Jalmara is a Tiefling Warlock living in the mountains south of Warren Tower. She generally wears a cloak to hide her racial features, which would otherwise make her the target of distrust and hatred.


Jalmara came to the kingdom searching for an unknown power she detected. She has had no luck in finding it, and currently lives within a cave area she has furnished into a home in the mountains.

She discovered one of the last remaining eggs of Corinth the Stone-Hearted in the mountains, and decided to deliver it to Lord Merideth as a gift in order to receive a potential reward. She hoped it would give her a place on Merideth’s council since she was a powerful warlock, or at least some social standing that would eliminate the natural hatred many had for her due to her Tiefling features.

Unfortunately, she never had the chance to present the egg, as Merideth’s council wouldn’t even let a Tiefling speak to her. Retreating to the mountains in shame, she had nowhere to go and began living in the wilderness. One day, her hunger and desperation reached a peak and she attempted to cook the egg, thinking it was long petrified and would never hatch anyway. The fire, and potentially her mental condition, triggered a black dragon to hatch from the egg. She managed to raise the creature for two years since, naming it Gorn and keeping it hidden away in the mountains with her.

Through her warlock studies, she learned how to create a gauntlet that gives her the ability to speak directly to Gorn psychically. The process pains her, but it allows her to have more control over Gorn by way of being able to explain her needs. This, along with her binding the beast as her familiar, has enabled her to keep the creature within the cave for the most part and out of harm’s way. She knows that if anyone discovers a child of Corinth, her and her familiar will be slain publicly.


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