The Blood Of The Lion

Day 26 - A Simple Task (part 1)

Rye heads back to the group’s table in The Lion’s Den after her new friend Brian left the tavern. Falx and Horror say their goodbyes and the old man tells Falx he’ll probably see the group the next day. Lelouche makes a joke about his name, and Horror feigns laughter before implying it was an old and tired joke. The group leaves to head to the inn across the way.

Heading into the inn and removing their disguises, the group check into their individual rooms. Lelouche jokingly asks Orik if the blue in his mask brought out his eyes, but Orik dismisses him, saying he wasn’t paying attention. The group heads to bed, Orik snoring with an even temper. In the morning, Lelouche wakes from his meditation to a light knocking on his door, only to find a note on the other side and no one around. He picks it up and closes his door to read it in private. The note reads: “Meet with your people in the Lion’s Den. Back room. Ask a waitress to lead you to ‘The People’s Party’ space.” He crumples and eats the paper to remove any evidence of it.

The group meets down in Lelouche’s room as they wake and discuss the note. Lelouche recites the note from memory. Falx asks where the letter is and Lelouche says that he lost it, but later admits sheepishly that he ate the note. The group decide to head over immediately, as the note seems to imply to arrive as soon as possible. Heading across the way undisguised and into the tavern, Falx notes that the bell ringer ignores them as they enter. Lelouche approaches Mia and informs her that they are here to join “The People’s Party” group. He notices a distinct change in Mia’s face as if she is surprised, and she quickly responds that she’ll take them there immediately. As they walk toward the back left of the bar, Lelouche compliments her, saying she looks particularly nice today, especially her eyes. She thanks him for the compliment, and opens the back left door of the bar to reveal a small group event room with a long table.

The group heads into the room and finds themselves alone. The long table has backless bench seating and there is a small table alongside a wall with parchment rolled up on it. On the wall to the left side of the room is a large banner covering what looks like it might be a map or diagram of some sort, but the group doesn’t get the chance to reveal it before a masked, armored woman enters the room from the back door. Her mask is reminiscent of a “twin spirits” cultural symbol, and she closes the door behind her silently before facing the group and greeting them in monotone and asking them to please sit.

Lelouche immediately Fey-Steps to his seat, startling Falx who was attempting to speak to him. As others are sitting, Lelouche uses his extra time to size up the woman who is now standing at the head of the table, and he feels confident by her body language that she is the same woman he saw in the basement of the tavern earlier, and that she is the leader of the resistance. As soon as everyone is seated, the woman circles them, referring to each one as she passes and claiming their classes and races, in a way that implies she or other resistance members have been watching them for some time. At the end, she tells them that she assumes they know about her organization, revealing that she knows they are looking for her and the resistance. She offers them the chance to help.

Before she begins explaining, she asks for clarification on whether the resistance accidentally revealed their involvement with The Lion’s Den or whether it was coincidental that they ended up there. She is checking for weaknesses in her ranks and if information is leaking, she wants to fix that. Orik joking tells her that they aren’t that hard to find, and she takes this as an indication that she’ll have to work on that. She begins explaining that the resistance is like a game of chess, whereas her warriors are her rooks, her informants her bishops, and certain characters that will remain nameless are her knights. She tells the group that she would like them to accept a temporary role as a pawn of the resistance. She implies that she needs to know she can trust them, and that as such they will have to have some humility in their placement and task. Otherwise, she offers to just let them leave and not contact them again.

She reveals that recently one of her agents were removed from their ability to enact a certain task, and the fault lies with the group. She asks that they take up the role that their agent was supposed to take, to better ensure (through larger numbers) the completion of the task. She explains that she won’t be able to tell them much other than a very specific task and instructions, but promises that if they complete the task unquestioningly, they will receive information about the purpose of the task.

Falx realizes that she is hedging her bet against the group being informants for the kingdom. He deduces that the task must be important enough that an informant would report it and not complete it, while being expendable enough to use as a test of faith. He stays silent on this revelation, as telling her that he understands this would actually reduce her trust in them, should they complete it. She might instead think that they completed it only to get further into the fold of the resistance to hurt them in a larger way.

Lelouche takes the opposite approach, asking her if the task is an extraction of a target person. The woman, hidden behind a mask, shows no sign of being surprised by the allegation, and tells him point-blank that no, their task will be quite a bit simpler than that. She explains that the resistance is obviously known to the government but they are still small enough to be well-hidden, which offers them a lot of freedom to choose their battles. Unfortunately, a rather important task has a bit of a time constraint and therefore they are in a bind and could use the group’s help completing a small part of their upcoming task.

Day 26 part 2



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