The Blood Of The Lion

Day 22 - The Streets Run Red

The group walks into The Lion’s Den and Orik sits down to order food and three ales while the rest of the group survey the scene. A fire glows in the corner near a band of bards that seem to have set up to play for the people. The group immediately recognizes that there are only two people in the bar in guards uniforms and they are sitting alone in a corner with no one around them. Orik notes the two girls behind the counter who are rushing around serving drinks. Both are in their mid twenties with dark brown hair, and appear to be twins. They happily rush back and forth interacting with customers as the group approaches.

Lelouche orders an ale at the bar and begins chatting with one of the bartenders. She introduces herself as Mia and speaks to him in between orders. She describes the history of the bar, that it formed after Leonne The Second took over, and that it is named as a reference to “the lion’s dynasty” which is how the Leonne family was viewed before Leonne The Fifth split the kingdom.

The lion decorations in the room seem to have a carving in their faces that does not appear to be in the original design. The group speculates that the V may be related to former king Leonne The Fifth, and Rye asks Mia about the carvings directly. The girl remarks that they must not be from around the area, and the group confirms they are travelers. She informs them that the V’s mean something different to everyone. There has been a lot of trouble in the country lately and there are three distinct views that make up the majority of people in the city. The bar itself attempts to stay neutral between the different parties, and therefore they don’t allow people fighting over the issue within the building.

Falx sits across the bar and speaks to the other bartender, who introduces herself as Myrie, about current and upcoming events in the city. She explains that there is a festival scheduled in two days in the city, and mentions the possibility of war as something she isn’t sure Falx would be aware of, and that the festival will be a good distraction from all the recent trouble. Falx mentions that he will want to stick around for that. Orik sarcastically announces his excitement and asks if there will be any fighting involved. The girl explains that there is jousting and sparring, and notes that it’s a good opportunity for the people to fight against the town guard to get their frustrations out without anyone dying. Orik asks about prizes, and Myrie explains that there are gold prizes as well as a large prize, though that prize isn’t announced until the day of so she isn’t sure what it is. Falx jokes with her that she could probably take a few guards, and she laughs a bit, perking up a bit as Lelouche uses Prestidigitation to make her muscles larger for a moment.

Orik sticks the ring on his finger into his ale, asking the spirit inside if it is thirsty, but receives no reply. He tells it off before drinking the ale himself. Lelouche asks Mia if she’s seen a lot of adventurers come through the city, and she explains that she hasn’t seen many in the last few weeks, but it isn’t unheard of to see a few come by normally on some business. He references his difficulty getting into the city, and she tells him that she assumes they’re here on some important business if they got in within the last few days. He mentions having come from Warren Tower, and she lowers her voice, telling him that he might want to keep that information quiet, as some might suspect him of being a spy for the Western Bank.

Orik challenges Rye to a drinking game, downing drink after drink next to her until she passes out on the bar. He laughs a bit as he finishes his drinks. Myrie asks if Rye is his friend, and he tells her that he doesn’t know who it is, then leaves Rye asleep in the tavern, heading to the inn across the street.

Falx flags down Myrie as she approaches and asks about the two guards in the corner sitting by themselves. She explains that although many people are okay with the guards, there are enough people against them that they’ve become social pariahs. No one wants to risk socializing with them, lest they be seen as sympathizers to their side. As such, when they come in with their uniforms on, they are generally ignored and as such, she thinks they should just come in after changing out of their uniforms. She implies to Falx that if they come in with their uniforms, they are most likely working and she has no desire to help them with any investigation that might hurt her business, so she doesn’t pay them much mind.

Falx asks about work to be done in the city, and Myrie talks about a few jobs that might fit their skills. The Sentinel Guild is always hiring for small tasks, and the wall needs workers to help rebuild it. Lelouche implies that he is not interested in helping rebuild the wall, as it would be tedious. Myrie implies that there is work available protecting the wall area due to raider gangs being in the area. She also implies that the quick work of building the wall even though it could incur quicker military action by the north is most likely to stop the raider gangs which are distracting the guard and military in the south.

Lelouche asks Mia about the specifics of the hostility in town, and she goes on to explain the three groups and their separate views in more detail. The first group is loyal to Lord Leonne and the guard. Lelouche asks for clarification that she means “Leonne The Sixth” but she explains that they don’t call him that, because it would imply a continuation of “The Lion’s Dynasty” and that the group actually thinks of Lord Leonne as the start of a new era. They believe that Castle Valoris should never have been taken by King Leonne The Second in such an unfair way so long ago. They believe that if Lord Leonne wins the war, Castle Valoris will be his new capital and as such, will lead the country culturally, forming a new kingdom of Eros in it’s image.

The second group believe Lord Leonne to be a petulant child who needs to swallow his pride and fix the rift between him and his father. They are against the guard and hope that Leonne is forced to surrender. They blame Leonne for the war, given that he had the largest role in starting it and all of the unrest that came before it.

The third and final group believes that the country should adhere to the legacy of Leonne The Fifth and that all three of his children should strike an alliance and reform the nation into one part. Mia adds that she doesn’t view this possibility as very realistic, but she thinks it is possible if someone were to broker a peaceful discussion between the three children in a way that would end the war and form proper trading rules until they find a suitable heir between them.

She notes that the first few times a V was scratched into the lions in the bar, it was most likely a mocking jab at Lord Leonne, implying that the last great lion was his father. Eventually though, it became a question of ambiguity, whereas the marks could be an implication that Leonne The Fifth ended the dynasty and Lord Leonne is a new start to Eros. From then on, they left the marks and have allowed any patrons to take their own interpretation from them.

Lelouche thanks Mia for the information, and Falx says Myrie for her help as well. They head out of the bar, Lelouche Fey-Stepping after tossing her a gold coin as a tip. He peers back in through a window and she is looking around in astonishment for a moment before locking eyes with him through the window and giving him a knowing nod. Falx walks out, not noticing Rye laying unconscious on the floor across the bar. After Falx arrives at the inn, Lelouche asks about Rye and they realize they’d left her behind. Lelouche heads back for her and wakes her, helping her walk to the inn. Lelouche requests a bunk bed and places Rye in the top bunk with great difficulty before beginning to meditate in the bottom bunk.

Orik snores loud enough that at some point in the night, Lelouche can hear some banging on the wall and yelling for Orik to stop, but Orik doesn’t hear it. The group wakes the next morning and meet back up in the common room of the inn. Orik notices that his ring is burning his finger a bit, but doesn’t recall a dream of any sort like the ones Jansen described coming from it. He attempts to slam the ring into the ground, but it gives him no response. He calls the ring a piece of shit for annoying him. The group enjoys a breakfast together and Lelouche orders a meadmosa.

The group hears a commotion outside after they finish eating, and they head out the main doors onto the street. There is a procession moving through the streets and seems to be a group of prisoners being taken by the guards. There are large groups of people in the streets. Some seem to be protesting, telling the guards to let them go. Others seem to be yelling back at those people to let the guards take care of the situation. The guards are attempting to keep order as they move through the city. Falx approaches and asks a guard what is happening. The guard explains that the prisoners are wanted in suspicion of being involved with a resistance in the city, and tells Falx rudely that it is none of his concern and to move along. Lelouche, hearing this, waits until the guard is a few steps away and uses Mage Hand to trip him. The guard looks around for the culprit, but then walks away embarrassed to rejoin the procession.

Falx notices some people walking along the rooftops, and begins to look further down the line. He notices a strange netting moving above the street level, hanging between two buildings far ahead of the procession. As the procession approaches, the net drops and is pulled taut at the ends against the walls of the buildings. A man and a woman appear from the rooftops above, shouting down to the guards to let the prisoners go, implying that they will be free to go peacefully if they comply. They also shout to all civilians to leave the area if they are not involved, and the crowds disperse. Some of the prisoners attempt to leave, but the guards push them back into the center, where they cower down to the ground. One of the guards near the front shouts back to the people on the roof that they should drop the net or face consequences, implying he was not in any way looking to negotiate with them. There is a tense stand-off before the lead guard shouts to attack the resistance fighters.

A fight ensues, and the lead guard sends another to cut the netting in front as the rest fight off the individual resistance fighters that have rappelled from the rooftops. The group joins the side of the resistance, who appear to be purposely avoiding killing the guards, though the guards are not extending that same favor. As it becomes clear that the guards will not succeed, the order is shouted to kill the prisoners. One is stabbed through while another gets his skull fractured. The group manages to end the fight before any more are damaged, but Orik kills the last guard against the wishes of the resistance. Falx manages to stabilize the man whose skull was fractured, and he is lifted up by another prisoner.

A woman from the resistance attempts to quickly bandage the guards in a make-shift way before approaching the man Orik killed. She shouts “They killed a guard. We need to leave now.” to her partner. The resistance fighters gather up the remaining prisoners, unlocking their shackles, and scattering down the street. Lelouche does not react while the prisoners head past him, but then the group begins to give chase after a moment, realizing they shouldn’t remain near the dead guards or the multiple witnesses. Far ahead of them, they see one resistance fighter lead the prisoners into a building and shut a metal door behind them, barring it immediately. The remaining fighter is now running alone, and appears to be looking down alleyways for some sort of escape. From what they can tell, the rope on her back has been disconnected, though the mechanism remains that it latched to. The group attempts to keep up with her, looking for an escape and some answers.

300 EXP from role-playing = 300 EXP total (19800 EXP total)



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