Virgil The Red


Virgil is a decorated veteran, and was the Overseer’s most trusted vassal. He resided in Warren Tower, the largest castle in the kingdom, serving Lord Merideth and the Overseer in turn.

He is a large man, standing over most other soldiers. He is generally not seen without his armor, and other than royalty, most people have never seen his face.

He has recently been apointed as Merideth’s emissary for an upcoming diplomatic mission to make peace between King Oreth and Lord Leonne. While on the mission, he was reported murdered while in Castle Valoris. This has sent the kingdom into a state of civil war.


As Overseer Leonne’s most trusted vassal, Virgil is generally sent on missions of diplomatic nature. Being a decorated warrior and right hand of the previous king, he commands respect. When not serving diplomatic purposes, he is almost always seen with the king, acting as the leader of his personal guard.

Virgil The Red

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