The Blood Of The Lion

Day 11 - Saving Cyril

The group stands over the two murderers they’ve tied up, deciding on how to handle the situation of the gorgon. Falx is empathetic to the girl and claims that they should not harvest her eyes no matter their value. Lelouche attempts unsuccessfully, yet diplomatically, to convince Falx that it would be a good idea to harvest them and sell them or convert them to ritual components. Falx politely declines, stating that it would not be okay with him if they desecrated the corpse. Falx adds that he could use Lelouche’s help in convincing their new ally Rye as well, but Lelouche is unconvinced and refuses to help prevent the group from gaining the eyes.

Orik approaches the body and leans down to look at the eyes. Rye, seeing him, approaches, but Orik tells her that he’s going to split them as they agreed upon earlier. Falx steps forward, citing that a person has recently lost their life and it would be wrong to desecrate the corpse. He threatens Orik, who pulls his hammer on Falx. The two of them have a quick brawl but decide to step down after Jansen gets in between them to stop the fight. Orik gruffly implies that it is Falx’s responsibility to find another source of money to make up for what they’ll lose by leaving the eyes.

Falx picks up the body, claiming that he is going to bury it out of respect for the dead. He checks in the warrior troupe’s cart near the mouth of the cave, looking for a trowel. Realizing he can dig faster in his beast form, he hands the trowel to Jansen and transforms. Lelouche and Rye load Cyril’s petrified body onto the cart, being careful not to allow him to crack or break. The two murderers are tied to the back of the cart so that they’ll walk behind it on the way back. The group heads out of the cave, Rye hanging back with the murderers to keep them walking and make sure they don’t attempt to escape. She occasionally throws rocks at them to amuse herself.

The group finds their four horses tied outside of the cave and head to Falqueth to return to Nina. They reach the city in the afternoon, entering through the East gates. Arriving at Cyril’s home, Orik bursts through the door unannounced. Nina is sitting inside, and greets them, asking if they’d found her brother. Orik announces that they found Cyril dead, but Lelouche argues that he isn’t dead, and explains the situation. Rye slides into the house, but stays silent for a bit before announcing that she has named the two horses she commandeered “Risky Biscuits” and “Top Bun”. Orik checks Cyril’s petrified body for an erection, wondering if Lily’s power was set off by a romantic moment. Falx clarifies that Cyril does, in fact have a slight erection.

Nina asks to see the body, and Lelouche leads her to the statue. Lelouche informs Nina that there may be someone in a Mage’s Guild that could fix him. Nina pleads with the group to help transport the body as quickly as possible, saying that she will do whatever it takes. Lelouche asks for payment for their completed work, and asks if she wants to accompany them to Warren Tower where they could contact the Mage’s Guild. Nina gladly accepts. Jansen tells her that he’ll be happy to have someone as beautiful as Nina with them, and Nina seems flattered.

Rye tells Nina that no girls are allowed on the cart, as she stands in it and leans on Cyril’s statue. Nina leads the group to her house in Falqueth to get supplies before heading out. On the way, she notices the murderers but refuses to look them in the eye. Arriving at Nina’s house, the group sees that she is very well-off, judging by her rather large house. Nina runs inside and comes out with a large sack of money. She asks Rye if she helped get Cyril back to town, and Rye confirms she did. Nina offers each member 300 gold pieces, thanking them for their help. Jansen tells her that her company is worth so much that he couldn’t accept the gold. Nina thanks him, but insists that he take it. She seems to warm up to him a bit.

Nina insists on leaving that same day, and tells the group that if they head south of the forest, they can rest at her friend’s house by the main road. Lelouche asks Rye to stick with the group, implying she could earn more gold and see more action, and Rye agrees to stick it out for a bit. Lelouche asks Nina where to deposit the murderers, and Nina point him to a police station nearby. Orik asks Nina if she has any alcohol they can take with them on the journey, and she heads back into her house to gather two casks of mead. Rye stares at Nina, licking her gross orc fangs.

Lelouche asks Rye to come with her to drop off the murderers. Jansen asks Falx and Orik to go with Lelouche, and Nina overhears. Jansen implies that she wouldn’t want them around, saying they’re trouble. Nina says she could use some trouble, and seem to be getting slightly uncomfortable at Jansen’s persistence. Jansen implies that they should return to this conversation after Cyril recovers. Nina seems hesitant and slightly uncomfortable, and the subject is dropped.

Lelouche and Rye arrive at the police station and consult a deputy. The accomplice in the murder once again confirms that he will confess to the crimes. Rye, in response, grabs his hands and taunts the other murderer with them in a strange puppeteering act. The deputy takes a statement and the accomplice confesses. The deputy then asks about the man’s hands and how they were mangled. Lelouche admits it was a companion of his. The deputy is angry with the excessive force, citing that although they appreciate the help, they can’t abide by vigilantism if people are going to be excessively cruel. Lelouche attempts to lie about Orik leaving town, but the deputy can tell he isn’t being truthful. Rye attempts to help with the lie, but fails miserable, prompting the deputy to demand that Lelouche describe Orik. Lelouche describes Orik in a way that the deputy would have difficulty using, which just angers him further. Lelouche then accidentally confesses Orik’s real name, but spells it wrong to the deputy. In desperation, Lelouche implies he could just take the murderers and go, but the deputy tells them just to leave instead, implying there would be no pay, but also no punishment. Rye casually flips a table on her way out, and the two of them leave.

Lelouche and Rye head back to Nina and the group. Lelouche mentions to Orik that he may be wanted, though with a vague description of his looks and name. Orik is upset about this, but Lelouche assures him that he probably won’t be recognizec. He adds that “”/wikis/falqueth" class=“wiki-page-link”> Falqueth is a shitty town anyway." Nina asks to ride a horse, and Lelouche offers to let her ride with him. Jansen is visibly jealous. The group heads out of town, straight to the south over the plains. Nina leads them to a farming outpost south of the forest. Orik manages to drink an entire cask of mead along the way. Nina describes her friend Sophia, who runs a farming co-op and trades with travelers.

They enter a farming plantation and Nina directs a nearby farmhand to get Sophia, telling him to say that “Nina had arrived.” Sophia exits a large farmhouse as they stop in front, an older woman dressed in blue with an apron on. She wipes her hands on the apron as she approaches, giving Nina a hug and asking who her friends are. Nina apologizes for showing up announced, but Sophia tells her she’s always welcome. Sophia notices Cyril before Nina gets a chance to explain, and asks Nina to explain. Nina goes through the events as well as she knows, and adds that they are going to attempt to have someone heal him in Warren Tower. Nina asks if they can stay the night, as they wanted to head out right away. Sophia offers them a farmhouse with bedding and feed for the horses.

As the group settles in, Sophia personally arrives with a warm meal for them. She seems slightly uncomfortable with both Rye and Orik, but doesn’t say anything about it. Orik sets up his bedroll, feeling saucy. Lelouche hangs his robes on Cyril, which Nina seem to actively ignore. Lelouche asks about Nina’s history with Sophia, and Nina explains that she partially owns the co-op and used to work on it. The group heads to sleep.

Jansen has an extremely vivid dream and wakes in a cold sweat, gasping. Lelouche notices, waking from his meditation. Orik is snoring extremely loud, but Falx and Rye do not seem to wake up. Lelouche approaches Jansen, asking him if he’s alright. Jansen tells Lelouche he just had a bad dream. Jansen heads back to sleep and Lelouche returns to his meditation. The group is awoken a few hours later by yelling outside of the barn. Lelouche sprints outside to find Sophia yelling at a farmhand. It appears to be an argument regarding a missing sheep. Sophia is insisting the farmhand had a part in stealing the sheep, but the boy pleads with her, saying that he has no idea how they could have gotten out, and adding that the sheep aren’t smart or brave enough to get through the fencing. He implies that he thinks someone must have stolen it, but he doesn’t know who or how. The argument subsides. The farmhand is taken off watch duty and told he might lose his job.

Nina packs her stuff back up and Sophia brings the group another warm meal, seeming significantly more pleasant than she was a minute earlier. Lelouche pulls her aside and mentions that she seemed uncomfortable around Rye and Orik. Sophia mentions that she’s just never seen any Dwarves or Orcs. Lelouche corrects her, saying that Rye is a Half-Orc. Sophia adds that she’s seen Elves, Half-Elves, and even a few Eladrin in her time.

Nina asks about the yelling, and Sophia mentions that Yorn, one of the farmhands. Nina tells Sophia to keep an eye on him, but adds that she thinks Yorn is a good boy, not a thief. Sophia sees the group off as they leave the plantation. Lelouche waves a farewell to Sophia. The group heads to Warren Tower, entering from the east gate. There is another thorough check at the gate. The guards ask about the statue, and Nina describes the situation. The guards wave the wand over Cyril, seeming satisfied. Nina enters without much trouble, submitting to the check and bringing Cyril and the cart inside.

The guards check through everyone, seeming not to be as rough this time around. Orik stares them down regardless, going through without incident. Lelouche brings the four horses they rented back to the nearby stable, gathering everyone’s deposit. The group heads south-west toward the guild sector and arrives at the Mage’s Guild around noon. The man at the door greets the group, remembering them from the days prior. Lelouche goes to fist-bump the door man, but the door man attempts to shake his hand. They share an embarrassing moment. Nina asks that someone stay with the cart and someone else accompany her inside. Rye and Falx stay outside with Cyril while Jansen, Orik and Lelouche accompany Nina.

A man behind the counter inside asks what he can help with, and Nina describes the situation. He asks how long Cyril has been petrified, and Nina clarifies that it has probably been only around a week. The man behind the country runs to a back area and returns with the older man that helped Jansen with his ring. The old man asks to see Cyril, heading outside with the group. He asks Jansen if there has been any progress with his cursed ring. Jansen reveals that something has happened by asking the man “How did you know?” Jansen asks the man what’s going on, but Lelouche interrupts to ask Jansen what he is talking about. Jansen asks if the old man has discovered anything while they were away, but the old man just asks if anyone found them. Jansen realizes the man doesn’t know anything about the latest events with the ring, and tells the group about his dream, specifically reciting it in detail to the old man, who listens intently.

The old man asks Jansen how real the dream felt. Jansen describes it as almost being a memory. Orik asks Jansen to describe the child and mother, but Jansen can’t describe Dwarves very well and Orik doesn’t seem to recognize them by description. Orik asks him also to describe the beast in the painting, but it doesn’t sound like any beast the group has ever heard of or encountered. Nina asks that they focus on Cyril for the moment, and the man asks them to get the statue off of the cart. Rye states that no nerds are allowed on the cart. Lelouche, Rye, and Falx lift Cyril down to the ground. The old man calls for help from the guild. Acolytes come outside and carefully lift the statue, bringing it inside to the back room.

Nina discusses payment with the old man, citing that she knows the procedure is expensive and she will cover any cost. The old man begins gathering ingredients for the ritual, stating that it will take some time. Nina tells the group that they could run and do errands while the ritual takes place. Falx offers to attempt to get the deposit back for the original horses. Orik and Rye head to The Rusted Clam for a drink.

Falx arrives at the northern stables and the horses have returned, so they get 75% of their deposit back. As Orik arrives in the bar, the barkeep seems to recognize him but doesn’t say anything. Orik asks for two ales and some food. Rye orders an ale and food, but upon provocation from Orik, orders three ales instead. Orik matches her order and they decide to have a drinking competition. The two argue on who drinks more, Orik claiming that as a dwarf he will succeed. They both drink their ales, Rye looking thoroughly disheveled at the end. Rye loses the competition by throwing up, but amuses herself by aiming for Orik. Orik responds “Oy!”, and asks the barkeep for a pitcher of water. He is given one and directed to the wash room.

Back at the Mage’s Guild, Lelouche and Jansen watch as the old man begins the ritual, laying down a small carpet and surrounding Cyril with cloves of an unknown herb.

100 EXP from battle + 200 EXP from role-play = 300 EXP total (16500 EXP total)



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