The Blood Of The Lion

Day 26 - A Simple Task (part 2)

Day 26 part 1

The woman begins to explain to them what their task is. In a few hours, they will be in the tier 2 battles of the arena, and one of the resistance agents is currently in deep cover as a drummer for the kingdom. They’ve managed to place him as the drummer for the arena, though he has not been informed of his task passed that, since giving him that information early would have been a security risk. He is to be given a task by a single member of the group during the tier 2 arena battles, and he is to be handed a scroll at that time.

Lelouche feels the arcane power within a pouch the woman opens as she is explaining this. Inside are two ritual scrolls and what appears to be a rolled up parchment letter. The woman removes a ritual scroll and the letter, and Lelouche hones in on the scroll she leaves in the pouch as it begins to close, feeling the power of a spell he recognizes as “Spirit Fetch”. Lelouche remembers that this spell allows the user to summon an immortal tiny creature to deliver a message or motive to a target. The pouch closes and the woman explains that a single member of the group has a very simple task.

One person within the arena during a tier 2 battle’s opening must approach the drummer and greet him with a resistance password, to which he will reply with another password to show he is ready for his mission. At that point, all they must do is inconspicuously hand both the letter and the ritual scroll to him as they shake hands, and from there, they can battle as normal. They can then meet up with the woman at ten back in this same room and she promises she will explain what occurred. If they complete their task well, they can expect further tasks that can move them up in ranking within the resistance, if they so desire. She finishes by stating that they should wait in the room as she leaves, and food will be brought in for them, so that they can eat heartily as “today is a very important day”. As she leaves, there is a dark-skinned, short-haired man on the other side, to whom she says only “the other room” and they both leave. She leaves and the group eats as food arrives a minute later.

After eating, Lelouche suggests that they break the seal on the letter and just use Make Whole on it afterward. They return to Lelouche’s room in the inn across the way and they break the letter open, finding a note that only reads “The fighter requests Lord Leonne to be a ceremonial judge for the battle” and the ritual scroll appears to be for “Call of Friendship”, a ritual that allows a high-level Bard to force another non-hostile humanoid creature to believe the caster to be a trusted friend, and do him favors as such. Realizing the task is most likely not extremely malicious, Lelouche uses Make Whole on the seals and preps them in his sleeve to give to the drummer.

The group heads out to the festival, crossing through the gate and passed the guards into the grounds. Orik stops the group so that he can play a whack-a-mole game and manages to win himself a small lion toy, which he places in his bag to treasure always. A child nearby seems excited for Orik’s win, but Orik just ignores him and walks away. Orik checks with his ring, but the voice inside does not respond to the lion.

Arriving at the arena, there is an announcement posted about the day’s rule changes. The only notable change is that there will be a random shuffle to determine which of the five remaining fighters will end up fighting against summoned creatures, as there aren’t an even number of fighters for the day’s battle. In the reports for the last day’s battles, the group sees that the Lord’s Hand of the Guard only had to fight a few regular guards in training, and they feel a bit cheated, but also confident that he won’t be much of a problem in today’s fights if they end up against him.

After rolling chance on the fight matchups, Falx is put against three summons from the Mage’s Court, while Lelouche is placed against Orik and The Traveler is places against the Lord’s Hand of the Guard for Castle Valoris, Hiron. Hiron looks notably surprised and worried, and walks off after announcing that he will be back at noon to battle. Three men approach Falx and announce that they are representatives from the Mage’s Court who are tasked with controlling the summons. They ask him if he would prefer to go up against one large summon or three smaller summons. Falx chooses to go against three smaller creatures and the men ask if he is ready to fight. He confirms he is and the battle is set up and begun after the drummer announces the start. Falx is caught off-guard by three pseudo-dragons but manages to defeat them in the end. As the crowd cheers, Falx displays the symbol for Gilden’s Pouch, the shop whose owner they made an advertising deal with prior. Falx is congratulated by the Mage’s Court wizards, and he is patched up in the arena waiting area.

Lelouche and Orik decide to fight next, since The Traveler’s challenger hadn’t returned yet. Lelouche requests a start from a nearby attendant and they are led inside. Lelouche boffers his sword and Orik boffers his hammer. Before the fight begins, Lelouche approaches the drummer and greets him. “Well met, old friend. It is good to see you in the light of the sun” to which the drummer perks up and replies “Though we live and thrive in the night”. Lelouche slips both the ritual scroll and letter to the man while they shake hands, and the drummer inconspicuously reads the letter before putting it away. Sending Lelouche back to the battle, he beats the drums to declare an announcement, and requests Lord Leonne to be ceremonial judge. Lelouche detects that Call of Friendship is being cast by the drummer as he plays a small beat. After a short delay, Lord Leonne’s servant announces that he has agreed.

Leonne walks down with a small assortment of guards, leaving his wife and a few attendants back in the upper box seats. Leonne stands next to the arena in a private booth that is cleared for him. The fight begins, and it is almost immediately clear that Lelouche is the victor, as Orik cannot stand up to his onslaught of Magic Missiles. Lord Leonne seems bored announcing the winner before returning to his upper booth. Lelouche shows the Gilden’s Pouch advertisement, sprucing it up with a fireworks display using Prestidigitation.

Day 26 part 3



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