Myrefall is a small village of around 250 people located in the Western Bank of Eros along a northern road. It is unmarked on most maps. It contains a tight-knit group of villagers that seem to revere, in an almost cult-like fashion, a man named “Elder”.

The village was formed when Keigar The Invincible lost his memories and his men followed him as he wandered, until he fell in this spot. They built a camp around him, and in the following days attempted to help him remember, but his memory was locked in such a way that it caused him great pain when they reminded him of any of his actions, even in his most noble days.

The group built a small fort, which became an outpost, which became a village. People would occasionally come to join the group and after a century, a pattern emerged where parents would tell their children about Elder being Keigar, but only those born within the village or those who lived there permanently could be told. They held Elder is high regard for being the savior of the kingdom, and for his great sacrifice that he now lived with as a curse. He could not be reminded of his time as Keigar, so they all revered him and attempted to make his life as comfortable as possible, but could never reveal to Elder or any outsiders what his true identity was, as it would cause him great pain to be reminded.

The village appears as a cult, or as if they are mind controlled, but in reality they all just worship Keigar as the kingdom’s savior and refuse to break their oath to keep him comfortable until his near-immortality comes to an end.

Recently, Elder has died in his sleep and they are in mourning.


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