The Blood Of The Lion

Day 44 - The New Resistance

Orik wakes up on the floor of The Rusted Clam, throwing up before attempting to recover from his vision, resting his head in his hands on the bar. Falx heads to the castle to see about the man that Merideth had kept around to unlock the other plane, but can’t find him right away. There seem to be a lot of people rushing around handling the issues that come after a battle and losing their lord, so he decides to head back to the bar and handle the issue in the morning. Bartan heads with the group, believing it best to stay with them and head out with them on a plan for vengeance.

Lelouche is awoken from his meditation in the early morning by a female voice. After a bit of surprise, he realizes that Whisper is contacting him telepathically. She tells him to gather the group, and he does so. She explains that she’ll be out of contact for the day, because she had her morning vision and has to handle some business. She informs the group that Virgil showed up at Tulley Keep fairly soon after the battle between Lord Leonne and Lord Merideth, which indicated to Lelouche that he must have traveled through a warp portal or something similar. She confuses Lelouche even more by explaining that he marched into town, not appearing at the town’s warp portal, and that he brought sages who could confirm his bloodline connection to the Overseer for his claim to the throne.

Whisper explains that the council of Tulley Keep sent out a call for people from Warren Tower and Castle Valoris. Specifically, there are a few people that the group might remember: Pelagius, Zaveir, Overseer Leonne, Walfred, Aliandra, and Hammond. The meeting isn’t fully public knowledge, nor is Virgil’s arrival, but people did see and news (as well as rumors) will spread soon.

Falx heads to the castle to find the mysterious man that served as Merideth’s portal opener. Falx asks around, and describes the man to a guard captain. As the guard seems to realize who Falx is referring to, one of the guards behind can be heard describing the same man as “unnatural”, which Falx agrees with. The head guard explains that Falx is a bit late, as that man has gone missing, along with Aliandra. He is currently a suspect in his disappearance. Falx curses his luck, and returns to the group with the news. Lelouche checks his ring, noting that the symbol representing her essence is discolored, which he assumes might mean it is inaccessible, but at least she isn’t dead.

The group heads to try to meet up with Pelagius, hoping to catch him before he leaves for Tulley Keep. The mages seem to be preparing something unspecific, but the group pays it no mind and asks about Pelagius. Apparently, he has gone to Tulley Keep through a warp portal just a few minutes prior. Falx realizes that Walfred most likely wouldn’t utilize a warp portal from Warren Tower, as he is the only one called who isn’t extremely close to royalty or magically inclined. The group makes a plan to intercept him on his way to the city by warping to Falqueth and heading north.

Arriving in Falqueth by warp portal, the group discusses the possibility of stealing Walfred’s essence and the possible risks it might present to them to attempt. Falx seems to think it’s a terrible idea, while Lelouche describes all that they could learn by sitting in on the meeting. Their conversation is stopped by Orik spotting Walfred’s caravan. They approach, showing their western sigils and riding up next to Walfred to talk. Falx rides alongside him while Lelouche, Bartan, and Orik chat in the back.

Falx explains that their business has them looking to speak to Pelagius, and implies that Walfred is also heading there to meet with him. Walfred seems wary of the implication of the meeting, as it is a secret, and only confirms he may speak with Pelagius when he arrives at Tulley Keep. Falx mentions Merideth and gives his condolences, but Walfred explains that Merideth made the right choice to act as a martyr for the sake of Eros. Lelouche mentions avenging Merideth, and the two share a candid conversation about the things that must be done in war. Lelouche realizes Walfred most likely isn’t going to recognize the group at this point from their interactions in Warren Tower prison.

Walfred asks about Bartan, since he has no sigil, and Falx explains his role attempting to avenge Merideth and help the group. Walfred expresses his appreciation for any wandering adventurers that take up the call to serve Eros. The convoy continues on into the city, passing through without a security check, as Walfred’s presence dictates. Lelouche looks around, thankful that there doesn’t seem to be a massacre after the events that surrounded their departure. The people in the city seem to be unhappy, most likely treated poorly by the southern guards that seem to have replaced the northern guards that were keeping order in the town under King Oreth’s reign.

Falx approaches Lelouche and whispers that it would be unwise to attempt to take Walfred’s essence, as Walfred has spent the last few years tracking Whisper and will most likely have safeguards in place to prevent disguises or invisibility, or really any kind of illusion magic. Lelouche takes the advice to heart and decides against taking Walfred’s essence, bidding the man goodbye instead. He shakes Walfred’s hand, and Falx wonders if Lelouche took the man’s essence or not, since he never outright said he wouldn’t.

The group heads to the castle and rush to meet up with Zaveir and Pelagius before they enter the meeting. Both men are met near the door to the council room and the group discuss matters with them. Falx talks with Zaveir, who apparently has been attempting to guide the conversation toward delaying any attempt by Virgil to claim the throne. Lelouche asks about the man that disappeared with Aliandra, and Pelagius explains that the man is a “summoned spectre” whose purpose is unknown, but was decided by Merideth. His ability to open a door to another empty plane is generally seen as useless for mortals to learn, as it is highly time-consuming, so summoned creatures learn the ability and then are erased from existence when their purpose is served.

Lelouche greets Zaveir with a long hug, and the two share a moment where they speak like the oldest of friends. Zaveir asks about their business in Tulley Keep, and explains that he’s hopeful the council meeting will bring all of the tragedy to an end. Lelouche pulls Zaveir to the side and voices his concern about Virgil possibly becoming king, and Zavier explains that he believes the council won’t give him the throne so easily. Orik and Falx suggest, if possible, that the council should demand to see Virgil’s body to look for signs of being bound to Corinth the Stone-Hearted, but Zaveir explains that it would come off as rather absurd to demand that of a man like Virgil. Even so, he will attempt to bring up the issue in the meeting.

Falx asks about Wall-Mart, and apparently business is booming, particularly since the people outside the wall might be safe from marauding armies if the war ends because of recent events.

The group hears some shouting, and some guards approach while discussing that Hammond seems to have disappeared. Asking about the disappearance, the group is told that Hammond arrived in the city, but disappeared at some point in the last hour. Zaveir tells them to look into it as he enters the meeting with Pelagius.

The group heads to Hammond’s chamber and are accompanied by two lower-level sages attempting to find arcane clues in the room. Lelouche excuses them for a moment and feels around until he finds something very specific: A doorway to another plane has recently been opened in this room. He requests help from the two sages and they perform a ritual to help him tear the hole back open, managing to open a hole just over a foot in diameter into what appears to be Meredith’s pocket plane.

After a moment of discussion where they speak in ambiguous terms to avoid describing that the plane is something they recognize, the group decides to force their way inside. Falx uses Scattered Form to turn himself into a swarm of insects and flies through the hole as Lelouche holds it open. Bartan, being a ranger, dives through the hole in an acrobatic move that slides him just inside the diameter of the hole, rolling to catch himself on the other end. Lelouche loses his grip on the hole just afterward, leaving Falx and Bartan on the other end.

A man Falx recognizes as Merideth’s summoned specter approaches with Aliandra, who holds him back as he appears ready to attach Falx and Bartan for breaking into the plane. Aliandra introduces the man as Rumen, and asks him to re-open the doorway. In Hammond’s room, a doorway appears on the wall and Lelouche explains it away as being part of his spell and for them to wait in this room for him and Orik. The two of them walk through the black portal and it disappears behind them as they arrive in the pocket plane.

Aliandra welcomes the group to the “New Resistance”, and explains that Rumen acts as “their door” to a place where she is now attempting to form a resistance against Virgil, who she believes is assured to take the throne. Rumen is tasked as a specter to protect Aliandra’s unborn child, on the order of Merideth shortly before her death. She describes that they stole Hammond and “an enterprising young woman named Lianna who I believe you may have met”. Aliandra adds that Lianna asked them to bring in Lady Katherine, revealing to the group that she is most likely the leader of the southern resistance they met prior.

Aliandra describes that they have plans to bring in others, such as Pelagius and Zaveir, as well as some higher members of her war party and Markus, the leader of the Sentinel Guild. Lelouche suggests Dimitri, since he is bound to serve them, and Aliandra thanks him for the suggestion. She notes that Walfred might be tapped as a war planner in the near future.

The group greet Lady Katherine, who seems to be rediscovering her brash nature after years of being timid in response to Lord Leonne’s treatment of her. Aliandra explains that they have to stagger their recruitment until it can be assured that the kingdom won’t respond by locking high-ranking members down using arcane methods, or sniffing them out by any clues they leave.

Falx asks Hammond about potentially tracking Corinth, even possibly using one of her kin to find her. Hammond explains that without the tooth, he isn’t sure what could be used, or if her kin could locate her, but it would certainly help, as any dragon would have a direct link to a psychic dragon in the area. Lelouche presents the dragon scale Jalmara gave him, and Hammond asks him to leave it with him. Lelouche requests that they leave Gorn alone if this all plays out, and not to hunt him down to kill him just because he’s related to Corinth.

Aliandra interrupts the conversation to explain that the group has created a bit of a conundrum since Hammond’s disappearance is now evident as being to a separate plane. Hammond volunteers to go back, providing a cover story that the plane is a place of meditation for him. He notes that the lower sages will most likely know it isn’t the truth as they are knowledgeable in his abilities, but they can be trusted enough to not disclose his deception to the guards as they have worked under him for years.

Lelouche asks about possibly erasing someone’s memories, and Hammond describes that it’s a highly complicated process, though possible. Falx notes that one of the beasts of war seems to still be in the cages within the plane. He asks if it is the last, and Hammond explains that it’s a bit unruly and gave them trouble when the rest exited the plane, so it was left inside. It’s handler went out and died in the battle, attempting to act as a replacement handler in case another was taken off their mount. Falx approaches the old man that he recalled as the instructor of the handlers. The man expresses his surprise at Falx returning, and offers to teach him now that he has a bit of extra time on his hands. Falx gets to work laying aside some books to read on the subject, deciding outright to tame the beast.

300 EXP from role-playing = 300 EXP total (28000 EXP total)



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