The Blood Of The Lion

Day 46 - Felling The Abomination

The group approaches the dracolich within the Enclave’s underground facility, and Falx attempts to sway the necromancers to join and fight the beast. The men retort back with confidence that they will be victorious, and that they are fully devoted to their cause, to the very end. The group battles the men and the beast as Whisper and Jalmara control the various devices throughout the room, always in contact with the group telepathically. The group aids the dragon in destroying the Arcane Wall spell that the necromancers are attempting to hold up, and it eventually is shattered by the beast, destroying a summoned creature standing in front of it, and releasing the beast.

During the battle, Whisper explains that the lens and beam she controls can’t be seen from the control board, and that the group will have to let her know how it is reacting to the actions she takes at the board. As the battle goes on, Falx explains to her what each action seems to do, as she is attempting to line the beam up behind the lens, where it can fire a killing blow on the beast. Falx gets up close to a summoned beast from the necromancers, and the creature enters him as smoke through his wounds.

Though they try to focus on the creature, it isn’t finished off before the necromancers, and their binding drops, empowering the beast and giving it it’s full control back over itself. The group struggles to make headway as it begins healing itself with the damaged flesh sealing each hole they make in it’s hide, and it’s bones cracking back into place slowly. Falx focuses on giving Whisper instructions, eventually lining the beam up correctly. Managing to get out of the way with some quick movements, he orders her to fire the beam and a great light fills the room. As it fades, the group finds that the beast has been torn in two, it’s back half all but erased from existence. Bronne’s spirit can slightly be felt by Orik as it finds peace and dissipates to nothing.

Gathering themselves and healing up, the group begin checking the bodies of their defeated enemies. Lelouche and Falx each take an ornate knife from the two necromancers, while Orik uses his hammer to shatter the dracolich’s neck, pulling it’s head free and carrying it to the door, satisfied with his find. The group meets back up with Whisper in the control room. Falx explains that he feels the darkness of the creature that entered his body, and Whisper advises him to seek the help of a Paladin or priest immediately.

Looking around the room, Falx gathers whatever papers he can find that seem to be related to using the implements to track dragons across long distances. At first he gathers the implements described in the letter, but Whisper just begins grabbing every instrument that she can fit in her haversack and says she’ll drop off the items with you when the group arrives back in the plane they’re heading to. She specifically focuses on two stones she picks up, which are referred to as dragon stones, forged in the lungs of a dying dragon and harvested from it’s corpse. Whisper notes that she’d like to be part of this resistance since it lines up with her goals, but the group mentions that Pelagius doesn’t trust her just yet, and so it would be best if she arrived in commoner’s clothes. She heads out of the room for a minute, returning in her blacksmith’s outfit, hammer in hand. She explains that she’ll join the resistance as a blacksmith and offer her services and knowledge of magic and enchantment.

The group discuss Jalmara joining the new resistance, but Orik puts his foot down on the issue. He cites that he would offer no guarantee that he wouldn’t kill Gorn, and Jalmara accepts this as an inevitability if she were to go with the group, so she turns down the offer to join. Lelouche lets Gorn out of his bag and the beast re-appears from the squid after a few moments. Jalmara rushes to it and begins tending to it’s head wound. Willow offers her a salve from her bag, telling Jalmara to rub it on the inside of Gorn’s mouth once a day and he’ll have no trouble recovering. Jalmara thanks her, and explains to the group that this facility is the perfect place for her to make a home for now. The Enclave protected this place against detection, there are plenty of supplies and food storage areas, areas to rest, supplies for short travel, and tools for defending the area and detecting intruders. She decides to stay there with Gorn and clean the place up. Whisper advises her to remove the bodies as soon as possible, and not let Gorn eat any that have been affected with the rotting curse. Jalmara assures the group that she’ll be here if they need her help in the future. Lelouche pledges to seek help from the beast trainer, since he may be able to help with training and raising Gorn. Before leaving, Lelouche gather’s Bronne’s ring, which is now empty but could be used to hold a spirit, with the right implements.

Lelouche calls for Aliandra and explains the area they are in, and a nearby closet that would make for a hidden exit and future entryway. One of Rumen’s black doors appear in the closet as the group says their goodbyes to Jalmara. They step through, to the plane of the new resistance.

300 EXP from role-playing + 300 from battle = 600 EXP total (28900 EXP total)



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