The Blood Of The Lion

Day 19 - A Gift And A Curse

The group stands in the courtyard of Elder’s estate, surrounded by corpses strewn across the ruins of the funeral setting. Edgar and Adaline’s bodies are among the bodies still, lying where they were left. The Elder Lich stands between the group and the burning manor. The faceless girl stands between both parties, facing Elder.

The group fights with the lich as the faceless girl attempts to put herself between them and Elder. She starts out attempting to tell Elder that he doesn’t need to let Myre control him. He doesn’t seem to respond, knocking the group around and sending spells of fire and smoke against them. Lelouche and Falx talk in the back while awaiting a moment to strike, and realize that Elder is directing the Dracolich outside the gates to circle the estate and create a circle of arcane fire that might be used for a ritual. Although they aren’t sure what he’s planning, they decide they need to put a stop to it.

Lelouche draws upon his religious knowledge and recalls that Io is the god of dragons and also Elder’s patron. He assumes the townsfolk still hold on to Keigar’s armor and it must be around somewhere, so he tells Falx that he’s heading in, and Fey-Steps past Elder to enter the building. He begins searching the rooms for Keigar’s legendary items.

The faceless girl stops attempting to speak to Elder, but continues to put herself between the group and Elder in what seems to be an effort to stop them from killing him or stop him from focusing his attacks on anyone but her. She asks Jansen to throw her his holy symbol, and thrusts it into Elder’s neck. Upon touching the holy symbol, Elder lunges backwards as if burnt and screams in agony. The faceless girl throws the symbol back to Jansen, who manages to daze Elder momentarily. The Dracolich stops for a second as Elder is dazed, but then continues on making his ritual circle.

The faceless girl asks Falx “Where did your friend go?” but Falx answers in ambiguous terms, so the faceless girl leaps over Elder and follows Lelouche into the building. Inside, Lelouche continues his search through the smoke-filled rooms, finding a kitchen and throwing two pies into his bag as he continues on. He seems to be finding no sign of Keigar’s armor, but keeps searching.

The faceless girl and Lelouche each turn a corner and run into each other. Seeing her lack of a face up close scares Lelouche, but he composes himself. She asks “What are you doing in here?” and he responds that he is looking for Keigar’s armor. She taps him on the head, chastising him and saying “It’s not going to be out in the open, obviously.”

Lelouche realizes that the building is shaped strangely, and there is a walled off area with no entrance to his right. He immediately turns and slashes through it with his sword, revealing a staircase heading downward. Smoke billows from the basement, and it appears unable to be traversed, but the faceless girl tells him to head back outside, and that she’ll get it. She heads into the smoke, quickly disappearing through the blackness.

Lelouche heads back out, immediately unleashing a volley and re-entering the fight. Elder appears to be gaining an advantage as he throws Orik and Rye to the ground, knocking the dwarf out cold. Rye manages to stabilize him as the fight continues. The faceless girl re-appears from the building, holding what Lelouche assumes is Keigar’s holy symbol to Io, a golden sphere marked with carvings along the entire surface.

The battle continues, and the faceless girl situates herself next to Elder. As he begins to falter from his wounds, he sends out a wisp of smoke which inhabits the bodies of the surrounding corpses. Edgar stands without his head. Adaline stands shakily, disemboweled. A council member and an ordinary citizen join the fight as well, shambling toward the party slashing wildly. The group realizes that the faceless girl seems to be refusing to fight, and instead is attempting to block using the golden sphere for some reason. She shouts at Elder, “Don’t make me bring that monster into this. You can fight this yourself.”

Elder falters for a second, then swings his sword down. The faceless girl places the golden orb in the space between them and manages to lock the sword down within it. Elder attempts to free the sword, but it shatters in a flash of light. The cut within the orb emits a beacon of golden light which she aims directly at Elder. He falls backwards, crawling away in pain from the effect of the light, helpless on the ground. She aims the light to the sky, sending the beacon into the cloud formation which begins to react. The storm-clouds begin to circle and a screech is heard from above.

The Dracolich continues moving around, having nearly completely the ritual circle. The faceless girl walks to Elder, standing over him. “It didn’t have to be this way.” she says, standing next to Rye. Rye raises her sword over Elder, but the faceless girl turns to her, saying “It’s over”. Rye turns to Edgar’s body and slices downward, leaving it in a heap on the ground. Up above, a platinum dragon erupts from the cloud formation, flying down over the battle. Falx and Lelouche recognize it as Bahamut, dragon god of justice. Falx recognizes that Io had died some time after locking Keigar’s memories away, and Bahamut rose from half of Io’s corpse as the dragon god of justice, so he would have a binding connection still with Keigar.

Bahamut lands directly on the Dracolich, crushing it and ripping it in half in quick motions. The beast god leaps and lands on top of Elder’s burning manor, looking out over the battlefield and ruins. Light shines from Bahamut on to Elder, who writhes in pain. Elder begins viciously ripping at his own skin, pulling away the gray, dead growth over his body. The image of Elder’s human form begins to show through and he hobbles to face Bahamut, kneeling in front of the manor. The faceless girl walked to his side, kneeling as well. The group follows suit, except for Orik, who stands shaking with rage with his hammer still drawn.

The faceless girl looks up toward Bahamut, telling him “You created this, you have to end it.” Bahamut leaps from the building, coming to a landing in front of him and placing his wing claw onto Elder’s head. Elder looks up, seeming to accept his fate. Energy erupts from Bahamut’s claw and the old man falls to dust. Falx looks to the faceless girl and notices her face begin to appear, but she falls to dust before it becomes clear. Bahamut calls to the group, speaking directly to them as a collective, reciting a new prophecy:

“The pride conceals a hidden shame
Two legends live, one throne to claim
Caught by black and fiery eyes
The fourth of three will seek to rise
The hero’s seed now stands alone
Charged to guard an empty throne
Through war the nation may yet fall
If those that hear ignore the call”

Bahamut launches into the sky, re-entering the cloud formation, which then goes from dark grey to white and begins to clear. The storm ends, and the group is left among the wreckage as the manor burns.

The world around them falls away, and the group awakens within Elder’s chambers in the manor. Adaline and Edgar stand waiting for them. Everything seems to be back to normal and the group collectively regain their memories of having arrived in town and speaking with the council as well as Elder before beginning Dream Concordance.

300 EXP from battle = 300 EXP total (18900 EXP total)



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