Rye is an intimidating half-orc warrior. She falls in with a warrior troupe, looking for a fight, but realizes quickly that they are the type to prey on the weak. The group runs in to the troupe and realizes their true nature, and Rye joins the group after the troupe is defeated with her help.


Rye was born to a half-orc mother and a human father in a small village near the wilderness. It was a small community in which half-orcs and humans managed to live peacefully together. Despite the peaceful community, Rye, as soon as she could walk, talk, and throw a punch, was getting into scraps with the other children.

Her father, distressed by the fighting, tried to channel her fire into “more productive means” by teaching her to bake. He owned a small bakery which supported the family but after wasting many silver pieces on ingredients she would inevitably ruin he gave up and delegated her to bread-kneading duty (which she was exceptionally good at).

Whenever Rye would come home bruised or bleeding from a fight, her mother, one of the village protectors and a fierce warrior, would hold her gently to bandage her wounds, kiss her forehead and whisper lovingly that the spirit of Kord truly was in her.

As Rye grew so did her desire to fight. She left home at age 13 in search of bloodier pastures with a pack stuffed full of bread and rolls and a head full of combat training from her mother. She kissed her mother and father in turn on the cheek (likely the most tender thing she’s ever done to another creature) and set off.

She bounced around from town to town for a while, for the first time experiencing true prejudice from humans agains her half-orc race, though she was quick to shut them up with a punch to the jaw or knee to the stomach. She often took escort missions but is the type that would be disappointed if they went peacefully as she was always ready for a fight. Rye would occasionally tag along with bandit groups but would often become disgusted at the way they preyed on the weak. Having been told so many times as a child that the spirit of Kord was in her Rye came to have somewhat of a complex, feeling the need to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves and believed that true cowardice was in preying on those who can’t defend.

After much traveling she’s come to the conclusion that human men are hilariously weak. For fun she goes into bars and taverns to arm wrestle the biggest, buffest men she can find.


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