The Blood Of The Lion

Day 13 - Who And What Remains

The group stands with arms drawn against the men from the cave. A noise is heard from the back, a man whimpering and then the sound of him apparently being beaten. Two more men come from the darkness in the back of the cave, explaining that they “couldn’t keep him quiet.” The group fights the men to the death, causing one to run away during battle toward the back of the cave. As they fight, the men from the cave reveal their true form, a shape-shifting race of creatures with armored skin and large claw-like appendages. After a long battle, the shape-shifters are slain and the group rushes to the back of the cave to find the one that ran. Falx finds the creature still masquerading as a human, and he takes his scythe the man’s neck. As his head falls, the man’s form morphs into one of the creatures. Near him, the group finds a group of bodies.

One man is left alive, and the group quickly realizes he must be from The Torrey Company, and his companions must be the corpses nearby. The remaining man has been beaten bloody, with his face so swollen he doesn’t appear to be able to see. Lelouche leads the man away from his dead friends. The man’s hand appears to have been eaten off, and it seems that his friends were eaten from while they were still alive, as they are in parts all around the area. Lelouche stabilizes the man, and then goes back to investigate the scene.

The creatures appear to be abberant, coming from the void. Orik asks the man whether their maps still exist, but the man doesn’t appear able to form coherent sounds. Blood drips from the man’s mouth, and Jansen reveals that the man’s tongue has been cut, possibly eaten. The man moans but can’t make out any type of answer for them. Falx hands him a quill and paper, but the man can’t form legible words either out of shock, blindness, or the fact that his primary hand was eaten off.

The group loots through the bags to find if there is anything worth taking with them before taking this man to the surface. They find the original group’s mapping equipment, 150 gold coins, and 8 days worth of rations. In a bag with the Sentinel Guild emblem, they found 6 throwing knives and an eye patch that appears to have ornate stitching on it. Lelouche checks the patch for arcane power, and detects that it has some unknown power in it, and isn’t cursed. Falx takes the initiative to place it over his left eye and find out it’s power.

Looking around, Falx can’t seem to detect any specific effect the patch has on him. He attempts to look around at the cave, but everything looks the same. After a lack of results, he instinctively closes his right eye and opens his left, peering at the blackness on the inside of the patch. Looking around, he sees what appear to be three separate lights in the sky, purple, green, and red. They appear almost like stars, not moving in his vision even when he moves around the room. He isn’t sure whether they are far away, or perhaps his position is irrelevant and the patch is showing him a direction more than the actual location of the lights. Lelouche attempts to look at it after Falx explains it, but he can’t discern any more information from it either. Falx places the patch on his left eye, deciding that keeping it on might reveal more about the power imbued in it.

300 EXP from role-play = 300 EXP total (17100 EXP total)



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