The Blood Of The Lion

Day 17 - The End Of An Era

The widow opens her home to the group. They enter, Orik shouting “SUP, BITCH?!” to her as he walks through her living room. She seems shaken, but tells the group that they should sit down and she’ll pour some tea. She introduces herself as Esa and tells them that she hasn’t had a visitor in quite some time. Lelouche deduces that she is making rose black tea, which he finds unfortunate, as it is his least favorite type of tea. Regardless, he remains quiet about it.

Esa delivers cups of tea to the group, placing them down while noting that they seem like the types to have seen a lot of adventure in their time. She notes that right after Tomlin’s disappearance, she had a lot of visitors, but the last two weeks have been rather quiet, probably a result of all the recent news in the kingdom. She sits at the end of the table, beckoning them to tell her what it is they came to tell them about Tomlin.

Lelouche conveys to her their experience in the forest, and their investigation leading them to her. They’ve heard that Tomlin had a similar experience and no one believed him. They think that maybe he had some knowledge that could help them continue looking into the forest, and they are wondering on her perspective, as well as if Tomlin left any notes.

Orik balances his war-hammer, making Jansen laugh. Everyone is rather impressed except for Esa, who asks him to please stop.

Esa explains that the Eros Alliance came and took Tomlin’s things, saying it was for an investigation. Virgil the Red came with them and calmly spoke to her, and she was rather impressed by him and views him as a kingdom hero. Almost all of Tomlin’s things were taken in the investigation. Esa perks up as if she remembers something, and walks to the kitchen. From the other room, the group hears her explaining that a few days after the investigators came through, she stumbled upon something Tomlin seems to have left for her. She notes that she thinks of it as evidence he was actually going mad, but notes that perhaps it will make more sense to them.

She places a small journal on the table, and Jansen snatches it up to read for the group. She explains the note saying that when he returned he would make her a baroness. There are also images that appear to be a circular grouping of arrows with no discernible purpose. There are references to a labyrinth and in the back, she shows the group a page with a single word underlined: Corinthsbane.

She tells them that she isn’t sure what that would refer to, but it sounds like it would be related to Corinth The Stone-Hearted, a dragon that plagued the kingdom when she was a child. King Leonne the Fifth, during his time as a prince, cemented his place as the next king by being sent to slay Corinth and coming back with it’s tooth as proof. The tooth is now on display up in Tulley Keep, and statues have been made to Leonne The Fifth in memory of his action. This is why he is seen as a hero, considered comparable to Keigar the Invincible.

Falx notes that the arrow drawing seems very precise, yet asymmetrical. He assumes this means it isn’t something man-made. He checks the map from his bag and doesn’t see anything that seems to be a comparable shape. Lelouche notes that the arrows would form a map if you drew lines between the arrows. Lelouche and Falx discuss whether it could be a map of the forest, but Falx believes it can’t be due to the very dissimilar shape. Lelouche asks Esa if Tomlin would have left any ritual scrolls in the house. She mentions that he had an area for casting rituals cleared in the house once he started acting strange, but his ritual components and papers were taken by the Eros Alliance, and she didn’t allow him to keep scrolls in the house anyway, as she would be worried about them backfiring and becoming dangerous.

Lelouche asks about the last time Esa saw Tomlin, and how soon the men came to take his things. She notes that after he disappeared the first time, she made him promise not to leave for so long again. She says she wasn’t sure then whether she believed his story about having only felt he was gone for half a day. After he hired a search party and came up empty handed, she thought it was over and that he would drop it, but then a few days later he left again and didn’t come back. Since he promised not to disappear, she worried and reported him missing. The Eros Alliance came the next day to take his things, and Virgil told her not to worry, so she didn’t for a few days. Falx asks if they can keep the journal, and she tells them to go ahead since it serves her no purpose.

Jansen places his hand on Esa’s shoulder and rubs it sensually, telling her things will be alright. She seems uncomfortable and attempts to brush his arm away politely. Orik slaps her ass, and she asks the group to leave. Lelouche apologizes and takes the journal. Jansen apologizes as well, saying he is sorry he couldn’t “tap that ass” because he really would have enjoyed it. She holds the door open, holding in her anger as well. Jansen makes lewd gestures outside until she slams the door closed.

The group meets back up, Lelouche having run away and Rye having run out the back door after Jansen’s outburst. Jansen looks over the journal and asks the group if they want to go get a drink. Lelouche suggests they go and get a drink in Myrefall, and afterward they can see about the situation with Elder. The group agrees to table their search for Tomlin for the moment and head to check on Elder. They pack up and head out on their horses, arriving around sundown.

Heading in to Myrefall around nightfall, they see a man placing black decorations around the gate. Looking past, they see that the town is decked out in black as well. As they head through the town toward The Legend, they notice that the town seems to be possibly celebrating something, though the decorations are all black and drab.

Entering The Legend, Falx sits down and orders a meal and a drink, sitting down to eat. The rest of the group follows suit. Jansen attempts to have sex with the male bartender, and somehow it comes off as a very funny joke. The bartender laughs it off while pointing him back to his chair at the bar. Everyone gets their meals and eat, deciding on their next move. Falx goes up to a random stranger and asks about the black decorations. A man at the table asks if he’s from out of town, and Falx confirms he is. The man explains that a very important figure in the town recently died and they are in mourning. Falx asks if he means Elder, and the man confirms it was. Lelouche approaches upon hearing this from his table, asking the man if he’s heard correctly. In shock, he apologizes to the man for his loss and asks the man to clarify, as he was sure Elder couldn’t die.

The man explains that Elder surprised the entire town by passing in his sleep, and his funeral was tomorrow. They were currently setting it up in the courtyard of his estate. Lelouche asks how Edgar is taking it, but the man doesn’t know Edgar’s relation to Elder so he just tells Lelouche that, as a member of the council, Edgar is probably one of the people in charge of the funeral but he isn’t sure how he’s handling it. Jansen and Orik decide to have a drinking contest, and Rye joins in. Lelouche and Falx head to the courtyard to see if Edgar is around.

Jansen manages to come out of the drinking contest the victor, and Rye begins to get sick. Rye throws up, aiming for Orik but managing to miss and puke on the counter. Jansen attempts to fling some of the puke on Orik, but Orik dodges it again. Jansen finds the largest guy at the bar and antagonizes him, asking if he wants to arm wrestle. The man laughs and accepts, seeming confident. The man places his hand down and Jansen throws his puke-covered hand into it, securing it with his other hand. The man jerks back and pulls away, disgusted. Jansen tells him it’s just a prank. The man throws a punch straight to Jansen’s head, glancing off as Jansen dodges. Orik bull-rushes the man, tackling him to the ground, shouting for Jansen to teabag him, and Orik maintains his hold on the man while Jansen does. Jansen and Orik high five while the man yells as he’s being tea-bagged. The bartender starts to yell. Rye grabs the closest man to her, but manages to get shoved to the ground by him instead. Jansen attempts to defecate on the man’s face, but doesn’t manage to get anything out. Rye kicks the man who shoved her from the ground, landing a good hit between his legs.

Meanwhile, Lelouche and Falx arrive at Elder’s estate. They see a funeral arrangement being set up. After some searching, they find Edgar and approach him as he is helping set things up. Falx greets him, and Edgar says that it’s been a while. Falx asks for him to confirm Elder’s passing and Edgar says that it is true, and that he believes it was peaceful. Lelouche asks how that is possible, and Edgar explains that they seem to have known less about the curse than they thought. At first they thought he was in a deep sleep, but they confirmed his passing. He adds that he’s sure Elder would have appreciated it if they would come to his funeral the next day. Edgar mentions something about Elder’s fears being assuaged, and Lelouche asks what he means. Edgar explains that when Keigar begged the gods for his memory to be erased, he did so primarily to prevent his greatest fear: That the memories would corrupt him and cause him to hurt the people he loved. Occasionally when his memories returned temporarily, Elder would speak about this fear before falling back into his amnesiac state.

Falx asks if anything strange preceded Elder’s death, but Edgar says that nothing was out of the ordinary. Lelouche asks who the last person to see him alive was, but Edgar says that Adaline was most likely the last, since he passed while sleeping and she usually accompanies him in the night to talk and take care of him. Lelouche asks if she’s around, and Edgar points over to her, as she is nearby helping with the arrangements. Lelouche offers Edgar his condolences and heads to Adaline. She greets them, recognizing them from weeks prior, and asks if they’ve arrived for the funeral. Lelouche tells her that it’s actually a surprise to them, and his plans to help Elder were actually quite disturbed by this news. She grabs Lelouche by the shoulder, moving her thumb to his chest and pressing on him strangely while telling him that Elder would have really appreciated them being there, since they intended on helping him. Lelouche feels that she’s acting a bit strange, but she doesn’t seem to be doing so on purpose. He puts his hand over her hand and assures her that they will be there. She tells him that the funeral is just before dawn, and the bells of the town will ring. She tells them to inform the inn-keep that she is sending them and he’ll give them rooms for free.

Lelouche and Falx head directly to The Hero’s Rest and books the rooms for the group. Lelouche mentions their connection to Elder and tells the inn-keep that Adaline sent them, and the clerk leads them to their room block, giving them the keys as well as a key to a third room so that each group member has a place to stay. Falx heads to sleep while Lelouche heads back to the bar to tell the others about the rooms and deliver the keys. Lelouche walks into The Legend to find that Orik, Jansen, and Rye have been pushed to the wall and are being held after inciting a bar brawl. The bar seems to have been torn apart, with tables broken and glasses shattered along the floor. Rye is flailing wildly to no effect. Lelouche turns around to leave, but Rye and Orik see him and shout out to him, identifying him as part of their group. Rye seems to have forgotten his name. Lelouche approaches the bar-keep and asks what happened.

Barkeep: Are these your friends?
Lelouche: I’d call them traveling companions.
:: Rye attempts to bite the men around her ::
Lelouche: What is your name?
Barkeep: Gregor… and if these are your friends, you’d better get them out of here.
Lelouche: I will take them.

Lelouche gives the man six gold pieces and tells him he hopes it helps. Orik pulls up his pants while he stands, and the man holding him releases him. Meanwhile, Falx is re-reading Tomlin’s journal in his room, enjoying the peace. Everyone else arrives at the inn and heads to their rooms. Lelouche ushers them around to ensure only Falx is in the same room as him. The group heads to sleep, except for Lelouche who waits for the rest to fall asleep and becomes invisible, then heads to pick-pocket them for the gold he had to spend fixing the situation. After managing to take back 2 gold pieces from each, he heads to rest and the group wakes before dawn to the sound of bells.

Lelouche checks on each room and asks who is coming with him to the funeral. Rye is apparently still asleep, so he leaves her to rest. Jansen stays asleep and Orik gives Lelouche the finger, refusing to get out of bed. Falx and Lelouche head to the procession. The funeral begins shortly after they arrive. During the ceremony, Falx notices a girl in the front row, and as she turns, her veil moves and she has no facial features. He tells Lelouche, who watches her for a moment. During a slight breeze, Lelouche uses Mage Hand to lift her veil a bit as if the wind had affected it. Lifting the veil, he notices that not only does she have no facial features, but anyone around her that saw doesn’t seem to find it out of the ordinary. He is sure it’s a woman by the bone structure and hair, but she is only a flat skin-toned area where her face would be. No one else seems to be missing a face. He notes that she is in the front row, along with Adaline.

Falx notices that the sky is getting darker, having certainly gotten darker since they arrived. Lelouche notices this, and feels for a magical presence, but feels none. Thinking for a moment, he realizes he has never felt a complete lack of magic like he currently does. While this is going on, the pastor is mentioning Elder as a fount of knowledge and a great resource, though they don’t seem to be mentioning his identity as Keigar. Falx continues to wonder about the darkness and looks to the sky, noticing that the clouds seem to be centered over the town. Lelouche notices that Edgar seems to be missing from the funeral, and mentions it to Falx. Falx gets up, moving to the back of the area where he stands against the closed gate of the estate.

Lelouche begins to listen to the sermon and the pastor mentions that the casket will now be opened for anyone who wishes to pay their respects. Adaline walks up, touches the top of the casket, then turns to the crowd and opens the casket as a li—ne forms a few feet away from the casket. They hear a commotion and Adaline turns to look into the coffin, and shrieks in horror, moving back away from it. Falx and Lelouche rush forward and look inside to see Edgar, beheaded inside of the box. The townsfolk are speaking in hushed whispers. Lelouche turns to the faceless girl, and notes that while everyone else is moving in response to Edgar, she hasn’t even stood up. She seems unaffected by the events. The clouds begin to darken further, and Falx notices that while sunrise should have come, it seems to be delayed or something is amiss.

300 EXP from role-play = 300 EXP total (18300 EXP total)



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