There is a legend of a thief so skilled, he has never been caught. Many crimes are attributed to him, some of which required an almost impossible level of acrobatic skill. A signature black signet stone is left at each crime scene as a mark of his work. Throughout all of his crimes, no one has ever been seriously hurt or killed, leading some of the townsfolk to view him as a respected figure. No one knows anything of his appearance, though some have told tales of a handsome man with a roguish smile.


A large donation to the church in Warren Tower has been attributed to Whisper, according to a woman of the church.

Whisper is currently wanted by the guards of Warren Tower, and there is a large reward for bringing him in, dead or alive. According to some people, the increased security at the gates is due to Whisper stealing a specific item from the tower, though no information about what the item is has been released.

Recently there has been strange goings-on in Port Giles and Lelouche has reason to believe Whisper was involved in an unknown crime related to damaged equipment on a ship. After attempting to discover more clues about Whisper within the port, the group was placed in jail in suspicion of being somehow involved with Whisper.

Notable crimes attributed to Whisper include:

  • The burglary of the central bank in Castle Valoris, where multiple bags of precious jewels were stolen from the private vault of a local businessman recently accused of fraud. A signet stone was found within the bag that previously had held the jewels. Multiple guards on duty that night had fallen unconscious. None remembered any of the events of the night.
  • The hijacking of a carriage bound for Port Giles, carrying a large amount of gold belonging to a visiting nobleman. A roadblock was set up, and the riders found themselves in a net trap when they went to investigate it. The man inside the carriage attempted to fight the thief, who managed to tie the man up without striking a blow on him. Authorities found the three men alone on the road less than an hour later, having been informed that there would be three men stranded on the roadside by an anonymous tip. The cart was never recovered. In the pocket of the man who had been bound was a signet stone.
  • The theft of a roaming warlord’s entire arsenal and gold collection. Within the forest west of Falqueth, Whisper waited in the middle of a road. He was surrounded quickly and told to surrender, but struck fear into the entire war party by ordering his army or archers, hidden in the trees, to announce themselves. The trees shook and swayed, though none of the archers could be seen. The warlord asked for passage through unharmed, and Whisper demanded his arsenal and gold. When he said no, an arrow struck his carriage just inches from him, nearly taking his manhood. The warlord relinquishes his gold and arsenal to a carriage, which Whisper rode off on, telling the war party that his archers would signal for them to leave a minute later. After almost an hour of waiting, the warlord ordered his men to check the trees. Each was empty, except for a single device set up to act as a remote crossbow, aimed at the location the arrow had landed. On the ground where Whisper had stood, a ritual was found inscribed into the dirt: Summon Winds. In the center of the ritual scrawl was a signet stone. The people of Falqueth generally see this as an act that protected them during the southern raids.


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