The Blood Of The Lion

Day 26 - A Simple Task (part 3)

Day 26 part 1

Day 26 part 2

Hiron eventually arrives just before noon, only to be hastily defeated by The Traveler in a match that seemed to bore even the audience. The lineup for the next day is announced as being Lelouche, Falx, and The Traveler, and the day’s arena events are concluded with a drum beat. The group decides to head back to The Lion’s Den to meet with the mysterious woman from the morning. Again, the bell doesn’t ring as they enter, and they walk to the first waitress they see. Before even greeting her, she tells them that “She is waiting for you in the back room.” and they are directed to the same room again. They return to the back room and the woman is sitting, still masked, waiting for them at the end of the table. She instructs them to sit.

She thanks them for completing the task, and Lelouche assures her it wasn’t much trouble. The woman corrects him, stating that even if it wasn’t much trouble, it was very important, and completing it showed that they were worthy of a bit of trust from her. As such, she asks if they’d like to know just what they’ve helped accomplish. The group hastily agrees. She says, almost as an aside, that the previous operative assigned to the task was unable, and Lelouche wonders silently if that means that they were one of the people defeated in the arena. The woman continues on, explaining that one of the primary tasks of the resistance is to free someone who is unjustly incarcerated within Castle Valoris. Although they can’t reveal exactly who it is, they are most definitely guarded at all times and there are magic seals that would alert Lord Leonne if they attempted to contact this person using the arcane. In addition, this person they are attempting to save is unaware of the resistance’s plan to rescue them, and as such they can’t be trusted with the information, so it isn’t as simple as working together.

The woman goes on to explain that while Lord Leonne was occupied judging the fight, his arcane seals were with him, as his magic user guards went with him down to the arena. In that time, Spirit Fetch was used to send a beetle up into the booth and it is now on it’s way to it’s target, unable to be noticed by Lord Leonne or his protectors. Lelouche makes a note about him being disguised as a beetle for his fights, and the woman jokingly thanks him for the inspiration in that department.

She continues on, explaining that the resistance’s main issue is a lack of time. As such, they must use any and all opportunities to strike and one is coming up the following day. Through methods she refuses to explain, the resistance has discovered that Whisper is within the city and will be creating a bit of a spectacle some time the following day. The resistance does not approve of Whisper’s actions, and has no desire to help him due to there being an event in the past that indicated Whisper would put them in harm’s way to complete whatever task he was doing. On top of the resistance viewing him as a selfish thief only out for himself, this event cemented him in their view as an untrustworthy individual. That said, they would like to use whatever event Whisper has planned to get closer to their goal.

Falx presses on her to tell them what the primary goal is, but she states only that she needs access to the castle to complete it. Falx implies they could get inside the castle, and she retorts that it would be impressive, but they aren’t looking to commit to a frontal assault or anything that would end in bloodshed. Falx continues to imply it is possible for them, but does not reveal the group’s connection with Zaveir, as that would out them as double-agents. Because he can’t back up his claim, the woman ends up ignoring them and returning to the subject of the next day’s events. She asks that the group ally themselves with Zaveir in his search for Whisper, which the group agrees to do, knowing they are secretly already working for him.

Alerting Zaveir to Whisper’s intent will focus the guards on protecting the vault and then the resistance can act on whatever their goal is for the next day with less impediment. In addition, the resistance could use someone who Zaveir trusts, and this would get the group into a position where they could enact missions inside of the castle. The woman asks if the group can agree to these terms, and the group responds in the affirmative. The woman tells them to eat heartily and to get a good night’s rest, and that the resistance will contact them for their next job when the time comes. Until then, they should act on the orders.

Before leaving, the woman asks if there is any other question, that she could answer for them. Falx asks about the primary goal again, but the woman only responds that it is a life or death matter and must be kept private until she is absolutely sure she can trust the group with not only her life, but the life of the target they are attempting to rescue. Falx pushes again, citing that he knows it is a female, and the woman responds back in a cold manner that “You would be wise to remember your place”. Falx quiets down, realizing he isn’t going to help anything by pushing the matter on this day. The woman leaves, and a waitress brings in food just as in the morning. The group eats and then heads out to the street. Lelouche and Falx discuss how the resistance appears to be well-funded, but they don’t exactly know what that might imply.

Falx suggests they go to the castle to speak with Zaveir. After a short talk with the guards, the group is recognized and let inside. They go through the castle courtyard, through the audience hall, up a staircase, down a hallway, and into Zaveir’s office where he greets them as they arrive. Lelouche greets him warmly, which Zaveir responds to in kind. Falx announces that they have reason to believe Whisper will act tomorrow, and that they would like to offer their services in protecting the city. Zaveir thanks them, and tells them of the general plan to guard the festival grounds, as well as having the vault room completely guarded. He asks that they come and find him in the festival arena grounds tomorrow morning and he will assign them based on the day’s events.

The group says their goodbyes to Zaveir, heads back to the inn, and goes to sleep… naked.

300 EXP from role-playing = 300 EXP total (21000 EXP total)



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