The Blood Of The Lion

Day 20 - A Hero's Return

The group looks around to see Elder, Adaline, and Edgar sitting in a circle with them. Elder looks winded from the ordeal of the dream. All around the circle, Elder’s helpers stand silent, looking over the scene. There is a moment of silence while everyone recuperates from the Dream Concordance. Lelouche speaks up, asking Elder how he’s feeling. “I feel like a weight has been lifted from me,” he says. Falx recalls that before beginning the ritual, Edgar did mention that if the curse were lifted, Elder’s immortality would fade as well, and he could die soon after. he begins to wonder silently just how quickly the effects will occur.

Orik asks if they are to be compensated for their heroic deed. A helper attends to both Adaline and Edgar, who seem to have taken a heavy psychological toll from their death within the dream. Adaline speaks up, struggling as she still seems to be reeling from the events. She recites the requests that the group had as they were beginning the ritual. They had listed the possibility of gold, magical items, equipment, and possibly a method to improve their chances of traveling from city to city without a problem. Elder seems to understand and be coherent, though he is psychologically strained. Falx asks Elder if he can discern any hint of what the prophecy Bahamut spoke of meant.

Elder recites the poem, then pauses for a second. He speaks up, citing that he believes the “hero’s seed” refers to his lineage, and the legend of the heroes within his bloodline. Lelouche asks about records of these people, but Adaline notes that they don’t keep any physical records of the children in his lineage after they leave. Orik sarcastically retorts that it is convenient. Elder whispers to Adaline, who then speaks up to say that Elder needs to rest after the events of the day, but because his life is short, they should leave questions with her in case he passes before they return.

Elder is helped up by his assistants and walks away slowly while Lelouche asks Adaline to ask about the the faceless girl that visits Elder. He says that he would like to know her identity, or anything they can reveal about her. Adaline mentions that anything about his past will still be a struggle for him as his memories are returning, but she will try to get as much out of him as she can each day and hopefully, before he passes they can get a good amount of information from him. Lelouche thanks her, and she replies: “It’s the least we can do.”

Orik shouts out, “To the bar!” and Jansen cheers along with him. Rye grunts in agreement. Edgar asks them to come see him when they visit to talk to Adaline. Lelouche tells him that he’s happy to see him not decapitated. Edgar jokes that when he woke up, he had to check that everything was still attached. The group heads to the The Legend to grab a drink and food. Lelouche approaches the bar and asks for a “pierced nipple” while Orik asks for a drink he’s never tried. “Two pierced nipples, then” says the bartender. Orik shouts “God damn!” as the bartender returns with the mugs and sets them down on the bar.

The bartender asks if they’d like any food, but Lelouche and Orik shout back that they only need “just two pierced nipples” and “two pierced nipples. and the dinner special”, respectively. Lelouche beckons the bartender closer and performs Prestidigitation to pull a piece of gold from behind her ear, and tells her to keep the change.

Orik balances his ax on his hand, but it worries the bartender more than it impresses. He attempts to throw the ax up into the air and catch it, but manages to drop it and damage the floor a bit. The bartender looks as if she feels uncomfortable chastising him for damaging the floor, and walks off. Orik belches in a boisterous manner but only manages to let out a small amount of noise, disappointing himself. He looks around, noting that people are staring at him due to him dropping the ax and creating a loud noise. He goes back to drinking. Rye and Jansen order food, and Jansen attempts to ask Rye about herself. After Rye ignores him, he gives up and they eat in silence. Falx orders food and a drink and sits with them.

Jansen approaches Orik, telling him that he’s thinking of leaving and he wants to know Orik’s thoughts on it. Orik tells him that he hates everything on the earth, but if he killed everyone, Jansen would be last and he’d hate to see him go. Jansen extends his hand and Orik shakes it. Jansen tells Orik that he’s going to leave the next time he can, but he just wanted Orik to know. Jansen offers to pay for Orik’s drinks for the night, and Orik orders four more beers. After finishing their meals, the group heads to The Hero’s Rest and gets rooms to head to bed. Their rooms are comped as they were in the dream, and Lelouche recalls that Adaline mentioned it before they entered the dream, which he realizes must be how it became a part of it.

The group wakes up the next morning, and Jansen is nowhere to be seen. Falx looks for him, and finds a note explaining that he feels ready to return to his family and his village, and that he isn’t afraid anymore. Sitting on the note is the ring that had been stuck on his finger, and a note at the bottom of the letter reads “Bronne wanted you to have this.” but no explanation is given. Orik grabs the ring and investigates it, handing it to Lelouche and asking him to check it for magical properties. Lelouche commits an Arcana check on it, noting that there is a flurry of activity in it that wasn’t present before. Orik places the ring on his pinkie, noting that it’s size would be restrictive on any other finger. “He eventually managed to take it off, maybe I will too.” The ring binds to him and he feels a presence in his mind or spirit, as if it is silently watching over him or investigating his psyche.

Orik speaks to the presence in his mind, but it doesn’t answer. Regardless, he feels that it can hear him. He shouts at the ring “Oh I see! IGNORE ME RING!” angrily, surprising Falx and Lelouche. Rye seems unsurprised by the events. Falx suggests they go and see Elder, noting that they should check in on his state of health as well as attempt to possibly get a question answered. The group heads out to Elder’s estate, arriving at the front gates and being ushered inside. Adaline is there to greet them, stating that she has prepared an offering of gold for them, but the council is deciding on the historical value of any magical items and as such they will have to talk about that once they return for the answers to their questions.

Lelouche asks how the council is taking it, and Adaline explains that while the group was gone, the entire town came to terms with the possibility of Elder’s death. Edgar in particular is being very considerate in preparing for Elder’s end. Lelouche mentions that he feels awkward, as if he is killing a local hero, but Adaline assures him that they did more to return Keigar. When he was cursed, it was as if he died all those years ago, but now they have him here for this short time, and they consider it a gift.

Lelouche asks about Keigar’s time before the curse, and the events leading up to it. He also cites that he’d like to ask about the girl that visits, and whether it is the same person as the faceless girl. He notices a distinct change in Elder’s face, as if he is concerned with the question being asked. Elder goes through a large amount of history, with Adaline chiming in to fill in details about what occurred after the curse took effect. Keigar mentions having met Queen Ramona before she died, but can’t seem to recall why she knew about his existence. Lelouche notes that it is possible she was a part of his lineage.

Falx reminds Elder of the question pertaining to the girl that visits him, and there is a long pause while Elder seems to consider it with a worrying look on his face. “I’m not sure I feel comfortable answering that,” he says, turning to Adaline, “We’ll have to discuss it with her.” Falx asks him about someone visiting him, possibly around the time of their last visit, and describes the conversation they saw him having with a faceless girl through Seek Rumor. Elder sighs, confirming that it is the same girl that visits him. Turning again to Adaline and noting “She may want to speak to them directly. Perhaps they can help.” Adaline turns to Falx and explains “We can’t reveal her identity unless she permits it. I hope you understand, it’s a matter of her safety. You’ve done so much for us, but there are still those who we must protect.”.

Falx and Lelouche discuss whether they should head to Castle Valoris or Tulley Keep, and they decide on Castle Valoris to attempt to get information on Whisper’s recent activity there. Falx and Lelouche wish Elder the best of luck with this health, and say that they hope to see him again when they return. Lelouche asks what Elder feels about what they did, and he offers his sincere thanks for it. He mentions that he isn’t sure what would have happened in the coming century when his body began to give up but he was unable to die. There is a silent implication that Adaline couldn’t help him and therefore they were the only ones that could save him from an unknown fate.

The group saddles up, recognizing that Jansen has taken Indiana Jones And The Last Croissant with him. The group saddles up and rides out of Myre, heading south toward Castle Valoris. They arrive in the afternoon to the west gates, where there is an area cordoned off for an apparent project to rebuild the north wall, though no construction seems to have been started. The group notices right away that there are very few people in the area around the city, coming in and out. Soldiers approach them, shouting for them to halt and asking what business they have in Castle Valoris. Orik (sensuously) tells a guard that he is there “for pleasure”, but the guard seems to move his focus to Lelouche and Falx to get a more serious answer. “All traffic through Valoris requires citizenship or sponsorship by government entity. Can you present evidence of either?”

Falx cites that they’ve come seeking business opportunities, but they don’t have any prior documentation for this area. The guard asks for their profession, and Falx explains that they are adventurers “of a high caliber”. Orik tells him “I’m a fucking housekeeper”. Lelouche and Falx explain some of their activities prior, and how their experience might lend usefulness to a kingdom. The guard asks for their specialties. Lelouche introduces himself as “Lelouche Lunarsphere, Eladrin Wizard” and specifies that his specialty is magic. Lelouche notes that the guards are wearing blue, which is generally a sign of wealth by a kingdom since blue dye is difficult to acquire. Orik notes that he kills things and gets money for it. Rye chimes in “I’m with him”. Falx explains his magic by way of noting that he is a druid. He then steps toward Lelouche, who uses Prestidigitation to pull a gold coin from Falx’s ear and then make it disappear in an act of showmanship.

The guards seem unimpressed, but one perks up and asks for a show of their ability. Lelouche casts Foe To Frog on Orik, changing him into a squid and catching him in the air with Mage Hand. He floats the squid around for a few seconds before allowing Orik to change back into his normal form. Orik stumbles but catches himself. The guards seem very impressed by his act, though Orik is less than happy about the experience. “Now I’m gonna show you how far I can throw an Eladrin wizard”. Lelouche uses Invisibility and disappears, using Fey-Step to arrive at a location quite far away as Orik mindlessly swings in the area where he had been standing. The guards are amused but also slightly uncomfortable with Orik’s anger, clearly attempting not to anger him further by laughing. Lelouche returns and Falx morphs into his Tiger Beast form, encouraging Orik to grapple with him to blow off steam. The guards cheer along as the two wrestle. Falx and Orik make a good show of it, Falx transforming back to his basic form after managing to pin Orik for a short time.

The guards applaud and tell the group “We may have use for you.”. One whispers to the other, who is then sent off and returns with a well-dressed dark-skinned man who explains to them that Lord Leonne has need of their skills and that he can’t explain the details unless they agree to help. Falx asks if there is any malicious intent, and the man explains that there will be no violence involved. The group tentatively agrees, though Orik is crossing his fingers behind his back. The man introduces himself as Zaveir, and tells the group to follow him in. A contingency of knights accompany close behind and in front of them as they head into the city.

300 EXP from role-playing = 300 EXP total (19200 EXP total)



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