The Blood Of The Lion

Day 43 - The Only Verdict Is Vengeance

The group comes down from the wall, watching as the information of Merideth and Lord Leonne’s death is spread through the huddled masses. A few people can be heard discussing that they’re going to go to the castle to find someone to tell them how they can help. Guards are leading people who are seeking a way to help toward the castle, or outside to help move the bodies, as they might not get another chance to do so if there is a second attack in the near future. The group decides to help with the effort to move the bodies out on the battlefield, heading out the main gates with a large group headed by a knight captain shouting orders.

As they walk out into the field, the group wanders over to an elf they recognize as a fellow adventurer. Orik exposes himself to the man, hoping to impress him. The man is unimpressed, but Falx assures Orik he is very impressed. Lelouche apologizes and introduces himself as Lelouche Lunarsphere, Eladrin Wizard. The man introduces himself as Bartan.

The group rummage through the pockets of the soldiers and find a few pouches of gold totaling 60 gold pieces each as they move the bodies. Lelouche looks around for Lord Leonne’s body and finds a group of western guards effectively protecting the body from the townsfolk who would otherwise desecrate the corpse. Lelouche approaches the corpse and notices that Leonne’s right leg seems to have been torn from under him, and his chest-plate was collapsed inward far enough to have crushed the man’s rib cage. It would appear he was killed by an impact from the bodies the demon threw during it’s rage. Seeing that no guards are protecting the leg, Orik grabs it and begins shadow-fencing with it, to the delight of the townsfolk.

Lelouche notices while searching the bodies that he no longer has Merideth’s essence in the ring. He asks to investigate Leonne’s body and the guards allow it, recognizing Lelouche by his emblem. Meanwhile, Falx looks around and spots a felled beast from the western army, and sneaks up to the dead controller still mounted on it’s back. Pretending the pray over the body, he inconspicuously steals a four-finger ring from the man’s hand, and takes the beast-controller poncho the man has over his armor as well, recognizing that it could be used to help him control a beast if any remain in the other plane Merideth had stored them in.

Orik glances around and notices the forest still on fire, though it burns slowly and will most likely be simple to put out once the troops reach the edge, or could possibly put itself out once it reaches the more green center of the forest. Lelouche looks for Leonne’s sword and finds a few guards removing it and placing it in a cart, which then gets loaded with parts of Leonne’s armor, most likely to be put on display in the castle. He assumes the parts are being removed to prevent the townsfolk from desecrating them or stealing them. Lelouche searches the arcane energies around the battlefield and uses Invisibility to slip past a few guards, taking a head-chain off of a fallen general from the southern army and pocketing it before returning to Bartan.

Bartan looks over Merideth’s body, finding the corpse with a slightly transparent sheet placed over it out of respect by the guards. Her head has been placed by her body at the neck, and the guards are attempting to keep people away even though they seem to only want to pay their respects. A number of townsfolk are crying in the area, having lost the will to move bodies after seeing their leader felled. Lelouche looks over Merideth’s body for arcane power while still invisible, but recognizes that he doesn’t want to loot her body, and even if he did, the sheet’s removal would be noticed if he moved it, so he turns visible again next to Bartan, startling him, and says hello again.

The guards load Merideth’s body into a wagon while the rest of the bodies onto stretchers or carry them away grabbing only arms and legs with the help of the townsfolk. The group stays and helps until it seems like everything is nearly handled, and they decide to meet up all together, along with Bartan who is near Lelouche still. Falx introduces himself and asks if Bartan is a member of the western army, seeing as he in town. Bartan explains that he is a semi-retired adventurer working as a hunter in the city, but volunteered to help during the battle, as his archery skills are useful up on the walls. Bartan offers to join up with the group after hearing that they released the demon, and asks if they are searching, like him, to avenge Merideth. The group confirms they are, and that their next move should be to seek out the council to see where they could best be utilized.

Returning to the council chamber, the group finds a meeting already taking place, which they silently walk in to and sit down. Aliandra and Pelagius are both sitting in as well, as honorary council members like the group, but neither are doing any of the talking. The council is discussing who will be the leader of Eros now that all three children have died. It seems unanimous that Overseer Leonne, sitting silently while he is talked about, is not in a proper mindset to lead with his increasing dementia and memory loss. The council is discussing possible suitors but no one is of direct lineage, so they are talking about the possibility of calling people in to make their claims. One council member offers up the possibility of the councils of each town forming a bonded council to rule over Eros in the mean time, but there seems to be a lot of disagreement about whether the other cities (particularly Castle Valoris in the South) will agree to that.

Falx requests the floor and it is granted. He offers up that Virgil is orchestrating the events and that his capture should be a priority. Council members argue, and one shouts out that they can not dismiss a national hero on the request of a few adventurers that have only recently come to town. Even with Merideth’s trust, the group is not a trustworthy source for such a large decision, and they would have to bring evidence if they want action taken against Virgil. The council also breaks into a small argument when another member brings up that although they did so with a general’s blessing and are therefore not able to be punished for the action, releasing a demon was a war crime, and a reckless action that could have resulted in many more deaths, including that of the townsfolk.

Orik attempts to shout over the council, claiming that the Eros Alliance must be held accountable for slaughtering northern soldiers, but some of the more shrewish members of the council voice back that “Oreth’s people” can not necessarily be trusted to have not started that confrontation, and again the group is not a viable source unless they can provide evidence of foul play by the Eros Alliance. Orik and Falx argue that they were there, and Falx claims that Virgil wouldn’t be hiding if he had no reason to. The council explains that a lack of evidence pertaining to any wrong-doing makes it impossible for them to make a judgement call based only on the group’s testimony. Orik dismisses their refusal, saying that if Virgil comes to town, they should at least be wary of him.

Lelouche moves to sit next to Aliandra and quietly asks her thoughts privately. Aliandra whispers to him, “You should leave. You’re not safe here. We’re not safe here.” Lelouche gets the feeling that she is purposely leaving out information, but possibly doesn’t feel safe discussing it in the room. He thinks to himself that he isn’t sure whether she means she isn’t safe in the council room, or in the city in general, or even all of Eros. Falx advises the council that the group is fully supportive of the plan to unite the kingdom under a three-council rule until a suitor to the throne can be found. The council explains that they’ve already sent ravens to the other councils, but there are many doubts about the possibility of an agreement between all three cities.

Falx notices something peculiar when glancing around the room. Having taken notes on Whisper’s vision in Myrefall, he notes that Pelagius happens to be wearing an outfit eerily similar to one that could be seen on one of the people who seemed to be muttering into Whisper’s ear. He makes a note of it, planning to speak with Pelagius after the council meeting. The council seems to be nearly complete with the meeting and Pelagius exits quietly, as does Aliandra. Falx wishes the council well with the planning, and some supportive members of the council express that they hope a peaceful resolution can finally come to the nation. The group bids them a farewell, though Lelouche returns quickly to note that the demon was originally a summoned assassin targeting Oreth. The council accepts his claim and says they will take it into consideration.

Lelouche heads out and meets up with the group, agreeing to meet them at the bar later. Lelouche catches up with Aliandra Aliandra, asking to speak to her in private. She leads him to her guest room and they discuss how she’s holding up. She claims that she feels that all of these events are her fault, and can’t escape the guilt. She expresses that she doesn’t feel safe knowing that Virgil will make a claim soon, and that she’ll be found out when she starts showing, if not sooner. She also notes that even heading to the smaller towns might end in her being recognized, and she has no idea who to trust other than the group. Lelouche offers the group’s services if she plans on leaving the country, and she tells him that she will contact them in a day’s time. She hands him a contact scroll from a pouch on her side, and dismisses him. He heads toward the bar to meet up with the group.

Meanwhile, Falx is walking with Pelagius, having caught up with him to discuss the recent events and how he is feeling. He explains that the Mage’s Guild acolytes heal him up a bit more every day and he doesn’t deal with much pain anymore. He adds that he’ll be fully recovered soon at this rate. Falx expresses that he wants to be open with Pelagius, and manages to confirm that Pelagius knows about Aliandra’s pregnancy. He also confirms that he knows a bit about Elder’s identity and that it’s another sad loss of a great man, and that the nation needs heroes like Keigar, now more than ever. Through some conversing, Falx explains that he thinks Whisper is a legendary hero in the making, but Pelagius has his doubts.

Pelagius goes on to explain that, if they are properly understanding all that has occurred, Virgil is most likely going to make a claim soon. He explains that if that is to happen, and Virgil takes control of Eros, Pelagius will quietly leave his post and not return, as he knows he can’t stand against Virgil but also can not stay at his post protecting Eros while knowing that it’s king received the crown through such methods. Falx expresses that he understands, and that he hopes there is still time to stop that from happening. He then bids Pelagius farewell and heads to the bar.

When they first reached The Rusted Clam, Orik and Bartan are met with a depressing scene of soldiers and townsfolk alike drinking to forget the worries that come with war and the loss of their leader. Orik attempts to brighten to mood and introduces Bartan to his favorite drinking game, and the two go head-to-head. After a drawn-out battle, Orik passes out on his last drink and Bartan is awkwardly left with the unconscious body of his new friend. After a few minutes, Falx shows up. Seeing Orik passed out at the bar, Falx only shakes his head and sits next to Bartan, giving a knowing nod. A few minutes later, Lelouche shows up and apologizes to Bartan for Orik, who immediately attempts to lift his head before mumbling and passing back out.

Bartan asks Lelouche what his plan is moving forward, and the two discuss the larger issue of Corinth the Stone-Hearted and Virgil The Red, and how a play for the throne might soon make the group enemies of the state. Falx raises the point that Virgil is most likely bound to Corinth and therefore if they went directly for Corinth, Virgil would be summoned and able to be defeated, though they might have to face Corinth at the same time or right after. Falx goes on to explain how a dragon’s bind works, and that it offers that possibility of finding Virgil, as well as a way to identify Virgil by the binding which leaves a scar, most likely on the back of Virgil’s neck. As such, finding Corinth would lead us to Virgil and give evidence to his betrayal of Eros.

Lelouche asks Bartan to allow him to test his ring’s power on him while he’s a squid, and Bartan reluctantly agrees after Falx explains that although it is uncomfortable, he will be perfectly safe. Committing the test, Lelouche finds that the ring allows the user to become a person who is trans-mutated, with no negative effect. The group returns to the talk of Corinth.

Orik sits up upon hearing Corinth’s name, finally awake enough to talk, and shouts “SO WE KILL THE BITCH”. The group discuss the merits of the idea, but Falx sadly admits that with no way to find Corinth, they’re just as lost on the next steps as they were before. He expresses that he almost wishes he knew how the Enclave tracked dragons. As an immediate reaction, Bronne begins screaming as if his ring is delivering him an immense amount of pain, and he passes out. Orik witnesses Visions of the Ring 06 and wakes up to find that his ring feels particularly less powerful, almost as if Bronne expended the last of his energy to give that vision.

300 EXP from role-playing = 300 EXP total (27700 EXP total)



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