Mogwam Forest


Near the center of Eros lies a forest that most paths stray from. There are legends of monsters within the forest that the kingdom allows an unsteady peace with as they don’t want to risk their soldiers venturing in. The forest grows unnaturally quick, though no king of Eros has ever taken a stand to begin cutting it down, or stopping it’s growth from inevitably overtaking the kingdom.

Entering the forest, the group finds that it has a number of strange attributes. Anyone separating from the group seems to accidentally stumble back to the group no matter what direction they head. In addition, attempting to climb above the tree canopy leads to a perception effect of climbing forever upward and making no progress away from the ground.

Reports from others in Warren Tower sound similar to the group’s experience, but it doesn’t seem to be a kingdom-wide issue, which is strange. A man named Tomlin from the Sentinel Guild appears to be the largest clue to the secret of the forest, but he has recently gone missing, believed to have committed suicide.

Mogwam Forest

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