Myre, also known as Mire The Defiled, was a powerful lich warlord that lived in the kingdom south of Eros around 1060 DR. He is described as a powerful warrior that was present on the front lines of his own invasion, reportedly able to turn enemy soldiers to his thralls and casting fear upon even the most hardened enemy generals.

It is reported that Myre tended to bring his “pet” Dracolich into battle with him, and even rode upon it into battle at times. His pet was reportedly slain prior to Myre’s death.


Nothing is known about his time before being risen as a lich, as his human identity has never been uncovered. He began to raise an army and march on the kingdom of Eros during the reign of King Leonne The First. His invasion was stopped by Paladin Keigar, who slayed him after a long campaign. Keigar was never seen after the battle and was presumed dead.

The group learns of Keigar’s current status as Elder in Myrefall, and how Keigar fears that the curse Myre placed upon him will lead him to kill those that he cares about. This curse manifests itself in Elder’s Dream Concordance, as Elder dies and Myre is resurrected through him.


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