The Blood Of The Lion

Day 35 - Tooth and Nail

Lelouche decides to seek guidance on what to do with his temporally-locked demon. The group heads to the castle library and finds that there are certain methods by which to discover a demon’s identity by discerning the pattern of scars across it’s body, which can indicate what region or plane it comes from. The library doesn’t have any other information about identifying the demon other than a book of known demons, but they don’t recognize him from any of the drawn demons in the tome. Lelouche writes down the ritual for how to identify a demon, but realizes that it won’t help him unless he can pull the demon out and keep him held while performing the ritual.

Heading out to the city, they find a large temple and ask inside for the high priest. He speaks with them in a back sanctuary and they explain their situation as carefully as possible. The priest, Gregor, tells them that he can call for a Demon Render to come to the city to handle this personally, as it seems like a pressing matter, but they won’t arrive for a few days. Falx offers the idea of destroying the earring that holds the beast, but Gregor explains that things left in the astral void can return if they know how, and a demon is probably the one entity you shouldn’t blindly trust to not know how to return. Lelouche thanks Gregor for the help and says that they will return in a few days to speak to the Demon Render. Gregor gives him one last warning, that whoever sent this beast could potentially send another, and to be on guard at all times.

The group exits the church and finds Rye having an argument with a small child, who runs off. She gives the other group members the work visas from Nina’s contact in the city. The group decides to head to Aliandra to speak to her about Corinth’s tooth. They find her flustered in the middle of multiple tasks, apparently attempting to order a 24 hour guard over King Oreth in case of another assassination attempt. Her arm is in a sling from breaking her collarbone during the assassination attempt. Falx explains the situation with the tooth, and she lets out an exasperated sigh, sending the group to the sages, who she orders to be at the beck and call of the group for this task.

The group meet with the sages, Hammond, Garrett, Rowand, and Isa. They offer to go with them and see the tooth. They say that they have received a few rumors about a power coming from the tooth, but it hasn’t been a priority as of yet. The group explains that it may be a very high priority, given some events that are unfolding that the kingdom might not be fully aware of. Arriving at the tooth, Hammond seems to notice as he gets close that the power in the tooth is much stronger than he previously thought. He voices his concern that this power hasn’t been handled in any way so far.

Orik asks for a lift up to the tooth, and Hammond taps him with a small wand he pulls from a pouch. Orik begins rising into the air magically, allowing him to reach the tooth. Placing his hand to the tooth, the ring comes in contact with it and reacts violently. Orik feels the spirit within it screaming to be removed, either from his hand or the tooth. Orik pulls his hand back and attempts to speak psychically to the ring, asking it what it felt. Hammond seems to have felt the reaction and asks Orik what caused the surge of power. Orik seems to ignore his question, asking Bronne about the tooth and if he has any connection to it. Bronne’s voice echos back in Orik’s mind, telling him that all it felt was a pure, unbridled hatred. Orik asks him to show him whatever he can to explain this, and Bronne offers to show him what he can the next time he sleeps. Orik lets the group know what Bronne has told him, but offers no other information.

The sages ask if the group has any specific ideas on what they should do about this power, as it is outside of their usual work. They cite that they could put it in storage away from the people, but that would place it in the castle. Lelouche states that putting it anywhere near King Oreth would be a bad idea since he has reason to believe it could be a part of the conspiracy to assassinate the king, and it should, as such, be placed away from him. They cite that they could move it outside of the town, but that it might cause a large problem with the townsfolk, as it might be seen as a disregarding of the overseer’s legacy.

The sages offer one last idea, to place the tooth inside of a church and attempt to work on it in privacy, away from the townsfolk but still inside the city, but away from the castle. The group agrees with this idea, and the sages offer to do this. They say to meet them at dusk in the west temple and they’ll hopefully have the tooth moved by then.

The group goes and sees Aliandra and asks for a place to discreetly speak with a prisoner they have in their possession. Lelouche shows her that a squid in his bag of holding is actually a transmogrified version of a man who attacked them in Castle Valoris. She tells them that she doesn’t have any time to handle this herself, but she’ll order for a cell to be opened in an empty wing of the prison under the castle. Lelouche throws the squid in his bag at the wall and it turns into a man who immediately hits his head on the floor and is left unconscious. Falx morphs into his Tiger Form and carries the man. The group heads to the prison and are led to a cell far from any other prisoners.

The guard that escorted them asks if they need a medic, and they ask for one. He is brought and stabilizes the man, and offers Lelouche smelling salts to wake the man as well. The medic heads out and the group is left alone with the man. Falx morphs back to human form and stands in the corner of the cell, while Lelouche prepares the salts. Orik takes the opportunity to stand on the man’s cot, crouch over his face, and fart as loudly as he can. He manages to defecate on the man’s face before laughing so hard he falls to the floor. The man wakes up, alarmed at his new location as well as the fact that he seems to be covered in feces. The man throws up over the side of the cot before looking up and asking where he is.

Lelouche moves Orik, still bare-assed and laughing uncontrollably, and greets the man by punching him gently in the arm. The man cites that he recognizes them from the alley, and Lelouche explains that he’s been transmogrified for a few days and is now in the Tulley Keep dungeon. The man asks what’s going to happen to him, and Falx says that it depends on what answers he can give them. Lelouche cites that no one knows he’s here so they are in complete control of his life at the moment. The man offers any information he has access to, and offers to leave the kingdom after if need be.

Lelouche asks why he was sent to kill the group. The man explains the he joined in with a collective called the “Last Lions” whose goal it is to fight in secret to make Lord Leonne the next king of Eros. Lelouche asks who was in charge of the operation, and the man names Commander Rowley, who brought information about the group being in town and working against the best interests of Lord Leonne. Rowley brought information about the group to one of the high commanders of the Castle Valoris guard and requested to be sent to bring the group in. The Last Lions would then send a group of guards who would kill the group in the streets and claim that they incited violence. It is implied by the man’s words that the group isn’t the first target of this type, and that this is a common tactic to remove their enemies.

Orik asks the man how they came to target the group. The man implies that many of the Last Lions are also town guard in Castle Valoris, and some are even planted in other cities to act as remote agents of the collective. In addition, they have many agents within the townsfolk, and it could have been one of many that came forward with the information. Falx cites that they were working for Zaveir, but the man states that Zaveir’s wishes didn’t line up with those of the Last Lions, regardless of his loyalty. Orik states that they were trying to stop the war, but the man explains that the Last Lions do not believe it is in Lord Leonne’s best interest to stop the war. The best way for him to become king would be for the war to unfold, since the south had a superior army.

Lelouche stops the man, explaining that the war may be bigger than the three children and could be influenced by an outside party in order to kill all three for unknown purposes. The man seems confused, but seems to trust them for no reason other than that they have no reason to lie to him at this point. Lelouche asks about the men with the golden gloves, and the man explains “The Magistrates”, high ranking members whose job it is to see high-level missions through using potentially dark magic. Lelouche laughs about the men turning into dust, but the man offers the fact that he doesn’t even actually know if that means they’re dead. Lelouche asks about a home base for the Last Lions, and the man offers three safe-house locations he knows about, but the group doesn’t recognize any of the locations. Lelouche asks about other members, but the man explains that during meetings they wear masks, and they don’t know who within their mission is part of the Last Lions and who is not. Other than Commander Rowley and the Magistrates, he has no idea who was part of the collective and who was just a soldier obeying orders.

The man offers a truce, saying that if the group can provide information about an outside party, he will bring it to the Last Lions so that they have a common enemy. Lelouche asks the man’s name, and he offers the name Dimitri. Orik asks about Promise rituals, and the man explains one that Lelouche could cast on him. He explains that if two people undergo the ritual, and one makes a promise to another, they are bound to the promise until their death. He gives the name and a brief description, asking Lelouche to look it up and return, and he will promise to serve their best interests when it comes to the information he now has. The man begs them, “I know you can’t trust me, so let me make sure you don’t have to.” Lelouche tells the man that he’ll be in the dungeon for the time being, and he’ll be taken care of until the group returns. They leave him there, informing a guard of the situation on the way upstairs.

The group heads to meet the sages about the tooth. Arriving at the temple, they find a large crowd surrounding the building and seems to be angry about the movement of the tooth. Yelling can be heard about the sages desecrating a sacred symbol or tarnishing the image of the Overseer. Lelouche addresses the crowd, citing that in a time of war like now, sacred items of this type need to be moved for their own protection and that the sages are doing their best to maintain the image of the Overseer. The crowd begins to sway, with people following Lelouche’s lead, which spreads across the people quickly. At the door, the youngest sage notes, “That’s much better than what we told them,” before leading the group inside. Lelouche asks what he told them. “We told them it’s none of their business,” the boy says, shrugging. Lelouche quips, “You need to work on your people skills.”

Rowand explains that they are putting up poles to channel power toward the tooth, and tools to read information and redirect the arcane forces inside if needed. Hammond explains that something is accessing the tooth and directing power to it. He explains that he feels a dragon’s power within it, but it isn’t the power that a live dragon imbues to it’s connected or remote parts. The group speaks about the possibility that the power was imbued recently for some reason, and Hammond replies that it is possible the power has just been building for a long time and has only recently build to a point where it is able to be felt by others.

Roward is reading from a tool that is connected to the tooth, and asks for the group’s map. Falx offers his map of Tulley Keep. After a moment of searching with his finger, he pushes the map to the side and asks for a map of the kingdom. Falx offers it, and Roward draws a line across it, eventually settling on a position and marking it with an X. He informs the group that there are at least two powers within the tooth, and the smallest of the powers is able to be pinpointed to the location he marked. Something in that area can feel the tooth’s power and is beginning to access it, possibly trying to contact the other power’s creator through it like a relay.

Rowand asks if it is possible for the group to look into the small power source, and the group agrees to go. Rowand gives them a tool to help locate the power. Falx suggests they go to Sophia’s plantation since it is nearby, and they can head out from there. The sages say that they will continue reading information from the tooth until the group returns. Lelouche asks them to help with the handling of Dimitri before they leave for the power source, and Rowand offers to go with them to the dungeon to handle the situation.

Rowand facilitates the Promise ritual between Lelouche and Dimitri, who promises to serve the group’s best interest and the best interest of the realm until a resolution occurs with the outside influence. Dimitri is bound to the ritual and the group agrees to let him go. He informs the group that he will most likely be trusted when he says that he was kidnapped by escaped, so he will attempt to influence the Last Lions to look into the outside influence. Orik makes him promise to send a raven every day to keep in contact, and Dimitri explains that he knows how to avoid the sensors and will keep in contact without issue. He asks that Rowand send him to Namora so he can avoid the border, and Rowand agrees.

Handing two Linked Portal scrolls to Lelouche, Rowand says his goodbyes and the group is left in the cell by themselves. Rye takes this opportunity to voice her concerns about the interests of the group, and that their goals no longer line up with the adventure she set out for in the beginning, and that it has gotten much larger of a task than she ever wanted. She takes Risky Biscuits and heads out. Lelouche misleads Rye into thinking that she got all of her items, but actually manages to sneak her Everlasting Provisions back into his bag and keeps it. He keeps this information a secret.

After a tearful goodbye in the streets of Tulley Keep, the group decides to head to Sophia’s. Lelouche activates the ritual scroll, and darkness surrounds them as the portal opens. As it dissipates they find themselves in Warren Tower, the closest city to their destination. They head out from the city, noting that there are a large number of military drills occurring. They decide they don’t have enough information to worry about that at the moment, and continue on, arriving at Sophia’s plantation around nightfall. Sophia greets them again and offers them a place in her barn, as well as a hearty dinner. The group settles down to sleep, planning for the day to come.

300 EXP from role-playing + 0 EXP from fighting = 300 EXP total (24700 EXP total)



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