Overseer Leonne


Overseer Leonne is the father of the current king Oreth as well as Lord Leonne and Lord Merideth. He was the previous king of Eros, King Leonne The Fifth.

He currently resides in Warren Tower as an honorary member of the council for Lord Merideth. In front of the castle, a statue exists of him during his time as prince, and a subtitle mentions that he is the “Conqueror of ”/characters/dragon" class=“wiki-content-link”>Corinth the Stone-Hearted", though there is no information on the statue about who or what that is.

Virgil The Red is apparently his vassal as as such, he had to release him to Lord Merideth for an upcoming diplomatic mission.


Intending to leave his kingdom to his eldest son Leonne, he had a falling-out with the boy and ended up splitting his kingdom into three parts. It is currently unknown why he stepped down as king.

Overseer Leonne

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