The Blood Of The Lion

Day 18 - A Town Torn Asunder

Thunder crackles across the sky as the hushed whispers of the townsfolk turn to confused yelling. Lelouche Fey-Steps to the casket, peering inside to see Edgar’s beheaded body. He glances to the faceless lady, who is staring forward, unflinching. Lelouche shouts out to the crowd, saying that he is “Lelouche Lunarsphere, Eladrin Wizard”, and someone has been murdered. He tells everyone to calm down, and calls over Adaline, asking her to calm the crowd. She shouts to the townsfolk, telling them that they need to be calm for a moment so that they can figure everything out. Lelouche asks about the faceless girl, but as he looks over, she is gone. She seemed to Falx to have disappeared within a moment. Adaline asks who Lelouche is talking about, implying she isn’t sure if anyone was even there. Falx and Lelouche ask if the front row was assigned seating, but she just says it was for family and council members. When asked if there was an empty seat, she says that she can’t recall there being one.

In the back, near the gates, there is a commotion. It appears some people attempted to leave the area and the gate didn’t budge. As they look to the gate, it appears the metal has become incredibly tarnished and darkened. Lelouche feels around for arcane power, again feeling a complete lack of any sign of magic. Lelouche notices that the people that were interacting with the gate are backing up, almost as if they are scared of it. Lelouche asks Adaline about the darkness, and as he mentions it, lightning strikes and thunder rolls across the sky again, frightening Adaline.

There is another commotion from the crowd, and they begin shouting about outsiders. A man accusingly asks what horror they brought to this town. Lelouche says that they’ve brought nothing but magic, moving his hands as if he were casting a spell. Another citizen shouts from the crowd, “The outsiders have brought the Myre’s curse back to the town.” Lelouche asks what that is, and Adaline explains that the curse is just the name of the fear that Keigar had, that everyone he cared about would be hurt by the evil placed inside of him by Myre, and that he could never prevent it as long as his memories existed. Adaline attempts to calm the crowd, but the man insinuates that Falx and Lelouche killed Edgar. Adaline asks if there is anything either of them can do to assuage the townsfolk and show that someone else was to blame for the murder. Lelouche tells her that he can find out who killed him, but he won’t be able to show her and prove it. Regardless, he says he will try to see if the knowledge will help. Adaline manages to get the townsfolk to calm for a moment, insisting that Elder would want “the outsiders” to find Edgar’s true murderer. Falx asks her not to refer to them as outsiders, and she apologizes.

Lelouche casts the ritual Last Sight Vision on Edgar’s corpse, laying out the ritual components in a circle around the coffin. It begins to rain, and more townsfolk attempt to leave. Falx notices more of them go to the gate and then back off from it again, scared. Some of them shout, asking why they can’t leave. A few shout that the outsiders are here to kill them. They begin to get louder, but Adaline is keeping them back. Falx attempts to calm the crowd, but accidentally implies that he could easily kill them if he wanted, and they get even angrier.

Lelouche recalls, as the ritual ends, the last 60 seconds of Edgar’s life. He is transported inside Edgar’s mind in those moments, watching him stand over Elder’s corpse. Edgar is saying the last words to Elder’s helpers and the rest of the council, as well as two guards and Adaline. Elder is wearing ceremonial armor, though not Keigar’s symbols. Everyone leaves the room except for Edgar, who places his hand on the chest-plate of Elder. Edgar turns to leave, but is stabbed through the chest after a few steps. As he falls, he sees the corpse of Elder walking out a side door, shambling forward.

Lelouche wakes up, telling Falx and anyone around what he saw. The lightning picks up, striking a nearby tower, and the townsfolk scream. A large group rushes to the gate but is pushed back by an invisible force. From what he can see, the gate is beginning to grow tendrils around the metal, and the townsfolk are backing away from it in fear. Lightning strikes Elder’s manor and it ignites in flames. Townsfolk rush in and come out with artifacts, attempting to save them. Screams are heard from inside the building, and a number of the townsfolk exit, dropping the items they ran in to save. They appear to be running from something inside. A bloodied corpse flies from the doors, followed by another, seemingly having been thrown. A creature comes out that appears to be Elder’s body, covered in a putrid gray over his skin and looking decrepit.

Elder raises his sword, and a smoke flows from his rotting body. Wisps of the smoke rise up into the clouds above. Electricity flows between the clouds and a creature erupts from them, covered in smoke as it descends. It lands just outside the gates of the manor, striking the metal bars and bending the gate inward, creating an opening. The smoke clears around it and a Dracolich is revealed. It turns it’s attention to the town and begins tearing into a nearby building.

The townsfolk rush to the sides of Elder’s home, out of the way of Elder and the dragon as well as Lelouche and Falx. Orik and Jansen awaken to the sound and come out to find the Dracolich burning the village. Orik is blinded with rage at the sight of the dragon, and turns to Jansen, who is reacting accordingly.

Lelouche watches as Elder launches spells toward the townsfolk, some of which fall to the ground while others cower. Lelouche is unsure of whether they are cowering from natural or magic fear. Lelouche attempts to use Instant Friends, and Adaline runs toward Elder to help calm him. The shambling corpse grabs Adaline by the throat, lifts her, and impales her on his sword before throwing her to the side. Lelouche draws his sword in preparation for a fight.

Orik attempts to rush past the dragon and avoid his claws to get to Elder’s manor where the funeral was occurring, but the dragon grabs him with his claw wing and slams him into the side of a nearby building. He feels the heat of the fire in the building, and the dragon drops him to the ground, turning to burn the inn. The beast tears a piece of the ceiling off and blasts white-blue fire into it, and red fire flares up from the back. Jansen sees some of the townsfolk rushing away, and yells to them to run while he takes care of it. The townsfolk stop upon hearing him and turn toward him, marching forward as if they don’t hear him yelling out. Looking carefully, he notices that their eyes are glowing white. Their faces seem to be stuck in angry, blank stares. Jansen recognizes that his healing magic might do serious damage to a Dracolich, and it may be his only chance to survive, but he doesn’t have a chance to apply it.

Lelouche Fey-Steps to Adaline’s body, but she is fully unconscious and her eyes roll to the back of her head. She dies in his arms, and Lelouche places her back down against the rock wall, looking for a way out of the area. Falx suggests they head out the north-west exit to avoid the graveyard, then head to the nearest building and get inside to plan their next move.

Rye awakens surrounded by children, quickly noticing they are undead and have tied her down. They begin taunting her with small knives, making tiny cuts and laughing. She struggles but can’t escape the ropes. She is instilled with a fear she’s never known.

Falx and Lelouche rush to the northwest exit, Lelouche throwing magic missiles over his shoulder at Elder while he runs. Elder goes to block their path, but the faceless woman appears and begins attacking, causing him to be distracted long enough for them to escape. She dodges his attacks as if she has been fighting her entire life. Lelouche notes that she is still faceless but continues running, exiting the courtyard to find a large building. Fires burn in the upper area but it appears to be stable so they rush inside to plan their next move. They immediately recognize it as a animal sanctuary for Elder’s pets. Falx begins to open the cages to let the animals escape, and Lelouche assists him. One of the animals bites Lelouche out of fear, and most of the animals seem to not be aware they need to leave the building. They seem to be afraid and most are cowering, almost as if Falx or Lelouche are threats to them.

Jansen continues to see the townsfolk approaching, and his ring speaks out to him telepathically. “The only way out of this is to fight.” He thinks back “But I can’t. I mustn’t.”. The ring just retorts “Then I guess this is the end.” The townsfolk continue closer, and some are shouting “You brought this upon us.” Jansen says “So be it” and sits down. The townsfolk stop, and a man shouts from the back, “Always the coward.” Jansen feels that he recognizes the voice, but can’t place it. “Father?” he shouts back. Jansen’s step-father steps from the crowd, holding his belt in his hand. Jansen runs straight toward the man and throws a punch with all of his might, surprising him. The man falls to the ground, but stumbles back onto his feet. “So you’ve finally learned to fight back, then.” and snaps his belt. “I’ve been saving that punch for you.” Jansen shouts. Jansen feels what he imagines is approval from the ring, though it is silent. The entire group of townsfolk, including Jansen’s step-father, fall unconscious.

The Dracolich rears back, breathing a deep breath and aiming toward Orik. Orik sees that he is about to breath fire and rushes to the door to his right, heading in the building and rushing toward the back. He rushes out the back door as flames erupt from the building behind him from the dragon. The building is entirely engulfed, but the stone walls still stand between him and the creature.

The roof above Lelouche and Falx begins to crack, and Lelouche isn’t sure the building will hold much longer. Before he gets a chance to shout, Falx yells out as dogs attack his legs. Lelouche uses Mage Hand to begin grabbing the smaller dogs to throw them outside. To the larger dogs attacking Falx, Lelouche hits them with the blunt edge of his sword to scare them away. Falx yells for Lelouche to go, insisting he can handle the animals and doesn’t want Lelouche to hurt them.

Lelouche heads outside, spotting Orik as he heads left out of the animal sanctuary. The town is burning around them as they run. They head down an alleyway toward the main road, and the dragon spots you. It begins heading toward the inn as they enter. They head to Rye’s room to find her standing over the children, who are tied up to a table. Not knowing the events happening outside, Rye attempts to explain herself but Orik shouts over her, explaining that there is a dragon outside. Rye grabs a child and tells him he’s lucky she didn’t gut him. All six children fall unconscious suddenly with no warning.

Orik, recognizing that the fire outside blocks their exit from the building and they only have a few seconds before it starts coming down, swings his hammer at the wall. Orik smashes through a nearby wall, half-cracking a load-bearing column before turning and breaking through a softer wall. He heads through. Lelouche tells Rye to grab the children, and she reluctantly picks them up by the rope, causing them to yell in pain which she doesn’t seem to notice or care about.

While they exit through the building, it begins to come down around them. Lelouche stumbles through the smoke and as a piece of the ceiling falls, it stabs him through the upper chest area. Rye exits the building with the children, and Orik comes back to help Lelouche, who is stuck under the wooden column. Together, they don’t seem to be able to move the column. The Dracolich begins entering the building from the roof, ripping off tiles and boards and peering through the hole. Orik begins breaking the wall away behind Lelouche to give him space to move away from the wooden stake, but the dragon reaches in and grabs Orik by the shoulder, dragging him out of the building and throwing him to the street.

Lelouche, left within the burning building, notes that Rye hasn’t returned. In desperation, he grabs a ritual scroll of Time Ravager, casting it on the wooden beam and breaking it as it grows old and brittle. He hobbles from the building, finding the children unconscious on the ground, but Rye nowhere to be seen.

Orik watches helplessly as the Dracolich leaps from the building, pinning him to the ground. Orik screams at it, attempting to intimidate the beast, but the creature bellows with laughter, keeping the dwarf pinned to the ground. Orik continues yelling, saying that he’ll kill the beast, but it speaks, telling Orik “What will you do when the day comes when you must realize there are things in this world stronger than even you?” Orik laughs back, exclaiming that even death won’t stop him. Orik swings his war-hammer at the beast, dealing a crushing blow to the creature’s face. A tooth of the dragon breaks out of his face and falls to Orik’s other hand. Orik grabs it as the creature turns back to him, saying “You never learn.”

Orik swings the tooth upward, stabbing upward toward the dragon’s nose, to prevent him from pulling air in for fire. Unfortunately, he misses as the dragon pulls back. White fire erupts from the beast in Orik’s face, and Orik pulls the arcane power from his armor to keep himself alive as the flesh begins to burn on his face. Orik feels the dragon reaching psychically into his mind, feeling the pure and burning hatred he feels for it. Orik wants nothing more than to kill the creature, and he knows the beast is aware. The dragon speaks out one more time, coming close to Orik’s face and whispering into his ear. “I feel your hatred. You have a singular purpose, one desire… nothing more than to kill me. You would rather kill me than save your friends.” Orik agrees, shouting back to the creature in confirmation. Rearing up, the dragon grabs Orik and throws him through a nearby building, and as the stone wall breaks, it falls down around him. He falls unconscious and the world falls to black around him.

The group awakens and their experiences are shared telepathically immediately to each other. They find themselves standing in the courtyard, corpses strewn around Elder as his lich form fights the faceless girl. Even without a mouth, she appears to be shouting at him. “This isn’t you, father. You don’t have to do this. You are stronger than he ever was.” The group prepares for a fight.

300 EXP from role-play = 300 EXP total (18600 EXP total)



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