The Blood Of The Lion

Day 21 - A City Against Itself

The group walks with Zaveir toward Castle Valoris. As they approach the front gates, the man begins to explain to them the situation, that have been a number of events occurring in the city and they are currently looking for outside help to deal with them. They are reaching the end of their rope with the issues, especially considering that a lot of very large issues have popped up at once. Orik interrupts him to ask if they will be compensated, and Zaveir explains that he and the group can help each other. The group can help him complete a task or two, and in return they will get a small reward in addition to being granted temporary free access in and out of the city while they were employed. Orik takes the mention of a “small” reward as a possible insult, but Zaveir manages to maneuver back to the subject at hand.

Zaveir begins talking about the problems facing the city, beginning with the recent murder of Virgil The Red within the city walls. He emphasizes the magnitude of that event, citing that it was so important that the investigators assigned to the case he is working on were pulled away to help handle it.

He describes that he is dealing with a problem pertaining to the treasury, and he is the Inquisitor of the Treasury for the city. He explains that recently Whisper infiltrated the castle and almost broke into the vault underneath. He goes on to describe that Whisper failed to break through the door, but the fact that he got so close worries him. As such, they are currently looking for people with a magical background to advise them on possible holes in their security. Upon mention of magic, Lelouche attempts to impress Zaveir with a simple magical trick. Zaveir doesn’t even pretend to be impressed, given that he had just seen them do high-level magic only minutes before. Rye then throws a tuft of grass in the air in a mocking recreation of Lelouche’s trick, and Zaveir pretends to be amazed for a moment before returning to business. Lelouche, seeing Zaveir so unimpressed with his trick, considers turning the into an octopus, only to remember that he does not have the spell prepared at the moment. The group continues on into the city.

Zaveir describes that the vault under Castle Valoris is the most heavily protected vault in the entire kingdom of Eros. Even so, the treasury is worried that if Whisper were to learn too much about the vault door, he could use that knowledge to return with the proper tools or rituals to get around the defense. Anyone with knowledge of the arcane or magic of any kind would be potentially helpful, especially if they had knowledge of rituals. Zaveir mentions that Whisper isn’t known to have any arcane power and the common belief is that he holds no magical abilities of his own, relying entirely on ritual scrolls to complete his tasks. The group would be tasked with looking over the record of a scrying stone that was placed in front of the door, and in doing so, perhaps they could discern something about Whisper’s potential plans to return and break through the door. If the group is unable to think of anything off-hand at that time, they can remain in the city for a short while and if they discover any information pertaining to Whisper, they are to report it to Zaveir. The man emphasizes this point again, saying not to report it to the town guard or the Eros Alliance.

Falx asks Zaveir what is inside the vault, but the man insists that is entirely classified and he couldn’t possibly tell them that. Falx then asks about the investigation into Virgil’s death, asking about evidence related to it. Zaveir explains that Virgil’s entourage was found murdered and a trail of blood that seemed to imply a body being dragged led to an area where a horse and cart were stolen. It is assumed Virgil’s was taken alive, though the investigation hasn’t come up with any definitive reason that anyone would have done that. Falx retorts that Virgil may not be dead, but Zaveir explains that if a group wanted Virgil’s armor, they would have a much easier time getting it if Virgil was taken alive and killed later, as it had a number of enchantments over it that might protect it from being looted. The armor was well-known across the kingdom and would fetch a very high price in the black market, or be used by a warlord to increase their power.

Zaveir notes that Virgil was sent on am ambassadorial mission to make peace between Lord Leonne and King Oreth. His death has caused the exact opposite to occur, throwing the kingdom into a civil war. Although no military action has begun yet, it is only a matter of time and so the investigators for the vault case were rightly pulled off to handle that issue. As such, Zaveir has reached the point where he is recruiting wandering adventurers. He adds that if Whisper were to infiltrate the vault and take any of the contents, it would be a huge blow to the Southern Valley not just monetarily but also for morale during the war.

Falx asks about seeing the vault door in person, and Zaveir explains that they can go and see it, but no information about the inner mechanism can be given. The door was created long before anyone currently residing in the kingdom would have been alive, so the only people who understand the mechanism are those to whom the information has been passed down; those who are tasked with keeping the information safe and managing the vault’s protection.

Zaveir leads the group through the city toward the castle gates. On the way there, the group receives angry looks from the townsfolk which Falx realizes must indicate a rift between the people and the guards. As they pass through the castle entryway, the gates are shut behind them and it is clear that the normal traffic that would occur in and out of a castle for business is non-existent in this city. It appears that Lord Leonne does not allow audience with the people in town. Falx notes that this type of division between a lord and his people generally occurs in cities where the poor are prominent, but the denizens of Castle Valoris didn’t look poor or down-on-their-luck, so it was more likely to be something very recent that caused the division. Upon that thought, he realizes that the castle itself seems to be a ridiculous show of wealth.

Zaveir brings the group into an office above what would be the audience chamber in the castle. He has everyone sit down at a table with a scrying sensor record and invites them to watch the record. He explains that no one was killed or even knocked out during the infiltration. Zaveir notes that although he does not with to give Whisper any compliments, “this was a very thorough job”. He describes that Whisper managed to change the schedule for the changing of the guard to allow for a six minute window between guard shifts. This window was used for Whisper to infiltrate the area, interact with the door, and leave.

Falx presses Zaveir on whether anything was taken, but Zaveir explains that as a member of the treasury, he can not confirm or deny anything about the contents of the vault. Still, he insists nothing was taken and they should act on that belief. It would appear that since they are outsiders, they are only being brought in to consult on the issue and will be given little to no information pertaining to the vault. The group join together to watch the scrying sensor record.

The group place their hand upon the record parchment and a vision comes to them of a door at least a hundred feet tall. The entirety of the visible surface is lined with brass and gold in a decorative pattern that also seems to be part of it’s protective layer. Orik recalls seeing a similar door in the Dwarven kingdom he came from. The record focuses in on a certain area and Whisper appears, wearing the same outfit that the group saw him in during the jailbreak. This time, he is wearing a mask. Whisper walks to the door and places a hand on it slowly. Taking off his mask and setting it on a hook near his hip, he places his other hand on the door slowly as well. After a minute of stillness, there is a loud sound from the door, a clanging from the inside. Although his face is mostly obscured, his mouth reveals a moment of sincere shock before it curls into a smile. He puts his mask back on and looks around before walking away, leaving the frame of the record. About two minutes later, a guard comes into frame and takes his post, seemingly unaware that anything had occurred while he was gone.

Zaveir mentions that they had other scrying sensors in the area, but they’ve looked through them thoroughly and are fully confident that nothing of importance occur in any of them. He adds that the previous investigators got as far as seeing the record before being pulled off of the case. Lelouche asks for the timeline of events, and Zaveir explains that the near break-in occurred on the 27th day of the 4th month. Being at it is currently the 4th day of the 5th month, it has been eight days since the events on record.

Zaveir reiterates that the group is tasked with thinking of possible ways magic, especially rituals, could be used to pass through the wall. Going through a few, he mentions that The Passwall ritual is struck out as an option due to the thickness of the gate. Telekinesis wouldn’t work due to all of the fail-safes on the locking mechanism, which would also eliminate the Knock ritual as a potential option. Orik floats the possibility that Whisper may have already done whatever he wanted to do, but Zaveir explains that the door was not broken through, and only had to be reset. Orik asks about checking the interior, but Zaveir reiterates that they can not confirm or deny anything about the contents of the vault to the group. He insists that for the group’s purpose, they should assume nothing was taken and that their focus is just about the possibility of the door being broken into in the future.

Lelouche requests to see the door, and Zaveir leads the group down to the basement of the castle. Coming into a cave area below the city, they see that it has been fitted with columns and decorations to almost appear as a great room. In front of them lies the vault door, seeming even larger in person. Everywhere within the room guards are coming and going, and it is clear that the city has upped it’s defense in the last few days to deal with the possibility of the underground area being infiltrated again. Falx notes that the door appears to be the type to slide left. Orik recognizes the craftsmanship of the door to the point where he remembers learning of the kingdom that created it, but unfortunately wouldn’t know anything about it’s mechanism. Falx recognizes that there are no physical mechanisms on the outside of the door, and so it would have to be opened using magic of some type.

Lelouche raises the possibility of using multiple ritual scrolls of Knock, but Zaveir explains that they would have to know the pattern and timing required even with forty men utilizing the ritual in parallel. He adds that while someone might get lucky with that many people working together to break through the lock, it would be immensely difficult to sneak that many people down there and to add to that, Whisper isn’t known to ever work with any other party and never uses brute force like that. Lelouche focuses his mind to detect the arcane powers within the door, and finds a resonating pattern of interlocked spells protecting the inner mechanism, which seems to be a physical lock pattern of incredible complexity. It appears that the spells do not hold the door shut in any way, but they prevent it from being opened in any simple magical way.

Rye discusses the possibility of Whisper being old enough to possibly know about the intricacies of the door, but the group dismisses the thought. Falx asks about Whisper taking his mask off in the record, and in doing so realizes that during the record, even Whisper’s face was mostly hidden and his hands were the only thing that weren’t obscured. As such, he makes a mental note of the way the hands look so that if he sees them again, he might recognize them. Falx approaches the door to inspect it himself.

As Falx approaches the door, Zaveir moves with him. The guards move out of the way almost by instinct, and Falx identifies this as being either out of great respect or great fear of Zaveir. Falx inspects the door’s interweaving of gold and brass, and looks for the area that Whisper seemed to have been interacting with in the record. Recognizing that the sound in the record seemed to be a locking mechanism jamming or falling into place, he locates the area that he believes would be the primary locking mechanism for the door.

Lelouche asks about the possibility of using Fey-Step to move through the door, but Zaveir explains that the thickness of the door as well as multiple protective spells would prevent anyone from making it through the door alive using that method. Orik notices his ring begins to feel warm, but does not know how to interact with it. He attempts to speak to it in his mind, but receives no response, even attempting in Dwarven. He attempts to intimidate it, but it’s a ring.

Zaveir sees that the group is dumbfounded about potential ways someone could enter the vault, so he assures them that this is alright and that they are to return to him if they think of anything in the next few days. He stresses again not to go to the town guard or the Eros Alliance, but to go right to him. Lelouche says that he will look for information, and Zaveir explains that they will be given 72 hour passes and can continue to come back to have them updated for as long as they work for him. Zaveir leads the group back to the office and calls for one of the guards to bring temporary passes for each of them. The guard heads out to retrieve the passes.

Seeing an opportunity, Lelouche casts Instant Friends on Zaveir, making himself a trusted friend for the following two hours. The group begins to question Zaveir about details he left out earlier. Lelouche asks if there is anything he specifically left out of his explanation of the case. Zaveir explains that when the previous investigators left the case, there was a question of whether they were loyal to the resistance. Being pressed on the issue, Zaveir explains that although there is no official record as of yet, there have been a number of fights against the guards in town and it is suspected that they are organized enemies of Lord Leonne. Insisting that Lord Leonne can handle the resistance, Zaveir notes that their only concern is whether resistance members learned secrets about the vault specifically. He adds that if the group discovers anything about the investigators being involved with the resistance, or the resistance itself, they should return that information to Zaveir just like any other information they retrieve.

Zaveir mentions that the town guard and the Eros Alliance are both unaware of the contents of the vault, and as such they are not to be informed about the case under any circumstance. Lelouche presses Zaveir on the contents of the vault, and the man admits that he and Lord Leonne don’t even know the vault’s contents. The only people who would know would be the Overseer and whoever he employed to place and retrieve things in the vault. Zaveir isn’t sure off-hand who the overseer even employed to get things into and out of the vault. Quite a few people know how to enter the vault, such as himself, but have never had a reason to. Any opening of the vault, or any news leaking at all regarding it, might create a reason for outside forces to invade. This is something that they can not risk in a time of civil war, so the vault will remain closed and if the group can stay quiet about their mission, it would be ideal.

Lelouche asks if Zaveir has any information about Whisper and his recent activities. Zaveir mentions that there was some activity by Whisper involving Warren Tower‘s prison, but it was very hush hush. The only activity he knows of since then is the infiltration of the vault area eight days ago. He notes that it is possible the other cities are just remaining quiet about recent activity, and explains that Castle Valoris certainly isn’t broadcasting the events so he wouldn’t expect other cities to advertise their trouble with the thief. He posits that with civil war breaking out and communication breaking down between the cities, Whisper has a lot of freedom to move about knowing news of his actions won’t travel far. Zaveir also states that he wouldn’t be surprised if the other cities are increasing protection around valuable items specifically in the hopes that Whisper will go elsewhere during this time.

Falx asks about Zaveir’s relationship to Lord Leonne and Zaveir explains that he is one of Lord Leonne’s most trusted advisers as the Inquisitor of the Treasury, and Leonne loves the treasury more than most areas of governing. Falx asks about Leonne’s feelings toward war and whether he would be happy to go to battle. Zaveir confirms that Leonne is very public about his willingness to go to war, and that he is being truthful about that. Having the largest army, the Southern Valley has a good chance to win in a war with the other two sectors of the nation, but if they are attacked first, the lack of a northern wall will put them at a disadvantage. Added to this, Leonne would most likely prefer his brother and sister surrender, as he is the rightful king by birthright. Zaveir confirms that he agrees with that assessment.

Zaveir makes mention of the falling out Lord Leonne had with the Overseer, and says that he believes Lord Leonne was in the right. Lelouche asks about the reasoning behind it and Zaveir struggles before giving in to the effect of Instant Friends and explaining that a year prior, just before Overseer Leonne stepped down from his place as king, he announced the destruction of the Corinthsbane items. Lord Leonne believed himself to be the rightful heir of those items, and therefore went into a rage over it. Falx discusses the possibility that the items are within the vault, and asks who the actual owner of the vault is. Zaveir explains that technically, the vault belongs to all of Eros and therefore in times of war of this type, it would fall upon the Eros Alliance. Lord Leonne is defending it with men from the Southern Valley army, but opening it might incur the wrath of the Eros Alliance, or even the other sections of the nation, and that might contribute to why he isn’t opening it.

The group discusses what Zaveir thinks about the scrying sensor record. Zaveir goes over the facts they can discern from the record. The clanging noise was most definitely from something inside the door, and the lock had to be reset as if something inside had moved somehow. Whisper isn’t known to have magical ability, but both of his hands were visible so it is highly unlikely he could have used a ritual scroll, and as such it is likely the first real evidence of him having magic ability. Since there are no other stories of Whisper using any magical ability that wasn’t later found to be from ritual scrolls, this could be some sort of trick but it’s highly unlikely.

The guard that was sent for the 72 hour passes into the city finally returns with the identification for each member of the party. Falx asks Zaveir for passes that last longer, but the man explains that he has no power to give any extended passes without their completion of the job. Lelouche asks about what type of passes they can get for solving the case, and Zaveir assures them that they would receive full honorary citizenship, if they succeed. He adds that the risk of the vault being broken into is their most pressing concern for the years following the war, since it relates directly to the city’s prosperity.

Lelouche asks about the age of the vault, and Zaveir explains that it has been around for almost the entire life of the castle, so it would be a couple hundred years old. The craft-work of the door places it’s creation somewhere in the time when the human and Dwarven kingdoms were allied between 1000 and 1400 DR. This particular design would have been from a very specific dynasty which wouldn’t have left behind a way to just stumble upon the opening mechanism. Zaveir again encourages the group to focus on the task at hand, and asks if they have any remaining questions.

Orik asks how long Zaveir’s dick is, to which he replies that it is slightly below average. Orik is pleased. Lelouche asks about Zaveir’s personal life, and he reveals that he was previously married, but she left him. Lelouche attempts to cheer Zaveir up over the matter, but the man explains that he became successful after she left, so it’s her loss. He adds that he has no children and has no plans to have any in the future.

During the conversation, Lelouche’s ring signals to him that a spell has been cast somewhere within 30 feet of him. Immediately cautious, Lelouche scans the room to determine the source, but realizes there are many people in the room. Along with the four members of the group and Zaveir, there are two guards who entered recently to deliver the temporary citizenship papers, two more guards accompanying them, and an office worker that has been sitting in the room the entire time. He also recognizes that the ring may have detected something in a connected room. Without saying a word, he Fey-Steps to the door to block the way from anyone leaving.

Zaveir asks if everything is alright, and Lelouche reveals that he believes someone in the room just cast a spell. He tells Orik to search the three nearest room, and Orik rushes out, hammer in hand. Kicking the door of the nearest room down, he rushes in to a room to find three castle workers sitting at or near a desk, shocked at his entrance. They appear to be working, and Orik shouts for them to come with him. Zaveir is heard yelling at them to not split up within the castle, as they are still under his watch. Falx gathers the men from the nearest Guard Change station and asks the men to remain in the room, telling them that he is working with Zaveir at the moment on an investigation. The group gathers with all of the workers from all three rooms.

Lelouche asks Zaveir if he recognizes every person in the room, and Zaveir confirms that he is confident he can account for all of them. He asks what this is all about, and Lelouche explains the ability of his ring and his assumption that Whisper may be enacting a plan right at that moment. Upon the mention of the ring’s ability, Zaveir looks surprised, so Lelouche asks if he thinks it is cool. Zaveir tells him that it is more surprising than anything, but confirms he thinks it’s cool. Lelouche continues explaining that he believes someone in the room cast a spell and that it should be looked into. Zaveir explains that he appreciates the seriousness with which Lelouche is taking the case, but the accountants Orik gathered wouldn’t be casting anything detrimental to the group or the castle, and he can’t imagine a reason that any of the guards present would do so either. Falx asks about the possibility that the guard change schedule might have been altered, and Zaveir commands the guards present to look over every schedule for changes, especially any gaps that might exist. In addition, he commands the guard to check over every uniform and piece of equipment to make sure it is all accounted for. Lastly, he tells them to find the captain of the guard and make sure every guard is recognizable.

The guards and accountants all leave, and only the group remain with Zaveir. Falx eyes each person as they leave the room, but does not notice any apparent guild in any of them. The man explains that it isn’t unheard of for spells to be cast within the castle, but he appreciates Lelouche’s concern. Falx asks Zaveir if he is a magic user, and he tells them that he has never really been involved with magic and is essentially a glorified accountant and lead of investigations. Falx asks if Zaveir can open the vault without magic, but he clarifies that he would require a magic user to open the vault with him. He adds that the lock is so complex that he could lead a magic user to open it without the magic user understanding what is happening, or how to open it in the future without Zaveir leading him.

Falx asks about the rooms above and below the office. Zaveir explains that there is a guard area above with another change station, and the main court is below. Zaveir leads the group up to the change station, and he gives similar orders to the guards there as the ones before, making a show of the fact that he is being overly careful. He informs the guards that the group is with him and should be allowed to investigate the room. Falx asks about anything strange happening in the room, and the guards within claim that there hasn’t been any activity in the last ten minutes. Apparently no one has even come through for any guard change, as there isn’t another one scheduled for a few minutes longer. Falx feels confident that nothing happened in that room, so he drops the subject.

Lelouche asks about what Zaveir does after work, and Zaveir tells him that after work he tends to just go back to his home, since he works late. Lelouche asks about places to stay in town, and Zaveir describes a small inn across from a tavern called The Lion’s Den. Orik seems pleased with the idea of checking out a tavern, and encourages the group to head out. Zaveir explains that he gets out after dusk. Lelouche asks Zaveir if he wants to come and get food with them, but Zaveir insists that they would be hindering their investigation if they were seen with him. Since there is a bit of unrest in the city, it would be best to avoid showing any connection they might have with the government.

Falx asks why the people seem to be upset with the guards, and Zaveir explains some of the history of Castle Valoris. When Corinth the Stone-Hearted first appeared in the kingdom, she burned the northern wall of the city which was at that time just called Valoris, which was it’s own nation south of Eros, which at the time only existed in the land currently called the Northern Heights. King Leonne The Second approached the city from the north with an army, essentially demanding that they surrender and form a single nation to stand against Corinth. The alliance occurred with virtually no bloodshed which many saw as a wise and strategic move, but many others felt was rather unfair and was, in fact, a betrayal of an unspoken alliance between the nations that exists whenever an outside force (like a dragon) comes into the area.

Lord Leonne has had a falling out with his father, which represents the first time that a Leonne wouldn’t be king. As such, some of the people view his potential overthrowing of Eros as the proper response for their families being forced under a new banner all those years ago. With some people loyal to Eros, some people loyal to the Leonne family, and others being loyal to Valoris, there has been a bit of tension among the people in the last few weeks. Revealing which side they might be on would therefore be a poor move by the group, and Zaveir encourages them to stay anonymous. Lelouche asks him where in town he stays, in case they need to visit him, and Zaveir describes the high-end area of town to the east of the castle, and to ask around for him in the area during any time before or after his scheduled time in the castle.

Lelouche tells Zaveir that he is his best friend, and Zaveir tells him that he feels the same way. Lelouche tells him that he really enjoyed their conversation, and Zaveir tells him in return that he feels it is a friendship that will last the ages. Lelouche tells him that he hopes so, and that he hopes they can do great things for Valoris together. The group heads out, being led to the main door of the building and left to walk through the courtyard. Heading out the main courtyard, the gates are closed behind them and they find themselves in the heart of the city. Lelouche jokes to the group that Zaveir might be upset with himself for all he told them, and that he hopes they can return with a good amount of information to make him not regret it.

Lelouche suggests that they find a quiet alley and use Seek Rumor again to find out what Whisper is doing at that moment. They find an enclosed area and begin the ritual, asking the arcane forces for information that could imply what Whisper was planning for the vault. The ritual fails to expend the components, implying that there is no conversation it can lend to them that might lead them closer to Whisper. Lelouche collects the ritual components together again, thinking of another question he could ask. Falx suggests he ask for information on the whereabouts of Whisper instead, in hopes it could lead to information about the plot.

Lelouche casts the ritual again with the new question, and a swirl of power rushes in to him to show him a vision. In his mind, he rushes to Warren Tower and finds himself in a dark room filled with rows of bookshelves. He seems to be viewing the world through someone else’s eyes as they carefully remove a large book from a shelf, being careful to be as quiet as possible. Placing the book on a nearby table, the viewer slowly sorts through pages, looking in the table of contents and then moving back and forth between a few areas, seemingly in search of something unknown. The book seems to be an arcane textbook or research log, and the contents describe the physical and magical properties of different materials. One subject the viewer appears to be focusing on is the ability to siphon, transfer, or filter power through one object and into another. The viewer looks around and it can be seen that the area is an empty library, most likely closed off to the public. Lelouche notes that Seek Rumor is generally auditory but he can’t hear almost anything, which he imagines implies that the viewer is attempting to be very quiet and is most likely not supposed to be there. On one of the pages, the viewer focuses on a theoretical device that could be used to move and focus energy into a more expanded space. Lastly, the viewer turns to a page describing different materials, and focuses heavily on a section pertaining to Aluminium before closing the book and placing it back on the shelf carefully.

The group discusses the location that Lelouche might have been seeing, and narrows the area down to either the records area of Warren Tower, or the kingdom library in some cordoned off space. They discuss the possibility of getting to Warren Tower to look into this, but Lelouche specifically gets the feeling that Seek Rumor was attempting to inform him more about what Whisper was doing than where they should be going.

Falx wonders about the relationship of Aluminum to the device, but realizes that without any history in metallurgy, he can’t be sure. The group goes over what they know about the metal. It isn’t generally used in weapons or armor due to it’s light weight and jaggedness when it breaks, as well as the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of give. It can be enchanted just like any other material. They decide to visit the local Mage’s Guild to ask for more information, hoping to find an enchanter who has worked with it. They head to the guild sector and are welcomed in to the Mage’s Guild building, heading to the front desk.

They ask around for an enchanter and are brought to an older Dwarven man outfitted in various magical devices as well as what appears to be blacksmithing tools. He introduces himself as Godric. Orik greets him in Dwarven, and the man greets him in return. They ask him for some information about working with Aluminum, and Godric seems excited to share his knowledge in an obscure metal. He gives them an overview of the properties of the material. According to him, it isn’t used in weapons and armor for the reasons they already know. He describes what equates to it’s atomic grouping and that it is a “soft” metal which generally falls to whitesmiths to alter, but they are rare and generally blacksmiths are trained to work in it well enough. The metal is non-magnetic and ductile (bendable, re-form-able), and extremely abundant but barely used in his experience. It’s difficult to work with and go purify which is what makes it so expensive. It’s generally used in decoration since it doesn’t rust or corrode due to a chemical effect that creates a layer on the outside that protects it. It is extremely reactive to magic, and it is common to see enchanted or magic-using beasts with stones of aluminum ore.

Orik asks about the possibility of it being used in a Dwarven door mechanism, but Godric explains that you wouldn’t want to put it into a door that you were protecting from magic, since the extreme magic reactive property of it would cause it to be more vulnerable to spells. An arcane lock wouldn’t want to use Aluminum, though an arcane key might be a good funnel of energy. Lelouche asks if that means Aluminum would be particularly good at siphoning arcane power, but Godric explains that any material is fine for siphoning power. Rye asks if there is some way it would be better, and Godric seems confused before stating that the only reason it could be better is if the energy was something that would otherwise effect the material. Otherwise, materials that would be easier to work with would do the job just as well.

Lelouche asks if Godric has any knowledge of a device that could siphon arcane power from one object to another. Godric tells him he has no information of that sort, and anything like that would probably be kept behind lock and key, given the implications of that sort of power. Being that it could be used to create an extremely powerful weapon, it wouldn’t be available to the public. He adds that he’s been working in metal and enchanting for over a decade and even he hasn’t seen many books on related subjects. Rye asks him if he has any history of Dwarven door making, but he says he has not.

Falx asks Godric about the blacksmithing scene in town. Godric explains that he’s recently had someone come by and ask about blacksmiths disappearing, but there hasn’t been any real change with the ones in Castle Valoris. When asked about the person that came asking, he describes Willow, who the group remembers was looking in Castle Valoris for people to hire to work for Micah. Lelouche mentions that they know her, and that she successfully found some assistants and returned to Warren Tower. The group thanks Godric for the information and head out of the Mage’s Guild.

Falx decides that he would like to test the current state of the enchanted eye-patch he found, so the group follows him to a deserted area and he removed it from his bag and places it over his eye again. Closing his uncovered eye, he tests it’s ability and again sees three lights that seem slightly more organized or focused than before. He still can’t seem to figure out the pattern it is attempting to show him, so he puts it away again. The group reviews what they know about the patch, and decide not to ask about it anywhere in the city, given what Pelagius said about keeping it hidden. They discuss the possibility of disguising the patch as a regular patch, but decide against it in case there is some way to detect it’s power.

Taking some time, the group follows Falx around the city heading east around the castle courtyard walls, attempting to get closer to the vault to see if the eye-patch reacts in some discernible way. After going to a number of locations, the only pattern seems to be that it is getting more focused to almost a negligible degree. There doesn’t seem to be any connection to distance within the city to the vault. Falx wonders about what might be east of the city that could be setting off the patch, but notes that the old Dwarven city in the mountains would probably be too far away to effect it. Falx decides that there isn’t enough information to go on at the moment, so the group decides to head to The Lion’s Den for some food and drink before they head to bed.

Heading toward the center of town, they find The Lion’s Den just as Zaveir described it. Walking in, the group notices a number of markings on the lion motif decorations outside. It appears as if the wooden lions have been defaces with two marks intersecting at the bottom, forming a “V” shape. Entering the tavern, they find it a bit strange that there are only two people dressed in guard outfits in the entire room, which is a bit strange given how many guards can be seen outside. In addition, those two guards are sitting far away in a corner, away from anyone else, and everyone is ignoring them. The group decides to sit down for some food and maybe ask for some information about the town.

300 EXP from role-playing = 300 EXP total (19500 EXP total)



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