Keigar The Invincible


Keigar the Invincible is the name of a legendary hero in the southern kingdoms. Although he was not a citizen of Eros specifically, he is known to have saved the kingdom from an undead blight that threatened to spread through the kingdom and as such is revered with statues in all major cities. He is generally seen as an equal to Prince Leonne The Fifth in terms of heroics.


Over three centuries ago, Keigar held the rank of paladin under King Leonne The Second, fighting against an undead plague in the kingdom just south of Eros. He was sent off to fight against their leader, a lich so powerful he was able to control multiple armies of undead. Although Keigar was never seen after the battle, the lich was defeated. Many stories of Keigar include the idea that he sacrificed his own body to defeat the lich, pitting the goodness inside of his heart against the pure evil of the lich’s undead soul.

In truth, during his ending battle with the lich, Keigar was forced to kill many undead children. Upon his death, the lich hexed Keigar with near-eternal life and the haunting memories of the children he killed. He then begged Ioun from the top of the northern mountains to spare him from these memories, and became Elder after wandering back to Myrefall, an outpost formed by his men. By the time he returned, he had forgeotten all of his memories along the way as part of the pact with Ioun, including the memory of his wife, who he no longer recognized

The group wandered into Myrefall and met with him as Elder, finding that he was still alive unbeknownst to the kingdom. He currently resides there, unable to recall any details about his life before the town or how he got there.

Keigar The Invincible

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