The Blood Of The Lion

Day 27 - Final Fight

The group is kept up a bit by Orik’s loud and boisterous snoring in the inn at Castle Valoris. When morning comes, Orik is furiously masturbating in his room by himself. His ring does not react. Meanwhile, Falx is reading a filthy romance novel in his room. Eventually the group gathers up and heads outside, Falx leading the way toward the festival. Townsfolk, some in masks and some uncovered, head toward the festival grounds and music can be heard up ahead.

The group crosses into the festival, passed the guards at the gate and into the middle of the celebration. Rye goes and finds a small child with a basic horse mask and takes it, replacing it with her intricate dragon mask. The child runs off, happy with his new mask but also intimidated by the large woman who gave it to him. Rye places the mask on, finding it to be a very tight fit. Her and Orik decide to go and battle in the tier 4 fights again, hoping Rye won’t be noticed after her earlier fight. Rye manages to speak to an attendant that doesn’t recognize her and asks to fight 20 trainee knights alongside Orik. The attendant sets up the battle, thinking they must only be attempting to see how long they can last.

Townsfolk gather around and watch as Rye and Orik defeat 20 trainees together. Rye manages to not break any major bones on the men, and the victory is enough to intimidate the attendants into letting her and Orik walk away, Rye taking the boffered sword instead of returning it. The group heads over to meet the owner of Gilden’s Pouch, heading to the market district by the northern wall construction. The owner greets them as they arrive, congratulating them on their victories and thanking them for their great work. He assures the group that construction will begin soon on his shop that will utilize the wall package delivery system to sell to the villagers outside of the city. Falx notes on the increased business, and the man confirms that he is already seeing a large influx of customers from the advertising. The group says their goodbyes and heads back to the festival for the rest of the events of the day.

Lelouche and Falx arrive in the waiting area for the tier 1 battles and Rye begins looking for The Traveler, but he doesn’t seem to have arrived yet. Lelouche and Falx note that the newest ruleset is posted and explains that the remaining three fighters will be in a free-for-all, and they plan to double-team The Traveler and then face off against each other. Falx recognizes Zaveir in the crowd near the arena and rushes to him to apologize for not coming to him first thing in the morning like they had agreed. Zaveir assures him it is alright, and that he could use the group’s help if they weren’t going to battle right away. Seeing as The Traveler hadn’t arrived, the group agrees to come with Zaveir.

Zaveir explains the events of the morning and his system of moving the guards around to the major areas and getting news as it comes in. He describes that the vault is still guarded, but almost every other guard in the city is currently under his direct command for the rest of the day. A few reports come in, one being that there is increased theft and a small outrage in the residential area, and another that a corpse was stolen in the night from the mortuary. Zaveir dismisses the reports as irrelevant and continues ordering guards. Another report comes in, one of a suspicious person report in the market area, and Zaveir sends a contingent of guards out to investigate. It becomes clear to the group how his grid system of the city seems to work, and where the guards are heading in each case of them being sent out.

The group splits into two groups, Falx and Rye head to the northwest market sector while Orik and Lelouche head to the southeast high-rise sector. Falx, keeping an eye out, notices a pick-pocket and approaches him from behind, grabbing him by the shoulder. Falx manages to intimidate the man with his scythe. The man gives Falx the stolen pouch of silver and promises to just leave and Falx lets him go. Rye fruitlessly attempts to grab the pouch from Falx’s hand. Falx finds the woman that he saw it stolen from and returns it. Rye jokingly claims that Falx was the real thief and the woman threatens to call the guards, but he implies he could just take the money and then tells her to go back to her business. The woman, flustered and embarrassed, returns to her shopping with her pouch, refusing to thank him.

Orik and Lelouche search the high-rise sector but don’t find anything out of the ordinary. Lelouche keeps an eye out for rooftop escape devices, but doesn’t spot any and has difficulty looking up high because of the sun being so bright. Lelouche eats a ration while he walks. Eventually, the group meets back up near the west end and decides to return to the arena area before noon to ensure Lelouche and Falx get to fight. Rye attempts to claim again that Falx stole from a woman in the market sector, but Zaveir doesn’t seem to believe her. He tells them to meet back up with him after the fights, and they agree.

The group heads to the arena and The Traveler doesn’t seem to have shown up. They reach the time limit for fighters to arrive, and an attendant confirms The Traveler is disqualified. Zaveir continues on his patrol and wishes them each good luck. Falx notes an arcane feeling in the air as Zaveir says his goodbyes, but can’t put his finger on what it is. Falx and Lelouche take their places and the drums announce the start of their battle, to a large fanfare in the crowd. Rye shouts for them to fuck each other off.


Falx manages to squeeze out a victory against Lelouche. He is given a prize token for his tier 1 victory and told to return just before the pyre burns for his prize. The crowd goes wild for his victory, and then begins to clear.

300 EXP from role-playing + 200 EXP from fighting = 500 EXP total (21500 EXP total)



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