Tomlin is a sorcerer previously employed by the Sentinel Guild. He is an older man, perhaps in his early sixties, though those who knew him would refer to him as youthful. His focus within the Guild was magical protection and escort through areas that contained magical boundaries.


Tomlin was a member of the guild for many years before he entered Mogwam Forest during a routine job and did not return for three weeks. When he finally came back, he had no idea that he had been gone for more than eight hours. He told his fellow guild members a tale of the forest turning him around in circles, finding no path back for hours, and hearing voices in his head. He was branded as a loon and ended up dropping the subject around work to keep up appearances.

Some time later, he hired a large group of people from out of town to form a search party to track down the source of the effect. He refused to allow any members of the Sentinel Guild to join, citing that he wanted to keep them safe. His search turned up fruitless and a few weeks later, he left what appears to be a suicide note and disappeared.

He is survived by his wife, who remains in Warren Tower.


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