Elder is the only known public name of an old man that lives in the small town of Myrefall. The townsfolk serve him in every way they can, and refuse to explain why. The old man seems confused, but always kind. No one in town will reveal any information about Elder. It is unclear from normal interactions whether they are all under a spell of some sort, or if the cult following is due to natural causes.


Through their interactions in Myrefall, the group discovers his history. In his final battle against a lich that threatened the southern kingdoms, Keigar The Invincible was forced to slay the undead children of his countrymen. As a final blow to the paladin, the lich hexed him with near-eternal life and the haunting memory of his actions. In desperation, Keigar climbed to the tallest mountain in the kingdoms and begged Ioun, the god of knowledge, for six days without stopping. His fear was that the memories would corrupt him, and he would hurt those he cared about. He asked that his memories be locked away and all knowledge of what he had done would be erased.

He left the mountain having forgotten his past adventures, heading back to the outpost Myrefall, where many villagers felt they owed him their lives. He has been taken care of by the villagers, but his memories continued to fade until he no longer knew who he was. The outpost became a village and then a town while he survived through generations. Any attempt to talk to him about his accomplishments was met with an outburst that dealt him physical pain, so all members of the town are sworn to not speak publicly about his acts, and only pass the story on to children who will then in turn take care of Keigar for as long as he lives.

In 1367 DR, the group enacted Dream Concordance to free Elder of his curse. His memories began to return to him, but his health deteriorated at the same time and he had a very short time to live. He recently passed, and Myrefall is mourning him, with the council acting in his place to lead the town.


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