aren’t sure what will happen as he ages if he isn’t able to die. As such, they attempt to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Adaline clarifies that the people in the town are mostly the descendants of Elder and his roaming party. They keep Elder’s secret and teach their children to keep it as well, and most people stay in the town out of respect for the kingdom’s hero. Falx asks about his ability to remember, but Adaline clarifies that his memory is all but non-existent when it comes to his past, because every time he is reminded it hurts him, then he forgets it anyway, so it isn’t any use attempting to remind him. She adds that she wants to ask about the woman that visits him, but she assumes it would be just as painful to him. Jansen asks about what the woman looks like, and Adaline describes a tall woman with brown hair, mostly covered with a cloak and with no real distinguishable features. She adds that she would recognize the woman if she saw her, and that she seems to be a warrior of some sort in her twenties. Orik asks whether the woman is attractive, and Adaline says she she is quite attractive. Orik then describes Lord Merideth, but Adaline assures him that if it was Lord Merideth, she would know.

Falx asks about how the town keeps order so well, and Adaline describes that since they all act in respect for Elder and because the kingdom knows not to attempt to recruit from the town, they generally have no real issues. They trade with other towns but stay out of the politics surrounding the kingdom’s current state. Because they have a clear hierarchy with Elder at the top, they don’t have any issues with management. Orik asks if he could meet with Elder alone, but Adaline tells him it would be quite impossible to schedule a meeting like that with visitors. Lelouche asks about other leaders in the town, and Adaline describes a council made up of a few members, but adds that there aren’t a lot of managerial decisions so the positions are mostly just titles. Lelouche asks about the power emanating from Elder, and Adaline tells him that although she hasn’t ever seen him practicing magic, he does occasionally seem to relive moments of his adventures, and his power might still remain within him. Adaline refers to Keigar, in passing, as “The Lion of Eros”.

Lelouche asks about Whisper, but Adaline isn’t sure she’s ever heard of him. Lelouche describes him, but Adaline says that she hasn’t seen anyone matching his description. She notes that he may have come to do something other than see Elder. When asked where they might find rumors about Whisper, Adaline suggests asking around at the local taverns. She asks if they are looking for a friend of theirs, and Lelouche tells her that it’s something of that nature. Lelouche asks about Adeline’s role pertaining to Elder, and she mentions that on top of her job as Elder’s assistant and the medium between him and his visitors, she is also the main handler when it comes to his memory issues. Lelouche expresses his sympathy, noting that it must be a hard job. When asked about the frequency of visits, Adaline just notes that it is a bit odd for Elder to receive two visits so close together.

Falx asks about other adventurers in town, but Adaline tells them that the closest they had to that was a couple brawls in the tavern. Falx implies that with Elder’s descendants in town, he would expect there were more adventurers. Adaline describes that all of Elder’s descendants leave town, and there is a legend that they are all heroes themselves, until the curse is lifted. She adds that it might just be a myth, and she isn’t even sure of how many descendants he has at the moment, since they are kept relatively secret. She mentions that one of his descendants is in town, but is most definitely not an adventurer, and actually has a place on the council. Lelouche asks about his name, which Adaline says is Edgar. Noting that there isn’t much time left on his spell, Lelouche insists that they rush back to the palace and set up a meeting with Edgar. Reaching the gate, Adaline sets up the meeting and assures the guards that the group are trusted friends. As the spell fades away, she mentions that the secrets are obviously very sensitive and begs them to be very careful with the information. Lelouche assures her that the secret will remain hidden.

The group heads out of the gates, agreeing to come back in the afternoon to meet with Edgar. The group discusses the relation between Whisper coming to the town and their new knowledge. Falx decides to look into the possibility of Edgar being Whisper, since he lives in town and that would explain Whisper coming to such a small town in the first place. They head to the north-east side of town, wandering while they wait. Lelouche wanders into an apothecary, asking about foot traffic. The young man mentions that they make most of their money from contracts with the school and council, and they only have an open shop because they keep their inventory there. He says he’s been there for three years, since he has been old enough to work. He introduces himself as Cristole, and says that his mother used to work the shop years ago but it isn’t family owned. Lelouche gets the feeling that the town is full of public ownership.

Lelouche mentions their meeting with Edgar and Cristole mentions seeing him walk by every once in a while and says the meeting must be important. Lelouche asks him to describe Edgar, and he describes a tall, slightly bearded man with longer hair. Lelouche thanks him and says goodbye, noting to himself that Edgar’s description sounds close to the man he saw under Whisper’s hood.

After some waiting, the group heads to Elder’s property again and are greeted by Edgar. Edgar remarks how odd it is that they scheduled a meeting with him with no real information about what they wanted, but he shrugs it off. Falx mentions that as a member of the council, he would know quite a bit about the people coming in and out of the town. Edgar agrees. Falx mentions Edgar being a descendant of Elder, and Edgar asks him to be a bit quieter, implying that it was not a well-known fact and anyone nearby hearing it would be a problem. Falx mentions the legend and asks about the possibility of Edgar being a hero, but Edgar laughs it off, saying that if people knew he was a direct descendant, they probably wouldn’t think the legend was as legitimate. Falx asks if people are discouraged from leaving the town, but Edgar mentions that they only encourage people to stay to honor Elder’s legacy (which he, again, says quietly). Lelouche asks about Edgar’s relationship with Elder. Edgar mentions that he interacts with Elder regularly, but adds sadly that Elder doesn’t remember him. Lelouche offers his sympathy.

Lelouche thinks for a minute and asks about Dream Concordance, and the possibility of releasing the force that locks his memories away. Edgar suggests that they talk to him next time they are in Myrefall, as it will take a while to convince the council to help end Elder’s life, even if it is the right thing to do. Lelouche asks about the mysterious woman, and the man mentions that the first time she visited, Elder recognized her and demanded they have privacy. Ever since, she has commanded to be alone with Elder while they speak. She arrives in town, talks with Elder, and then leaves, and no one knows anything about her. Lelouche asks about Whisper, and Edgar mentions hearing the legends about the bandit, which he describes to them in detail. Lelouche asks that he tell them anything he learns about Whisper between now and when they return. The group says goodbye to Edgar, leaving him with their names.

The group heads back to the inn. They close themselves off in Lelouche’s room and cast a Seek Rumor ritual to find information within the town regarding Whisper. Voices flow through Lelouche’s head as faces appear and disappear. He hears a number of small conversations with stories about recent events pertaining to Whisper, and then his focus comes to Elder. In his mind, Lelouche sees a vision of Elder who appears to be listening to a conversation that Lelouche can’t hear. He imagines this is due to the conversation being locked away in Elder’s head, unable to be accessed without the rest of his memory.

Orik implies that they started this journey to find Whisper, to turn him in for the reward… he implies they should go after Whisper again, or at least after something that will net them some money. They agree to head to Falqueth to look for opportunities, since it’s nearby. They head to Falqueth and head to the nearest inn, getting a room for later. They head to the central square and read the news board. There is a small ad by the Sentinel guild asking for people to help with contracts they don’t want to take, and slightly on top is a HELP WANTED ad looking for adventurers or anyone willing to put their life on the line. It says to contact Nina at the tavern. Orik grabs it, rolls it up, and exclaims “GOOD, a reason to go to the bar.” before heading in the direction of the tavern.

Heading in, Orik is greeted warmly by a large man behind the bar. Minstrels play in the corner and people are talking loudly about their day and general small talk. Orik orders an ale and a whiskey, then slams down the ad and asks for information about it. Lelouche orders a mead and stands with Orik. The barkeep points to a homely woman in the corner nursing a drink, sitting with many empty glasses and looking rather intoxicated and upset. The group heads over and Orik sits down, showing her the sign and implying he’s interested in helping.

The woman describes that her brother disappeared nearly a fortnight ago and no one seems to care. They all say he ran off with a girl, but she knows he wouldn’t have just left without coming back. She worries something has happened to him and needs someone to look through his things and help her find out where she went. The group agrees, and she stumbles out of the bar, muttering about how she has to find him. Arriving at an unlit home, she tells them that it’s her brothers house and she has a key, which she then fishes out of her bag. Orik checks the door for signs of forced entry, but detects none. They open the door and head inside to look for clues.

0 EXP from battle + 300 EXP from role-play = 300 EXP total (15500 EXP total)



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