The Blood Of The Lion

Day 23 - The Eve Of The Festival

The group rushes through the streets of Castle Valoris, away from the scene of a crime and after a young woman that was part of the resistance’s attack on the city guard. She maintains a good lead on them, but they are catching up as she checks down alleyways, seemingly looking for an effective escape route. As they run, the group peers down the alleys and sees guards rushing back toward the crime on parallel streets. They continue onward, hoping for answers from the woman. Every once in a while the woman looks back, and it is clear that she sees them following her.

Eventually, the woman heads down an alleyway and when the group approaches, they see that she is heading back out. When she spots them and realizes they have her blocked in, she places her left hand on the wall and begins stepping backwards slowly. The group approach and Lelouche casts Instant Friends on her immediately, hoping to encourage her to speak. He insists that they aren’t there to hurt her, but she calls out Orik for having just killed a man in the streets. Orik explains that it was a common enemy, but she explains that it doesn’t matter and that the guard will crack down on them now in retaliation. She tells the group that they’ve just caused trouble for her. Lelouche tells her they were only trying to help, but she insists they didn’t help. She continues moving backwards, her hand sliding along the wall as she does.

Lelouche asks her if there is anything they can do to help, and she tells them that it might not matter soon. They’re going to have to hide if they want any chance of surviving. Lelouche implies that they might go with her to hide, but she turns them down, citing that they’re a risk to her and her friends. Falx asks if there is anywhere they could go to hide, but the girl tells them that she isn’t sure, and that they are rather noticeable, given their appearance. She suggests again that they hide, saying that they should probably do so “for the foreseeable future”. Rye jokes that they’re barely recognizable, but the girl doesn’t laugh along.

Falx asks her who she is and what the fight was about. She introduces herself as Nevia, and explains in ambiguous terms that her and her group have had a disagreement with the town guard. They wished for “their people” to be freed from imprisonment and they were willing to allow the guards to go free without violence if they let them go. The guards are very clearly not giving in to threats, so violence was their only course of action. Still, the group did not wish to kill any of the guards, as that brings much more attention to the resistance. Rye and Orik attempt to convince her that since the guards killed the prisoners, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill other resistance members, and she should fight back in kind. Nevia dismisses the idea, seemingly less concerned with death than she is with capture. She explains that the resistance is more or less just a rumor in the general public’s eye, but if guards start dying, they’ll be upgraded to a public issue and they can’t stay hidden forever.

Rye implies that they are in a situation where they should kill their enemy unless they want to be killed, but Nevia scoffs at the idea of killing all of the city guard. In addition, she lets slip that “her people” don’t wish to kill the guard, and in fact have only one target in mind. She catches herself after saying this, but Orik asks if they mean Whisper. She refuses to answer. Rye asks if she means Lord Leonne. Again, she refuses to answer. It is clear that she feels she’s said too much as she continues to walk backwards along the wall. Falx begins wondering why her hand is sliding on the wall, and he looks behind her, spotting a toeing line leading up to the roof where someone is setting up a lifting jack like the ones seen after the battle.

Noting that she’ll soon reach the line and escape, Falx calls her out on it. Knowing he or Lelouche could stop her by moving the rope or rushing her, he instead implies that he knows what’s going to happen and isn’t preventing her, giving her a sense of ease. He asks if there is any way he can help. She hesitates for a second, then tells them that if they’re still alive in two days, then they can help when the time comes, and they’ll know when it comes.

Orik speaks to the group, offering a plan. They can go across town after they acquire disguises to immediately lower their chances of being noticed. Then, they blend in until they can think of their next step. Nevia compliments the idea, adding that they should probably try not to kill anyone on the way. She also points directly to Rye and Orik and tells them “Good luck blending in”, implying difficulty in hiding their unique racial features. Lelouche tells her that they’ll see her in two days. Nevia steps back and her hand catches onto the line. She attaches it to a device on her back and tells them “I hope to see you again.” and pulls the cord. It retracts, pulling her quickly to the roof, and she disappears.

The group exits the alley, keeping an eye out for guards even though they most likely haven’t received reports of their appearances yet. Lelouche floats the idea of using Foe To Frog to help hide Rye and Orik, but realizes he could only disguise one of them at a time and he’s already exhausted his use of it for the day anyway. Falx decides it would be best to head to the clothing store by the blacksmith that they went to the day before. Falx and Lelouche head to the clothing shop and acquire new clothing for each of them as well as a large cloak that can be used to cover both Rye and Orik together. Orik argues for a moment, but then gets on Rye’s shoulders to appear as a single Goliath instead of a Dwarf and a Half-Orc. Seeing as Goliaths are so rare, they figure that no one will recognize the different facial features they’re sporting. Lelouche uses Prestidigitation to aid the disguise a bit as they use a straw-filled fabric tube and pretend it is an arm in case they need to signal. Placing Falx’s scythe and Orik’s hammer into the Bag of Holding, their disguises are complete.

Falx and Lelouche, disguised as priests for their individual patron gods, head to the scene of the battle to attempt to misinform the guards who are taking records from bystanders. On the way out of the shop, the group runs into Willow, who appears to be dealing with the blacksmith next door. The group approaches and says hello, and she is momentarily thrown off by their disguises but recognizes them after a bit. She stops her conversation with the blacksmith to greet them, uncomfortable with the unspoken topic of their new look, particularly Orik and Rye being disguised as a Goliath. Having never met Willow technically, Rye only knows her by notoriety, but reveals herself to be under the cloak either way. Orik plays it off as them being in town for the festival. Willow tells them that she wishes she could go to the festival as well, but she’s only in town to buy tools for Micah. She compliments their costume, again uncomfortable, and asks what they’re doing before the festival. Orik implies they will continue looking for more parts for their costume, and Willow feigns interest in helping before saying she has nothing to add to it.

Lelouche and Falx greet Willow, and she seems less startled by their disguises. She asks how the group got into the city, since they weren’t citizens. The group ambiguously passes over the question, and she seems to accept it as the least strange thing about the conversation. She explains that she used to be a citizen in Castle Valoris prior to leaving to work in Warren Tower, so she was lucky to still have papers. Lelouche and Falx head to the crime scene while Willow reiterates her question to Orik and Rye. Orik explains that they have a deal with the city to provide entertainment during the festival, and that part of their profits go to the city. Willow seems to not believe them but doesn’t appear to want to push the issue.

Willow turns to the blacksmith and tells him that she’s got one crate left to grab and then she’ll be off. She heads inside and loads one more box onto her cart and then says goodbye to Orik and Rye. She heads down the road, leading her horse, and the cart disappears around a corner after a few moments.

Lelouche and Falx arrive at the crime scene and survey the area. There are a number of guards cordoning off the area, and it appears the injured guards have been carted away somewhere, as only the dead guard and dead prisoner remain on the street. A guard appears to be calling out for any witnesses to come forward, and a small handful of people appear to be giving a record of what they witnessed. On the rooftops, a few guards appear to be dismantling the lifting jacks that were used to lift the resistance members onto the roof. Lelouche hears one of the guards on the roof describe the mechanism as something mobile that might be placed across rooftops at any time, and that the other guards present should begin searching for others across the city and dismantling them.

Falx begins to approach the guard that is asking for witness testimony, but Lelouche pulls him back and tells him that he has a better plan. Instead of just giving false testimony, he will cast Last Sight Vision on the dead guard and pretend to have seen a masked man come and murder him after the battle. Then Falx can attest to his story as if he were a stranger, strengthening their bluff. Lelouche steps forward and tells the guard that in his youth, he learned a spell that could be of help, and explains what it can do. The guard calls over his commanding officer and asks if it would be alright, and gets approval to let Lelouche through. Lelouche casts the ritual and watches the last few seconds of the guard’s life, as Orik smashes his rib-cage in with a hammer. Jolting back to reality, Lelouche spins a tale of a masked man approaching the scene after the battle was over and killing the man quickly and without mercy. Falx chimes in as if he’d just overheard and attests to the tale, and the guard appears to believe it. He refers to the fact that he’s got some conflicting reports, but seems confident in their story, and even seems to be less convinced of the previous reports as a side effect.

The guard taking the report asks Falx, who claims to be a direct witness, if he’s at all interested in helping them piece together the story back at the infirmary with the guards that were present. Realizing that he would be risking his involvement being revealed, he tells the man that he’ll head to the infirmary later in the day to help, but he can’t go at the moment. Lelouche and Falx then leave the area, content that they’ve aided in misinforming the guard enough to hide their involvement for the moment. Falx clarifies to Lelouche that he has no interest in heading to the infirmary. The two of them stand far from the scene, but listen in as people walk to and from it to get a feel for whether the stories are sticking, which they seem to be. They discuss that their ruse will possibly only last until a court wizard casts the same ritual on the corpse, but there is a chance that won’t even happen and they can’t do anything more than they’ve done, so they head back to find Orik and Rye.

They head back to the blacksmith and clothing shops and find Orik and Rye, still disguised together as a Goliath. They discuss their next course of action, and decide to speak to Zaveir about what happened so that he doesn’t view them as traitors when he eventually hears a report. Lelouche discusses the quandary of not knowing whose side they’re actually on at the moment. Falx speaks up to say that he’s not committed to either side, but Lelouche dismisses him, saying that it isn’t helpful to be so non-committal. They discuss that they aren’t even sure what the resistance wants, and so their goal should continue to be infiltrating them. Lelouche points out that they know the resistance is planning something in two days, and they need to decide whether to report that to Zaveir. Falx clarifies that he doesn’t have any interest in helping the guards after seeing them kill an unarmed prisoner. Lelouche seconds that, but clarifies that Zaveir’s desires don’t necessarily align with that of the guards. The group bickers a bit on the nuances of each option before reaching a decision to at least inform Zaveir that they were part of the battle and that they are getting closer to infiltrating the resistance.

The group heads to the castle, being escorted inside to see Zaveir. They are brought up a staircase inside the castle and down a familiar hallway, eventually reaching his office and finding him there. Zaveir greets them awkwardly as they arrive, seeing that they are disguised. Orik and Rye remain in their disguise, ducking under the door frame as they enter. Lelouche greets Zaveir warmly, testing the water for how their friendship remains after the effects of Instant Friends wears off, and Zaveir seems to accept his greeting kindly, not showing any indication of the spell being noticed after it ended.

Falx mentions the skirmish that occurred in the city, and Zaveir asks for information on it. Falx explains that the resistance apparently attempted to free some prisoners, and that the group assisted the resistance in an effort to gain their trust. Zaveir ushers the guards in the room to the outside, asking them to close the door on their way out. Now in privacy with the group, Zaveir reveals that although he can’t fully protect them if they are caught in the act, he doesn’t personally mind if they act as part of the resistance to get closer to them. Falx asks for the man’s thoughts on their violent confrontation with the guards. Zaveir explains that they should attempt not to do any permanent damage when possible, but they should know that if their efforts bring the resistance to justice, Lord Leonne will pardon them for their actions, within reason.

Falx explains that he doesn’t believe the resistance wants to permanently damage the guards either, which seems odd. Zaveir explains that he hasn’t received reports of deaths so far and so that information makes sense, but it is only a matter of time until the resistance becomes more desperate and begins killing to achieve their goals. As much as he can appreciate that they aren’t attempting to kill any guards yet, he says that they are probably only being careful to protect themselves. If guards begin dying, Lord Leonne is going to take a much harder stance on rooting them out and eliminating them as a threat to his leadership. Falx explains that from reports, he knows that one prisoner died and one guard also died during the battle. Zaveir is taken aback by this, saying that it confirms his suspicions. Falx spins a convincing lie, pretending to clarify that the resistance members didn’t kill the guard, and it had to have been a third party.

Lelouche attempts to describe the strange devices that the resistance were using to fling themselves onto and down from the rooftops. Zaveir explains that he has heard reports of them being found around the city and they were thought to be used by Whisper. Knowing that they are resistance tools is a bit more concerning to him, as it might mean a lot more chances for resistance members to escape. Falx asks Zaveir what the resistance might want, seeing as they are so adamant about not killing the guards. Zaveir admits that he isn’t sure, given that the resistance has yet to make any demands and aren’t showing any signs of a clear motive. They strike at odd times, and seem to be currently devoted to stirring up support for themselves more than anything. They also seem to be testing the castle defenses at times.

Falx asks about the guard killing a prisoner, and Zaveir explains that any prisoner found to be guilty would be summarily executed, so the guards are given discretionary ability to kill them if there is a chance of them escaping. Lelouche asks what those prisoners in particular were accused of, and Zaveir explains that they were most likely just accused of being part of the resistance, though he hasn’t heard any specifics yet. He adds that if the resistance were willing to free those prisoners, it is highly likely that the prisoners knew something about an upcoming operation. The resistance has made demands for prisoners to be freed before, but today would be the first instance of them publicly attacking guards, so they were most likely desperate for some reason.

Falx thanks him for taking the time to speak with them, and Zaveir praises them on their progress so far and asks them to continue looking into the matter. He adds that the resistance is most definitely recruiting, so if the group continues on, they are likely to be contacted. The group bids goodbye to Zaveir and they open the door to leave. A man enters with some paperwork, updating the three-day passes for the group. Zaveir explains that he has reason to believe the resistance or Whisper will act during the three-day festival that begins the next morning. It is even possible that both parties will act, and it is not completely impossible that they are in a potential alliance with each other against the kingdom. As such, he is hoping he can count on the group to act in the kingdom’s favor should either party act. Guards will be stretched thin across the city, as well as protecting the vault, so any help would be appreciated. Falx assures him they will act accordingly.

Zaveir explains that the festival is serving as a distraction from all of the turmoil surrounding the city and the war, so any trouble during it is going to be a major problem for Castle Valoris. If any major action is taken by the resistance or Whisper, the most important thing is that the city comes out looking as if it is protecting people from both groups. He adds that it would be appreciated if they did not gloat over any guards if they take part in the sparring events, as that reflects poorly on the city. Primarily, Zaveir is worried about something happening during the pyre burning on the last day of the festival. As is tradition, the pyre is designed and provided by people in the Northern Heights. It arrived days before the festival and was checked for traps and cleared as harmless, but it is still likely that, as a symbolic gesture, the resistance could act during it’s burning to drum up support for themselves from the people.

Lelouche assures Zaveir that he “has his back” and Zaveir thanks him. The guards show the group out into the city again and the gates shut behind them. On their way out, the group notes the way through the castle again, noting the familiar hallway and staircase that forms the path out to the main lobby of the castle, then the path out to the main gate. On the way out, Orik asks one of the guards about where to sign up for the sparring event. The guard explains that they can do so down near the arena in the main square where the festival is being set up. The guard joking jabs Orik and references the idea that they might fight, before recognizing Orik’s strength and immediately apologizing. The group quickly heads to an area where they won’t be identified near the gates, and considers their next move.

The group heads down to where the festival is being set up, crossing the barrier into the area and looking around for the arena. Performers are setting up their stages for different acts, merchants are setting up their booths for the various items they’ll be selling, and workers are setting up areas for activities. A walkway seems to be separated for a costumed procession, which a few people are setting up for along the way. A few workers are seen setting up walls in certain alleys to separate the main city from the festival and prevent it from bleeding out into the main streets. After a bit of walking, the group finds the arena space.

An area is cleared in the middle of the square with fencing around it for fighting inside. Weapons are laid out or hung in spaces around the arena, and it appears that the weapons are padded to prevent major damage being done with them. Horses are being taken on practice runs for the jousting event and they continue on as the group passes by. Wooden stands are set up on either side of the arena area as seating for viewers. The group walks a bit farther down the main path and finds an area that is being set up to sell masks for people who want to join the procession. Passed that, they find a large open area with a closed off center location containing a tarp-covered object they assume to be the pyre.

Orik and Rye lead the group to a nearby store to find a better costume for themselves, hoping to find something they can work into their fighting costumes for tomorrow. Finding a nearby shop, they begin looking at their options. It is clear that the shop at one point focused on lion masks, but the new inventory indicates that they have started to expand into different styles, most likely because of the division among the townsfolk. Orik finds a blue eastern-style demon mask and purchases it along with some loose-fit robes that fit around his armor, choosing his identity for the fights as “The Blue Spirit”. Rye picks a red eastern-style dragon mask, picking a standard merchant garb which meshes strangely with the dragon facade.

Falx looks around, noting that there are children and adults already in masks, either to advertise their own stores or testing their ability to move in them for the next day’s events. The overall theme seems varied, from heroes to monsters to spirits. He retrieves his scythe from the Bag of Holding and picks out a costume that makes him appear as a dark priest of sorts. Lelouche keeps his disguise from speaking to the guards earlier, but picks a bug-like metallic mask to cover his face, using his prestidigitation to turn his robes blue and deigning himself “The Blue Beetle”

The group walks to the arena’s sign-up area. Falx and Lelouche discuss the restrictions upon them in the arena as magic users. Implement-based magic and ritual scrolls are disallowed in the arena in the lower tier battles, so they would have to begin at a higher tier, giving them less opportunity for fighting in the lower tiers. The rule is designed to prevent lethal combat, which has been a problem with magic users in the past. In the higher tiers, the rule is removed and the possibility of death is not ruled out, so anyone signing up must be aware of the risks.

Orik finds that he has the option of going against a number of guards or signing up immediately for the higher tier battles against prominent fighters. He checks the list and sees that the local Lord of the Guard is listed, as well as a fighter described as “Lord of the Guard” is coming from the Western Bank as a special guest, and signs up to face him knowing it is most likely Walfred. Another fighter is listed only as “The Traveler” at the same rank, and Rye signs up to go against them, deigning herself “Star Muffin.”

Another section allows him to go up against magic users, but there is a disclaimer saying that there is a possibility of dismemberment or death, and that anyone signing up must understand and accept that risk if they want to go against a magic user. Two special notes are written in at the bottom, saying that any deaths or injury to anyone outside of the arena resulting from magic users will result in prosecution, and no necromancy is allowed within the city limits, including in the arena.

Lelouche looks for information on the grand prize, and finds that the specific object being offered is to be announced on the first day. Lelouche checks the rules which allow him to drop from the contest if he doesn’t deem the prize worth his time. He also notes that since the different tier battles are on different days, he would be able to use his dailies each day. He checks the magic user list and finds a fighter named “Shadow” and another called “Horror”, with no specifics about their abilities. Lelouche signs up against Shadow. Falx decides not to sign up and to instead watch the event.

The fights are set to occur at the end of the first day of the festival, after a number of smaller fights that the common citizens do against guards and each other. The group makes a note, and heads out to find something to do for the rest of the day. Lelouche turns his robes back to normal color as they leave. Falx attempts to keep an eye out for the launching devices, but notes that based on what he saw of them, they would be near-impossible to notice from the ground, and they most likely aren’t placed until just as an event is taking place. They require a second person on the roof to operate them, and that person most likely sets them up as the events are occurring for the people on the ground.

The group decides to head to the north wall to deal with the issue of raiders they heard about earlier. They walk to the wall and find a guard overlooking the construction in that area. They ask the guard about the situation and how they could be of help, and the guard explains the situation. Basically, groups of raiding parties come through the wall in areas where the construction hasn’t begun. They ride into town quickly and steal supplies from merchants and farms just inside the wall, then head back out and disappear over the horizon. If the group wants to help, the guard tells them that the best way would be to bring in one of the groups or to help defend when they attack.

The group receives their task and begins patrolling the wall, heading to the far west and then back again looking for signs of incoming raiders. It is clear that it must be quite the task to defend so much open area, further proving the wall to make sense as the only possible permanent deterrent. They see a few other groups, but it would clearly take more people than are available to cover it all. Efforts appear to be ramping up on the wall construction to the west side, and they pass back toward the east on their second run. As they approach one of the largest breaches in the wall, they come across a scene that appears to be nearing a tipping point toward violence. A group of men on horses are approaching the wall, yelling at a nearby group of guards about their plight. The guards make it clear that if the men approach any closer, they will be fired upon. The horsemen make it clear that they have come to pillage from the city, but that it is their only chance to survive. Apparently the people north of the wall feel that they are being disregarded in terms of the upcoming war. They have to spend all of their resources preparing for defending their land. They need food and supplies to ensure their family’s safety and they have no choice but to pillage now that trade has been halted between the city and those north of the wall.

The group has to make a choice about their side in the argument, and they decide to intervene in the conversation. Falx rides up toward the horsemen, asking them to calm down and listen to the guards so that no one gets hurt. The leader of the horsemen addresses him, telling him that although he appreciates his attempt at making a peaceful resolution, his family and his people are going to starve or be killed by enemy troops if they don’t acquire supplies from the city. Falx asks if they have money, but the man explains that they don’t have enough, and they’ll need stores of food for when travel is limited by military movement. Lelouche suggests that they hunt, but the man explains that the large majority of the land around them is farmland but they haven’t been able to keep the crops coming since their supplies are running out. On top of that, the only area for hunting is the grove which is over-hunted, and the forest is too far for a reasonable hunting party to head to, on top of the inherent danger in doing so.

Falx asks them why they feel they can steal from those in the town. The man explains that the people inside the walls are safe from the war, defended by the town guard and military of Castle Valoris. Even the Eros Alliance doesn’t defend the outer cities, whose people have been cut off from retreating inside the walls due to the fear of enemy spies coming in with them. Since the people of the city have plenty of supplies and don’t have to pay for safety, they don’t need what is stolen. Those north of the wall, therefore, deserve it and he feels right in taking it for his family and his people.

Lelouche tells the man that his best course of action would be to set up a method of trade with the people inside the city, but the man dismisses this as naive. The city has apparently cut off trade and won’t allow non-citizens to even contribute to the construction of the wall. Lelouche rides to the guards on the wall and asks about the possibility of non-citizens being given provisional work building the wall, as it would help both sides of the argument. The guard explains that it isn’t his choice, but he can’t imagine that the kingdom would allow people from Namora and the northern towns, who might not even have citizenship papers for the Southern Valley, to enter freely into Castle Valoris. It would set a precedent that would create a major risk to the city’s defense.

Falx asks the man if his problem justifies stooping so low as to become a raider, but the man attests that it is not wrong if it is the only way to keep himself and his family alive. When the northern army comes, he or his family could be hassled for money and supplies, or killed as enemies of the north, or even conscripted in the the military and sent to die on the front lines. Anything that he can do to prevent that is a moral action, in his mind. Falx agrees with the man’s logic but tells him that he can’t just allow them to raid the farms in the city. The man seems to empathize with Falx, telling him that he can retreat for the day, but can’t promise he won’t return when things begin looking more bleak. With this many miles of open wall, he notes that he doesn’t have to fight the city. He rides in, steal supplies from the farms, and the city resupplies the people. He notes that he doesn’t think he’ll run into the group again, and he adds that he hopes it doesn’t come to a fight between them. Orik tells them that they have to find another way, but the man tells him “If it’s starving to death or being stabbed to death, there really is no difference to us.”

Lelouche asks the guard if he sees any peaceful resolution to this conflict, but the guard just replies nonchalantly, “not unless you want to feed them”. Rye opens her bag and uses her Everlasting Provisions to provide food for five people, offering it to the horsemen. The man in charge thanks her, but adds that it wouldn’t even feed his raiding group, let alone the people he has to go back to. He thanks the group for their help even though he reiterates that the problem isn’t solved and they may be back. He directs the other horsemen to follow as he heads north back toward Namora. The guards thank the group as well for avoiding bloodshed, as the conversation was going sour before they arrived.

Falx asks the guard if, since there is extra food in the city, they could find a way to help the village. The guard explains that he can pass on the information, but it is very unlikely since Lord Leonne does not view the towns to the north as a priority. The defense of the capital is of utmost importance, and any resources they expend attempting to help the towns might lead to a loss in the war. As such, helping them is not on the agenda for the city government at the moment. The guard adds that “they are supplying as many resources as they deem appropriate for the northern towns, but obviously those people don’t think it’s enough”. Lelouche momentarily thinks about turning the guard into a squid and carrying him around.

Falx begins to consider what it would take to create a trading post that dealt supplies to people outside of the city. He explains his idea to the group and they decide to look for a merchant in the city who might be interested in the opportunity. They find a large supply shop that seemed to sell everything that those north of the wall might need, and they approach the man who was running it. Falx begins describing the situation to him regarding the raiders, and the man cuts him off, citing that the raiders are scum and not to be trusted. Falx attempts to explain that the raiders would be willing to buy from him if he were willing to sell outside of the city. The trader asks why he would even consider that when he had so much business in the city, where he would be safe.

Falx looks around and sees that the man’s shop is rather busy, and offers up the idea of running a secondary shop on the wall. The man explains that if he were to open a secondary shop, he would do so within the city walls where he could get a much more profitable result. He has no reason to risk his life and prosperity by dealing to the people north of the wall. He adds that he isn’t running a charity, and if he wanted to be profitable selling to people beyond the wall, he would essentially be raising his prices to absurd amounts. In addition, a siege on the castle wall would most likely destroy any shop he places on the wall, wasting his investment entirely. The man explains that Falx isn’t offering anything he hasn’t thought of before, and nothing about the idea seemed pleasing. He asks if Falx has anything he can actually offer him in return. Falx notes that he could just leave the man to continue being raided, but the man notes that “The wall gets larger every day. Soon it won’t be a problem.”

Falx decides to turn the conversation around, and asks the man if there is anything he can do to make a secondary shop on the wall a viable option. The man thinks for a bit, and a smile comes across his face. He asks if the group is taking part in the sparring matches during the festival. The group confirms that three of them are going to be playing in the higher rounds, and the man offers them a deal. If they can get into the tier 2 battles on the second day, and they can use that position to advertise his shop, the increased business would send his profits soaring. In return, he would be willing to outsource a small shop on the wall where he could sell to those that live outside the city at reasonable prices.

The man explains the proper way to advertise in the games. If you succeed, there is a moment where the crowd cheers for the victor and you could raise a small flag to represent your patron or your sponsor. You also have the opportunity to raise the flag during the battle, but doing so would put you at a disadvantage, as it is a distraction while you are fighting. He hands each member of the group a small flag that shows his shop’s logo. He adds that the more advertising they get for him, the more profitable his business will become, and as such he will offer the people outside of the wall a better deal. He also adds that they should not allow his emblem to be ripped, or shown if they lose a battle, as that would damage his reputation. He wishes them luck, and sends them on their way.

Rye is a wet piece of bread

300 EXP from role-playing = 300 EXP total (20100 EXP total)



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