The Blood Of The Lion

Day 10 - Judge, Jury, and Executioners

The wandering troupe attack Rye viciously for what they believe is her betrayal as she helps the group defeat them. Orik finds himself surrounded by the troupe’s men, finding enjoyment in finally getting to see some violent action since he had been getting bored with the do-gooders. In the heat of battle, Lelouche uses his remaining sleep token to sneak up on the commander and render him unconscious. Seeing his chance, Lelouche drives his sword through the man’s heart, killing him instantly. He yells out to the rest of the troupe to lay down their weapons. Rye cuts the commander’s head off and join in, threatening to do grievous harm to the men if they continue. Orik adds that he would mutilate the men and humiliate them. At the behest of the three of them, the five remaining members of the troupe lay down their arms and kneel in surrender.

Of the five remaining, two of the men are murderers who preyed on the girl they came to find, and Lelouche and Rye discuss what should be done with them. Rye wants to cut the men’s heads off, but Lelouche steps in the way. Lelouche suggests turning them in, but decides they would have the best chance at getting a reward if they could have one turn against the other as a witness. Rye demands that the less guilty man testify against his accomplice, threatening to kill them both in the most painful way she could think of if they don’t comply.

Orik seizes an opportunity to strike against one of the other three men, who had given him particular trouble during the battle. He slams his hammer down on the man’s bound legs, breaking them. Lelouche attempts to calm Orik but Rye begins to question again whether she shouldn’t just behead the murderers now and get it over with. Lelouche attempts to convince her that they will receive justice when they are turned in. Lelouche manages to get everyone calmed down and agreed upon the terms: The three men not involved in the girl’s murder would be sent away, one being carried as his legs were broken. The two murders would be turned in, and the one less guilty of the murder would testify against his friend under threat of painful death by Rye. The group would split any reward money.

Rye and Lelouche discuss the splitting of the bounty, saying in no specific terms that they would be harvesting the body of the girl for her gorgon eyes, which the commander had said were worth something. After a bit of back and forth, Lelouche and Jansen manage to convince Rye that it would be best to split things evenly. The subject is dropped temporarily while she tells the three non-murdering troupe members to leave and to not take the troupe’s inventory cart, or she would hunt them down herself. The three men leave and the group gets the two murderer’s off the floor, preparing to transport them. Rye punches the man most responsible for the murder, knocking him out. Orik seizes the second opportunity while everyone is distracted, and slams his hammer down on the primary murderer’s hands, crushing them. The second murderer begs him to stop, and with Lelouche and Jansen’s pleading, Orik seems to be done with his outbursts for the day.

300 EXP from battle + 100 EXP from role-play = 400 EXP total (16200 EXP total)



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