Warren Tower


Warren Tower is the western-most city of Eros, the capital of the Western Bank, and arbiter of the main port in the kingdom. It is an extremely tall tower, and the city contained within the walls is rather large, acting as the main trading area for the entire kingdom. Although it is not on the water itself, the tower has a large trading port and fishing area to the north, Port Giles.

The people within the city are very happy, as their leader Lord Merideth has for the most part stayed out of the sibling rivalry between King Oreth and Lord Leonne, protecting the area from what may be an oncoming war.

Currently, Overseer Leonne is housed in the castle. In addition, it seems there is some sort of ongoing security check at the entrances and exits of the city. According to some overheard conversations, the security check is very new. Nothing has been disclosed about what they are searching for at the checks.

After Virgil The Red was reported murdered while on an ambassadorial mission, the security checks for the city have starting including mandatory identification to be provided, hindering trade and creating a tense atmosphere.

Warren Tower

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